Monday, February 20, 2012

Mac Viva Glam Nicki lipstick swatches

I've been eyeing this lipstick ever since i saw the preview on temptalia. A few days ago, I went to the Mac store to pick this baby up. Here is some pictures of the lipsticks if you haven't had a chance to see it yet

here is a swatch (with flash) on how it looks. It's quite bright. You can tone it down with a lipgloss, or just apply with a light hand.

This is how it looks on. It's a very pretty summer shade. I'm super excited to wear it when the warm weather rolls around.

The proceeds from the sale of this lipstick goes towards the HIV/AID funds. It's forgivable to splurge on these :)


Unknown said...

Wow, this looks so pretty! Seems like its a wearable pink. Thanks for sharing ! x

MissS.elle said...

This pink looks lovely on you! It's so much more wearable than the Lady Gaga one. I might check this out! :D

Thi said...

Of course I'd remember you!!!! ^_^ You were my motivation and inspiration when I first started blogging :') Seeing you posting now makes me feel like it's a reunion :') Hahaha.. I'm so glad you're back!

You look great in this lippie!!! And you look great tho I haven't seen you in yonks!! :')

Gosh I am cheesy! Hahaha :) XX

KrySTYLES said...

VG Nicki looks nice on you and more wearable then I thought. Good thing this will be available for a year. I'm definitely gonna have to pick this up!

sleepandwater said...

Lovely pop of colour! It would defnitely be a very pretty shade for the summer.

arsyparsy said...

I am in love with this shade!! And it looks incredible on you.
It's been a while! I hope you've been well my love :)

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