Friday, November 6, 2009

Hello Shopping!

HII everyoneeeeeeeeee. So you all know that i've been saying i'm gonna go to t.o to do some shopping and i did, but there wasn't really much shopping happening. There weren't any sales, so i figured i'll go shopping when they start having christmas sales, we just happen to pick the worse time, right before it all. So i didn't get anything really, just random stuff, and something very cool. and i mean VERY cool. I love my bf. hahaha

Anywas, bf and i went to yorkdale, after i finished class which was at 12. We got there at 2, and shopped for a few hours. This is what i was doing in the car...for a good 40 minutes i'd say

i hope you are proud of me. hahaha. I like my calculator okay, so don't make fun of it, i don't have tiny fingers to bother with the tiny calculators, why make life difficult?

Shortly after, we finally arrived at yorkdale, we were in Holt Renfrew first, cos bf wants to look at stuff, and i saw the coolest shirt every, by Disel. omg, i almost wanted it, but it was just a waste of money, 50-60 bucks for that tee shirt.

Here is a picture:
i think i would get the most dirtiest looks if i walked around with this shirts. THink of all the girls that would shot me with disgusted looks. hahaha

The story behind this shirt is funny. So my bf and i have this thing, and the conversation goes much like this..this usually happens when he does something cute for me

So who do you loveeee?? - Kong
....*thinks...*..... - Anh

Myselffff - Anh (obviously, i'm not gonna say "u/bf/kong")

...*biggest smile in the world...*...

-_____-'' - Kong

WHOOO do you loveeeee??? - Kong
(yet another attempt)

...MYSELF!, ME, I - Anh..( i still refuse to say it....)
(and yet another rejection)

....*sigh....- Kong

You're conceited - Kong

...Hunnie, you know what, (me giving my big lecture) in life, you must learn to love yourself, before you can love anyone, because only when u know how to love yourself will u know how to love another..- Anh (Geek philosophical moment)

*gives up* - Kong

hahaha. SO back to the mall, when i saw this shirt i had to take a picture of it, because it brought about something between us, so i thought it was so cute. IT's actually a nice colour and it felt really nice also. But 60 bucks for a tshirt, boo hoo.

so we were in yorkdale for a while, just browsing around. WE went into TIffany and Co, i wanted to know what's the hipe about it. I don't know why girls seem to be in love with it. But when i went in, man the diamonds are so sparkly, i was like..gonna go blind. It's pretty crazy, they have security everywhere as well. haha. But i didn't really see anything special in terms

Our bubble tea- Green Tea with Red Beans. YUMMI

Hmm, initally i wanted to go to get a trench and boots and what not. i need some winter gears, but i think i'll hold that thought until some sales come around. Don't u hate it when you buy something and then it's on sale the next few days? So i went to the next best thing which is Sephora, since i can't get that here, until late spring. YES, LONDON will be having a sephora sometime sooon! this spring :D you kknow where i'm gonna be all the time. hahaha

I wanted to look for some skincare products, but there was too much, and you just feel so lost in there with all the products they have, you don't even know what to chose. I'm also a type of person that likes to read about good reviews on a product and know a bit more about the product before i purchase it. So now i'm just doing some research and reading reviews before i go back. So far, i'm thinking i'm gonna invest into some Philosophy products. A good cleanser and a exfoliator, is all i need. I also need a new moisturizer. The shisedio one is just a lotion, so it's not strong enough for this cold dry weather. Anywas, i will talk much moore about this skin care stuff in another post, bcos i have more updates to come.

So i thought that i would be coming out of sephora with a whole junk load, but i only came out with one item, and that is MakeupForever Primmer in HD. I absolutely LOVE it. A review on this product will come shortly.

So, the day was a bit rushed, because i also had to do errands. We had to drive to Missisauga afterwards to get my golden braclet's weighed by asian people, so we know the weight of it. My dad wants to give my golden braclets ( u know those ones that comes in 7-s) away to my aunt, so he wanted to know how much it was worth currently. If you don't already know, the price of gold has gone up since the last few years. SO hold onto them! hahaha. My dad promised i get new ones, so i figured since i'm not wearing them, i might as well give them away. So we had to time ourselves accordingly, after my stop at sephora, we pretty much looked around for jackets, but no luck, EVEN when there isn't a sale, so we decided to leave at 5, and head to missisauaga, to get the gold thing done and over with, then drove to brampton to see best friend.

At her place:

We got in brampton by 6.30. I had to leave early (SCHOOL NEXT DAY) so i had to make sure i have enough time to do everything i planned to, so shopping wasnt as good as it use to be. I miss my summer. Shopping for 24 hours was no prob that time. hahaha. So when we finally got a brampton i got to see my cindy chan. We stopped at kens place to pick up the laptop, and then went out to eat, cos kong and i were starving to death. I wanted pho, so we went to a vietnamese resturant. The food was MEH, bf didn't like it at all, but he was starving so he ate his pho anywas. hahaha. Here's our food

My Pho, which i forgot to take picture prior to. Pho wasn't that great.

Cindy's Flat Noodles, stirfried with seafood. This was actually good.

Kong and I's 2nd dish, Bun Thit Nuong Tom Nuong. It was customized, hence the poor dinky shrimp. They sadly idn't have this on their menu.

Some werid people, i don tknow.

So after the eating, we had to go to the mall, I forgot what it was called, but its where cindy is gonna be working soon. She had to fill out some papers so we had to go there, and she wanted to show me a nice cosmetics shop that sells nails stuff and cheap stuff. it's called DCW. I thought it was another store, but i've already been in this store, in Vaughn Mills. The only difference between this one and the one is that the Vaughn mills one actually carry some highier end brands, but some of it is USED? well it looks used. I didn't bother with it, cos i felt disgusted buying used make up. But anywas, this store in Brampton didn't have that. THey have the nail polishes, with fine tip brushes where you can do nice thin strokes. I've purchsed some perviously and i have posted them in my previous nail posts. ITs called "NAIL ART" if you look back in my previous posts. It's great if you are starting out with nails. i believe it's 3 for 10. I decided to get a few things from here, because i didn't have any luck in sephora, so here is what i got:

A NYX palettte, which i've first seen on It's apparently for "green eyes" but i think it's fab for brown eyes.

Swatches and review will come in later posts.

These nail polishes were 3-10$, so i had to get some. haha. I need more colours for my nail polish collection. here is a variety of colours i've picked up.

And by the end of the night, we left the mall, and went back home. I was really tired,i napped in the car. :)

Here's 2 pics of urs truly.

Thanks for reading lovelys


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