Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Goodbye

I haven't been blogging for about half a month now, because you all know, i have midterms. Today i want to make a post dedicated to one of my best friend, Cindy, who left london for toronto, and this is for good.

I didn't get to see her before she left, and i feel awful about it, because she one of my closest friends, and i couldn't see her off. Now I know that she's not moving anywhere far far, where i'd never see her again, but I know that I can’t see her when I want to see her. I can’t go over to her house when I want to. I know she’s not in that old apartment when I drive by. I won’t be there for her when she’s down, or when she’s wants me to be a part of that moment, neither will she be here to share as many memories with me. I feel a bit sad, worried, but happy.
People grow up, and they leave you one by one, and it’s all happening now, one by one. I feel like I’m losing someone I love, but at the same time, I’m happy for them, because they are living the life they want, and the way they want it. The only thing I can hope for is, for them to happy each and everyday.

Cindy and I grew up together since highschool. I never knew her before highschool, and I probably would have never been friends with her if we were the way we were back in our kiddy days, but something brought us together. Only cindy would know why we started talking. I will never forget the time she told me, she felt intimidated to talk to me, because she thought I was too smart. HA-HA. She’s such a goof, but she’s more then just a kid on the inide. She’s small, but she eats like a beast. She made instant noodles in the past, now she’s a professional shrimp peeler, and good cook. She’s doesn’t stop talking and she’s always happy, and we never run out of stuff to talk about. I remember being on the phone with this girl for like 6 hours. I forgot our record, but it’s around there. TOO TOO much memories. I still remember her playa life. Haha. Inside joke. I love her bullshit, if you know cindy, she’s full of BA XAO. (inside joke) hahaha. She never fails to make you laugh. We love shrimp, and we love dim sum. Ha Cao is love. I remember making this with her, and the shell was so hard. Hahaha. I never attempted it again. I remember we use to “meet up halfway” but sadly, cindy’s definition of half way, to meet up with her at her front door. Haha. She was such a jad-i-gac-er. I hope you know what I meant to say. Haha. Let’s see, Cindy, Phuong and I all started dating at the same time. We are all approaching our 2nd year. We all fell in love with our second love, make up. We pretty much went crazy with it after that, and we still are. I rem going to Niagara falls with cindy, and getting declined into the casino, because my id was expired. I remember when we tried to model the magazine advertisement picture of the girl and guy kissing. There is too much to remember, and I could go on forever.
Cindy isn’t the first bestfriend that left. Phuong left before her, and with Phuong is another story. This girl is such a goof. I remember she use to always sleep over, and we always made food. One time we skipped class, went over to my house and BBQ a big feast. Haha. We would always meet me halfway, unlike my Chan. I remember her dead body pose, and her gayness. Her grandma lips, and her nunggas, that I am oh-so- jealous of. Her lion king dance.

A best friend is more than just a friend. If you ever had a best friend, you would know what I’m talking about. A best friend, is more then just a boyfriend. You could be as close to your boyfriend as you may think, but never as close as your bestfriend. Best friends, don’t have to tell each other everything, but they are capable of sharing everything, and that’s the difference. Best friends don’t have to see each other everyday and all the time, but when they see each other, time does not change anything between them. We still laugh and talk like they did the last time.

So now, I thought I’d share some photos of us growing up.

i can't put them in chronilogical(sp? too lazy to look up) order because i don't remember the date, but you should be able to tell which ones are recent and which are old. and i mean OLD

And to end this post, watch this


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