Sunday, January 31, 2010

Everyday Neutral Look

hi darlings

I am squeezing in a post at this time, before my hectic schedule starts. I would probably not update until my spring break, or the 11th, because i'm pretty much done all my assignments and exams by the 10th of FEB.

Today, i realized that i did not update with that many FOTD ever since i started blogging. I actually thought i had more, but i guess i've been lazy to take pictures.

This is an everyday look that i often do. Especially when i don't feel like putting a whole bunch of make up on.

It's super simple and easy

Here is what i used:

For the cheeks: i used Personal Style, from the All Ages, All Races, All sexes collection by MAC

The palette:

top left: Naked Lunch - crease
top right: handwritten - lid
bottom left: mulch - crease
bottom right: Gleam ( DID NOT USE)

For the lippies:

I used: Shy Girl lipstick
lipglass: Love Nectar

I really love Shy GIRL, i also got PLINK during the holidays, but i LOST ITT..AHH. i'm soo sad, and i refuse to repurchase it :(..............but i might have too. But anywas, this is a great colour if you love CORALS. I LOVE CORAL COLOURS!

And here is the eye look:

Very simple. I would substitute the linear, with a brown, or dark brown, but because i do not have one, i just stuck to black. In real life, the colours are much more vibrant and dark. My washroom lighting is really bright, so i guess some of the colours got lost O.O..hehe

So i adjusted the brightness and contrast in photoshop. :/


I love the lippies colour combination. It was the first time i used them together, and i really love how it looks together. I think this would be my new favourite for some time :D

This is the necklace i have been wearing for the past few weeks. My daddi got it in vietnam last year, when he went back to visit. I had school so i couldn't go, but yup. I do love this necklace, it's so cute.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and have yourself a lovely night :/

I should go to bed now. i feel so sleepy, i woke up tooooo early. :(..

AhHH...another week to go :(

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Silly Stroke Nails

My schedule is super short on thursday, so i came home and slacked.

I decided to do my nails...

It's a bit messy on the right hand, it's so hard working with the left hand!

I hope you like ittt

Monday, January 25, 2010

Head and Shoulders Mint

Hey girlies

Wow...i never thought i would blog on a Monday night. I hate my mondays. They are soo long. I don't come home until 6 ish, and by the time i get home, i eat, shower, and then i just want to sleep. I don't have time to do homework, and i pretty much lack all the motivation to bother attempting to do any homework..Ahhh..

So yeah, back to my point of this post. I just took a shower, and i just have to tell you all about this great product

This is the one i'm using!

did you laugh out? haha. I know i would if someone was raving about head and shoulders. teehee

I remember back then when i was little, i hated head and shoulders, with a passion. It smelt bad, and it made my hair feel weird.

Well anywas, my mommi buys the shampoo in this family, and the other day we ran out and i reached into the cabinet to get some shampoo and this was what was left. So desperate times...calls for head and shoulders.

I can not believe how amazing it makes my head feels. My hair feels VERY SOFT , moisturized and shinyy! I love it. I can't stop touching my hair when i used it the first time. I love the minty feel. It's this cooling, sensation when you wash out the shampoo. In fact, i feel it right now while sitting here typing this up.

wow. i'm just so amazed and surprised. Previously, i have been using Fructis, which i have learned to hate, i think it gives me dandruff and dried out hair.

Props to Head and Shoulders, for their amazing marketing and new formula. They have basically transformed this product into a completely different one. Just look at the packaging, the marketing, the advertisement, and new formula. I wish my business project will be this sucessful..:/ sigh...

Now, i know i HAVE to try the conditioner as well. I'm one of those girls that can not live without conditioner. Having pretty, soft, and healthy hair is just one of those little things that makes me happy, especially with the dry, cold weather here in Ontario..

Check it out, and give it a try if you ever get the chance!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

1st Valentine Look of 2010

Hi Ladies!

i decided that i will squeeze in another update this weekend. :D

I have been doing many looks, but been lazy to take pictures to share with you guys. So today i decided to update with a Valentines look, because it's just around the corner! I have also decided to do more than one look for valentines, so watch out for them! lol

Here is the eye look:!

Product Used
Mainly all Mac Products....i just realized i need to use other brands now! haha

didn't use UDPP because it was late when i did this look. I pretty much washed it off afterwards...otherwise i would use UDPP.
Mac Red Velvet Shade Stick as the base
Et Tu Boutique e/s above Red Velet
Gleam e/s in the innercorner
Grape Pigment in the crease
Sketch on top of grape pigment in the crease
Kitschmas pigment above the red velet (middle eyelid) * LOVE LOVE LOVE this pigment!

Pretty Please l/s - Beautiful pink nude!
Personal Taste l/g - on top of the l/s

Dior Nude Skin Finish Foundation
Amazing Cosmetics Concealer
Personal Style Blush (All Race collection)

The Palette:

left top to right bottom (Sketch, Parfait Amour, Et Tu Boutique, Gleam)

The pretty pigments. I wanted to review this pigments awhile ago but never got around to it. it was released during the christmas holiday of 2009

Kitschmas & Grape

They are roughly a little thicker then the normal pigments by Mac, but still very pigmented and sparkly ! I love em!


Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

B cuts her bangs!

I decided to cut my bangs the other night, because i just realized how much my hair has grown out. PLUS, i was bored, so i decided to experiment.

I usually do cut my own bangs, cos i know the way i like it. The salons never seem to get what i want..:/

Here are my equipments :D

How long my bangs were...

and TA DA! this is the results...i'm pretty pleased with it :D

and here is the mess...haha

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avatar Inspired EOTD

Hi girlies!

i can't blog this weekend, or anytime this week. I have exams on this friday, and a quiz online the day before it, so i'm just gonna be studying away this week. Busy like a Beeeee. hehe

But i'm so excited, and i really want to get a chance to upload this look, so i decided to do a tease.

I said i would be doing a avatar inspired makeup look a few days ago. I got around doing it, but i didn't finish it. So here is a sneak preview:

If you haven't watched this movie yet, i highly recommend it! it is amazing! i've already watched it twice! LOL

Here are some screen caps of the prettiness:

while i did this look..i realized something ....i need more blues and teal colours..Cos trying to blend the right colour was difficult..but i tried...I must redo this look again tho!

When i have time, i'll come back to fully update this look

In the meantime, ENJOY!! and watch the movie. it's AMAZING!@! ahh..i wanna watch it again..

EDIT: SORRY, i don't feel inspired to redo this look with a FOTD. I created this look spontanously, so there is no FOTD, and i don't feel like redoing this look anytime soon. the EOTD is still good right? I'll come back to update the products i've used when i get a chance!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thank You for Loving me

To be loved, is a blessing. To experience love, and to find love is a pleasure. I woke up this morning, thinking of this phrase after I've read a text message.

Sometimes i question myself for why I'm so lucky to find who i have found. To have experience what i did, and to receive all the love and care that i never knew existed and sometimes all of this feels undeserving. What did i do to deserve all of this? Do you ever feel this way?

That person is there through the thick and the thin. To accept who i am, and how i am. To accept all the fault and imperfection in me. To love and respect me in every way and i feel very thankful for that. I never imagine the day what I'd meet someone like that.

Sometimes it takes time to realize it, and sometimes it hits you harder when you go through rough times together. But, sometimes we don't always remember to appericate these things, because relationships will not always feel like how it was from the start. I remember watching a drama and love was described like fireworks. At the beginning it's vibrant and magical, but it then slowly dies. You might know what I'm talking about if you're in long term relationships, where there is very little room left for surprises and "getting to know each other." You can say at that point that you know them inside and out. So what happens? Relationships starts to lose it's spark

Love and relationships will never always be as exciting. There will be ups and downs and to overcome them is what will only make a prosperous relationship. In the long run you will realize what you are looking for in the other person, and how compatible you are for one another. Overtime you will discover the real person underneath all that physical barrier. I was just thinking of parents. I don't know about you guys, but mine always bicker. They don't do the corny things that they may have done when they were younger, but it doesn't mean that the love is not there. There is a reason why they are still together, and i guess it's because they have a need for one another. Afterall, in the end it's just the two of you.

I will never forget what my mom has told me about what my dad has said. He said. Our kids, they will go up and they will leave us one by one, but he would be with her until the end.

People often lose their path way when a relationship starts to get dull or "wrong", but do you ever stop to think why it's that way? Have you contributed to it and how can you make improvements? Did you give it your all? Sometimes we just need to reflect on ourselves and less on the other person whom you think is at fault. This applies to ANY relationship problem.

So the moral of this post? I'm not sure. I guess it's a bit of a rant, and a bit of a relfective post. Gives you a little bit to think about hmMM? But I hope you hold onto the ones you love, and stop to realize how special and blessed you may be.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas and New Years Wrap Up

I know i'm kind of late on updates on my christmas and new years, but those are such busy times of the years, that all your time is spent with the ones you love so personal time has been neglected.

Christmas this year...was a bit sad. I didn't feel like christmas. I didn't feel all jolly and happy. In fact, new years, was just "another day" sadly.

I would love to reflect on 2009, but frankly, my memory is dyin on me. I barely remember what i did a few months ago, let alone the whole year.

I guess if you've been reading my blog, you would already know :)

Lets start with christmas eve. My bf and i had a get together at his sister and her bf place. Bf's cousins were staying over at his sisters place for the holiday, and we were invited over for the countdown. I also brought my brothers so it'd be more fun.

So we went over and played some rock band. THen we started to all get hungry, and searched for a mcdonalds that was opened, but sadly we came back without any bigmacs. It was quite sad. I didn' thtink i really wanted MC.D so bad that day. haha

SO when we got back, his sister had these frozen personal size pizzas that she has in the freezer. We heated it up in the oven, and popped some pop corns, and watche d a movie called. "DRAG me to HELL". The movie is ridicculous. IT's basically a story of an old women that curse this younge lady who works at a bank, because they would not extend her payments on the mortgage. The OLD women was so ....gross...arggg..u just have to watch the movie. It's not even SCARY. IT"S FUNNY as hELL> hahaha. i dont' think they intend to make it funny. But it's so pathetic, and disgusting that's it funny. We couldn't stop laughing.

We wanted to watch a scary movie, because well...his sister and their cousins watched paranormal activities that night before and started rambling how it's SOO scary, and they were making us all interested in the movie, but we couldn't watch it because they all watched it already. IT was so scary that they all slept in the same bed that night. hahaha.

THis led bf, brothers and i to watch it a few days later. It was so gay, but the ending was that really happen? I guess because the movie was filmed. I thought it was so gay at first, but then when i went to bed at night, i was so scared, i couldn't sleep. SO i kept bf up over the phone, until my phone died on me. :( THat was when i had to be a man to go to bed.

But anywas, didn't really take any pictures that night. We only got one group photo and here it is. Kong and I ruined it though, but its such a pretty picture i had to share. THe christmas tree is just so pretty! Steven's cheeks are puffy from the surgrey! haha. LIttle brother took the picture

So let me think back to what i've done on Christmas. Christmas break, was a very..filling break. I must've gain weight from all the eating. I've had two christmas dinner that night. THe first one with my family, and the second with Kong's (bf) family.

My brother steven, had his wisdom teeth pulled out during the break so he couldn't eat. He's the eater in the family and without him, let's just say the food gets thrown away. So we had this MASSIVE big turkey ( I never knew they could be so gigantic) but she decided not to make it on christmas, because the rest of the family + Kong, would never finish it. So instead she made roast beef. Which i didn't complain about, because we always have turkey and it's time for a change!

WE opened presents in the afternoon. OUr christmas day started late, because we all stayed up until 3 on christmase eve. haha

Mine and Kong's present to his parents. IT's perfume and cologne. The one of the left i wrapped myself. Pretty huh?? i'm quite proud! haha

This is kong's present to my family. His style of wrapping is quite unique i must say...haha. He had to wrap them all the same paper so that they know it's from him. hahah

Here is a few snap of our...dinner..hahahah..You could so tell it's ASIAN! hahaha

It was a very filling and good dinner. Kong does't usually get a chance to have a meal with my family, and it was very nice.

Since everything was closed, we pretty much stayed at home and just spent time with the family. I mean that is what it's all about right? We had dinner together, and it was very good! haha ...we made steven jealous, but he tried his best to chew on some meat with his two front teeth. hahaha..

So later that night, we took some pictures before we went over to Kong's sister place for dinner. I didn't take much pictures. but here are some before we left:

bf was lazy to do his hair, so he looked very vietnam that day. it's okay. he's still my vietnam boy

This is me beating him up

This is when he's injured. haha

Later that night we had "magic berry". It's a pill you take, ( no not a drug silly) and you let it dissolve in your mouth, and you want to cover tongue and everything with the pill. After it has completely dissolved you can eat anything sour, and it would taste sweet. So to put it to the test, we all took a TINY sip of vinegar , and these fruits.

IT was SWEET> i wouldn't say it's Sweet to the point that you don't recoginze what the fruit taste like. But it definately does make everything you eat so sweet. Try it out if you get a chance!

THe Lemon taste like lemonade. And the strawberry just taste SOOO amazing.
a snap of the fruit plate. SO COLOURFUL and pretty! haha

And that is all. There are some other stuff that happened, but there's too much, and i'm getting quite lazy and tired right now. haha..

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mac LilyLand & All Ages, All Races & All Sexs Review + Swatches

*warning this post will be picture heavy

Hi all!

i have been meaning to update on some beauty purchases for a while now..almost 2 months now? so there is quite a bit of product whoring in this post. If you haven't been in Mac for a while, the Lilyland and All Races collection are now released.
Yesterday, i bused to the mall to get it first, before they sell out. Sometimes certain products sell out very fast, so i want to make sure i get what i want.

The thing is like this. I went to mac the day before it was released, and the girls working there were showing some other customers what was gonna be released tomorrow. I was lucky to find out so i went there early after class to get these blushes that i wanted from the Lilyland collection. I swatched them the day i found out they were gonna release, and they are amazing! And the orange colour was already sold out in the pro store, because all the artists working there has already reserved them. So sucks for us. i had to get it at the "The Bay" stand, instead of the pro store.

Anywas, enough of my rambling. i didn't intend on buying as much as i did. I think because i haven't bought anything from MAC in a while, that i was just a little possessed.

Mac LilyLand Collection:

What i recommend from this Collection:

The Lipgelee and the BLUSHES!
The pretty eyeshadows, and the powder compact are nothing special to me. Unless you are a die-hard mac collector, i wouldn't recommend it.

This is the baggie of goodies. Not all purchased on the same day. Some were gifts from Christmas..etc.

So lets start off with the blushes. The lilyland collection is full of very bright pretty and fun colours. It consists of pinks, oranges, and magenta. What stood out for me in this collection are the cream blushes! If you love cream blushes, i don't think you want to miss out on these babies.

These are all the blushes that i got within the 2 months

The top row is from the lilyland collection. (left) so sweet so fun, (right) Optomistic Orange. The bottom row (left) peaches , (right) personal style - from All Races collection

What was i thinking when i got the orange???

I have too many pink-tone blushes. It's time to expand the collection. I really like how it looks when it's sheered out. It's so pretty. You can easily add a hint of pink if you apply a pink powder blush on top. But it's already very pretty on it's on.

Here is a swatch of the Optimistic ORange

Its pretty. THere is a hint of pink in it when you sheer it out. Or maybe i'm seeing things?? I tried to sheer out the left side, and left the right side opague

A Review:

The consistency, and texture of these cream blushes is SOOOO AMAZING! i can't not even explain it. I already have one cream blush from the original line, and i love it an all, but the texture and consistency of the ones in this collection compared to the ones from the permanent line, is like comparing heaven and hell. okay...Not that crazy , but you get the picture. I didn't think there was anything special about these blushes, until the girl there told me to swatch it. It was AMAZIING. It feels much more creamy, much more "watery". It's like a jelly feeling. It would be SUPPER easy to blend with these babbies. THere is no resistance when you blend it on your cheeks with your fingers. I always find with the original cream blush formula, it's a little tough to blend out, because of the thicker consistency.

Here is a comparison of the permanent Line one that i already own, called (right) Lady Blush, and the Lilyland - So sweet so easy Cream blushes

right, lady left so sweet so easy

left, lady right so sweet so easy

you can see the "lady" blush is thicker, and more opague. The new one is a thinner consistency. There is no resistance in blending it into your cheeks, and the colour a bit more sheer, but buildable. IT's definately neat to get one of them if you don't already have a similar shade.

THis is a shade i got from the All races COllection. Another very wearable colours. I do not own anything that is this shade, and i do like it. It gives you a fresh differeny look, especially when i'm always wearing pink blushes. Gives you a very soft and natural look. Could be used for contouring

SO here are the other blushes. This one is PEACHES. from the permanent line. It's a matte finish. I think it's really pretty. Less pink, and more coral and neutral. Great for natural wear. It has been my new favourite. I definately love MATTE blushes more than shimmer. I feel like shimmer is overdone, and it emphasize my cheeks to much. Sometimes you don't want to emphasize it when you are breaking out there. haha. This would be your everyday neutral colour.

I also got this LipGelee from the LilyLand Collection. I don't own any Lipgelee, but i already love how they feel. It's very moisturizing, and much less sticky, but they are super shimmery! If you love shimmer, you'd like these. I'm not a big fan of shimmer, but the colour looks too amazing. There is also a purple one, but i don't think i'd look good in it, so i didn't get it. But i'd recommend that one if you are interested.

This is Lush and Bright. IT's a pretty colour. I prob won't apply it all over my lips tho, just in the middle to give the lips a little of a plump.

are you bored yet?? i told u it's gonna be massive...

So let's move onto eyeshadow.

This is one that my little brother bought for me for christmas, i only asked for one

It's called : Suave Intentions, from the Lace collection. I"m trying to expand my blue eyeshadows, and i thought these are pretty. The pigmentation is great. Very soft and pigmented, and blendable. All that i ask for in an eyeshadow.

At the end of the shopping spree. i was looking at pigments. Mac has changed their packaging for pigments if you don't already know. You will not recieve less, and pay for the same price. It's a bit of a rip, but i guess you will never use it all. But than again..yahh...what can we do..

This colour is called Teal: It's friggin gorgeous. The girl gave me more than i should've in my opinion, but i guess cos she saw me there so often that she hooked me up. HAHA. LOVES! THis is a permanent colour

So LAST but not LEAST. i want to show you guys my nails. I didn't do any design, but i really like the colour, so i wanted to share. I 've been making use of the nail polishes that i thought were useless. But i realized. If you just layer them on you are creating a new colour.

These are the tools:

And here they are on my toes....this was after i did my nails...

Not that flattering right??? Well because the pink was so opague, that it just looked kindda werid??

So i decided to layer on a non-opague colour. One that is MUCH more sheer. and this is my result:

hhaha. i told you love barbie pink.....I've been really loving coral colours as well...

But anywhoo.. i hope you enjoyed this long and whoring post. If you don't like to read these kinds of posts, just ignore em. I like haul posts, it gives me ideas on what to purcahse.

Take care!