Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i Am Back!...

Hello everyone!

1st- i have to say sorry for MIA. I've been too busy & lazy to blog >.< anyone that blogs would know that blogging takes quite a bit of time and effort! I think i have some catching up to do now!

2nd thing is - i've changed my layout. I don't know if you guys noticed. I've updated it a while ago, but i never made a blog post - so it might be new to you guys. I'm really feeling pink!

3rd announcement - this was bothering me all morning. I was at Mac the first day In the Groove collection was released, but i didn't purchase anything because i was with my parents, and i know what they have to say about me + makeup. So i walked passed it, thinking it'd still be there when i come back for it another day. AHHH** it wasn't! Stereo Rose is sold out all across Canada! - well according to the MA who was working there. I didn't think it would be sold out in a little city that i live it!! OMG --- **!!! URGHH. I could only hope for it to be soon repromoted. :)sighh * on the side note, i'm really proud of not purchasing any make up in a while.

5th - i got my hair cut a few weeks back. she litterally took off 5 pounds of hair. Now it's so light, and thin. I kind of miss my thick long hair. She kept the length, it's just less luscious. my bangs are kind of messed up. I do not like them at all. I think it makes me look werid. I just kept telling myself, hair grows back.

I haven't been taking pictures, so these are the only ones i've found

6th- I've recieved the pictures from the photoshoot. If you recall from a few post back, i've posted the unprofessional pictures. i have to say i'm rather disappointed. The photographer was a beginner, and i didn't expect much, but i expected better. Anywas, it wasn't my choice. I was just "props." LOL

I'll show you guys a few pictures though. I've re-photoshoped them because it looked like she didn't do much or anything. It just bothers me that she had 2 weeks to do them, yet they look like they were done on the last day. i was also disappointed because i thought she over-photoshopped the face. It looked a bit wayy too airbrushed, and i don't think i even recognized myself.

However, despite all of this, i thought she took some good shots.

this is my favourite shot - because the angle, and it looked the most like me

i like this shot, but that does not look like me. what happen to my lips?

another of my favourite

& a normal one

there are a few more, but i didn't like them at all. Overall, it was a good experience.

7th - i will be going to a wedding in august! i love weddings. I just finally got the shoes for the outfit. I thought i'd share with you what i'm wearing. My bf and i are sporting metallic grey. He initially got the suit in that colour - and i by no means- thought of matching him, but ended up getting a dress that's the exact same colour. I really love it.

the shoes and dress i got at this place. it's AWESOME & i really recommend it. I love this store. It's my favourite for dresses. I WISH they had it here! the name of the store still makes my laugh.

this is the dress i'm wearing. one sided strap, form fitting. really love it

please ignore my closet- it's a little messy & no, i never colour coordinate my clothes. It's hard enough for me to hang them all up.

i've decided on pink pumps! these are my barbie pink pumps. love the height. I'm really glad that i waited & took my time looking for these pumps. They are exactly everything i imagined- pink, and high with the opening toes, the plus side of it is that it has those grips at the bottom of the pump, so there is no way i can possibly trip. AND on top of that, i'm even more grateful that my bf is still taller then me when i have these on. Imagine how awkward it would be if he wasn't.

here i have 'em on. Please don't mind the carpet, i'm still in the process of cleaning. These are very comfortable. They have a thick layer of cushioning at the bottom so it feels very nice. It edges of the pump doesn't hug too tightly against my foot either, so it doesn't cause any irritation when i walk with them on.

one last thing - summer sale is on! get your shopping done now!

8th - i've been tagged! sorry for taking forever to do this!
thanks Tram for this award -

1. Post who gave you this awarded
2. State 10 things that you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

10 things that I like:

1. i'v been liking BRIGHT colours for clothes, nail polishs..etc
2. absolutely adore hot and sour soup - i go to Mandarin(buffet) for this! sad, i know
3. i love lace, ruffles, pink, sparkly things
4. addicted to the smell of sesame oil. I LOVE the scent of it. Smells SOO GOOD
5. my favourite dessert has to be green tea icecream, or deep fried vanilla icecream
6. recently i'm in love with photoshop again. I just love making a picture vibrant with colours
7. i love the fact that i'm getting my bf to wear more fitted shirts. He looks like a sl*t, i love it.
8. skirts and dresses. i've been stocking up
9. the Louis Vuitton Trivoli PM - this has become a goal in my life. LOL
10. blogging and all the wonderful people that i've met on here

10 bloggers I tag:

Korean Sushi
Brutal Turtle
{ e.motion in: motion; }
My Tiger Lily

And that wraps up my post. LONG huh? I'll try to update more often.


☆★ shirley said...

The layout's so cuute ahh~ PINK <3
I love the dress, esp the ruffle detail and one shoulder~

The shots...ah.. It's like the concept is nice, but the photographer didn't try hard enough to make you guys look nice in it ><

arsyparsy said...

welcome back :D!
awww wow that dress looks really good! and the heels are adorable
my favourite picture is the 3rd picture! so colourful and ahppy :D!!!!!! said...

You're beautiful as always. The dress from zara (i'm right yes?) looks gorgeous and I want to see the pink heels with the pink dress. Was there a pic of this? I don't think so... I follow your blog pretty well.

-I have received your tag and will be making a post shortly (I'm leaving my Queen post up for a ltitle bit more because I love it so much LOL).

Take care princess (you told me to call you that. not me. :P)


angelamhiere said...

Welcome back!!! ^__^

The dress and shoes are so pretty! I bet they look perfect on you! ^__^

Susie said...

LOL, I totally feel you about shopping with parents & trying to buy make up! :P Everyone's been raving about Stereo Rose! I want to get my hands on it as well!

Your photo shoot pictures are so cute! & that dress & shoes! Ooo la la :)

Yay thanks for the award! I've got to do that tag :P

L4pinkpetal said...

aww i love your photo shoot pictures and the hot pink pumps are awesome.=)

chung said...

Welcome back!

That's too bad about the photog, but it's good that you still enjoyed the experience. Everyone has to start somewhere, and at least you know that you've helped someone along on their way.

& looooove your pink shoes! Totally Barbie, down to the shade! Can't wait to see a full outfit shot.

faye lu said...

i absolutely love your blog ~ it's just so girly
lots of love from australia xoxo
p.s. hot pink shoes

mytigerlily said...

That is a hot dress and shoes!!! damn girl. I'm currently in an awkward phase of growing my hair out. I'm resisting the urge to cut it short again with the hope that someday I'll have long luscious hair again. I just hate the middle length phase o.O

Makeup Morsels said...

hellooo! I just got back from a writing course myself, leaving on Wednesday for Taiwan but I'll be bringing my laptop with me. I really love that first picture, so cute. and dude love the ruffles on your dress

Rachel said...

Anh! So good to hear from you =) Thank you so much for tagging me your so sweet! I like the photos, the second one doesn't look much like you though =P Still very pretty though!

Oh and that dress is gorgeous!! =) So cute the way you and your boyfriend will be matching =)

Love the new layout btw! I meant to say it before! I noticed a few small changes awhile back =)

Hope you are doing well <3

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