Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wedding Update

i've recently gone to a wedding, on July 22th, i believe. It was my cousin's wedding and he lives in Brampton. The first half of the morning took place in brampton where the couple have just moved into a new beautiful home. THis is when all the traditional events happen. Such as the tea serving, inscenting, and ring/jewlery exchanging. THe next half of the day took place at the park, for wedding photos. During the whole time, there was a videographer, and a photographer. We all left the park shortly before the ran came down which was around 3. So we all had time to go home and rest for 3 hours before we leave for the dinner which begins at 7 pm in Scarborough.

The wedding was held at a Seafood Chinese Resturant in Scarborough. There was PLENTY of food. I didn't even try every plate, because i was just so bloated. The evening was nice. They had karaoke for the guest to request and sing. There was also a dance floor for the dance while peopel were waiting for the food to be served. The MC sucked, but my cousins' did a good job trying to encourage people to dance, and before you know it, even my aunt was on the dance floor. and almost half the people were dancing. They also had games, like musical chairs. And the traiditional flower throwing by the bride. I was actually part of it. All the single ladies were invited personally by the bride herself to catch the boutique. Kevin actually got it on video, but i won't upload it, cos it'd take a while. The bride had to throw it twice, because the first time a guy sitting at his table caught it, hahaha. he was actually very happy, a little too happy. hahaha.

Anywas. it was a nice day, TIRED, HOT, and just........tired and tired. I didn't get any sleep that night. we left at 1 in the morning, and got there at 3 in the morning. We got to the grooms and brides house and slept on the floor in a room that had nothing in it. The carpet wasn't even in yet because the house wasn't fully furnished. So it was just some insulin and some kind of material over the floor. Good thing i was prepared and brought a blanket and pillow. My cousin and Aunt, and my family slept in one room. It was after some of us went to the car to sleep instead, because the floor was too hard and no one could sleep. well atleast Kevin, my mom and I did not sleep. Kevin was moving around too much for me to sleep. So i was up all NIGHT. THen in the morning, when everyone got ready, it was not cool to pack on make up when u didn't sleep all night. My face gets dry spots sometime, and urghhh, it was just horrible. It was a good thing that my face got a little oily later on the day, so the dry spot wasn't visible anymore and the make out came out okay.

It was a good thing that i have charged my batteries. So i have a LOT of pictures. Enjoy. It took some time for me to edit and upload them :)

This was in the morning at like 8 or so. We left the bride and groom's house, because it's left for the bride's side of the family, and left to my cousin's house to get ready. The boys had to carry the plates of "gifts" to the brides's place.

These are pictures at the bride's the groom's house, as well as my corsage

While the traditional stuff was taking place, we decided to do some whoring..

This is in the backyard

This is at the park

This is prep for and at the dinner

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Frederic Fekkai


i have been using this product for almost a month now, and i can not stop using this. This is not a leave in conditioner, but i'm using it like one. I have said my hair is dehydrated and frizzy and rough when it dries shortly after i shower. I hate that feeling. When i apply this to my damp hair, it doesn't exactly help with the frizziness, but it does make my hair feel so soft and silky like. I love the feeling, and i don't think i can live without this product at the moment. If you want to ensure that it shines, you should apply it when your hair is dry. You can't really see the shine, if your hair is wet.

It's a very thick consistency, and it smells nice. The cream is thick, and it feels a little sticky. It has shimmer. You can see the shimmer in your fingers, and i guess that is what's making the hair shiny and glossy, after you've applied it to your hair.

This product is $24.00 CAD for the 116 ML and i think $32 CAD for the 200 ML.

It's quite pricey, but i realy love it, so i just had to get it. I got a sample of it from the GLOW magazine, and i'm STILL not finish with it yet, so thats why i settled with the smaller bottle. The brand is new to me, it's also new at Shoppers also. you can get it at Sephora, or Shoppers Drug Mart. The prices is the same. They also offer shampoo and conditioner. I have not yet tried them, because they are SOOO expensive. A Shampoo is 30+ a bottle. It's suppose to be salon quality, i guess that's why the price is up the roof. But if you can get your hands on the sample, definitely give it a try.

It's was also awarded "Best of Sephora"

Overall, happy with this product.

Mini Haul

Yesterday was a busy day. Boyfriend and i went to 4 winner locations in london. Were crazy, i know. I wanted to go there for China Glaze. I figured that the last time i was there, there wasn't that many China Glaze left, so they would probably restock. But, they were totally gone. :( I thought the other Winners would have them, but they didn't. The only place that i've seen them was at Masionville area.

During the hunting, i have discovered that i am in love with the beauty section at Winners. DISCOUNTED cosmetics. I never knew that Winners carried Urban Decay. I found the nice and naughty pallette, as well as their lipglosses. You have to make sure you open the packages to check to see if it's cracked or swatched. Nobody wants make up that has been touched by a bunch of random fingers. All about sainitary. :)

I also found a leave in conditioner! i've been looking FOREVER for a leave in conditioner, because my hair is damaged and dry. I always use conditioner when i shower, but as my hair dries, it still feels dry and frizzy! i HATE HATE HATE that feeling. So i just HAVE to get my hands on some leave in conditioner. I've never heard of this brand, but Winners has a bunch of them. THey smell AWESEOME! i love the smell, and i'm BIG on scented things. It feels very light and jelly. It's not those thick sticky cream. It's called GoldWell - Colour Definition- Brilliance Fluid. INTENSE, Leave in Conditioner for normal to thick hair.

So here is what i picked up from Winners

Rexall also has a sale on Mascara. 50% all brand mascara! i HAD to go get some, since my old one was running out. I love the one i have now, but i must try other brands. The one i have now isn't good for under the eye lashes . I tried the NYX one, called BABYDOLL, and just like CIndy says. it's great for the lashes at the bottom, because the bristles serparate every single lash! I love it!. The other ones i haven't tried yet, because i'm just gonna save it and use it when i slowly finish the other ones. You dont want to open them all, because they'll get get contaminated and then dry up. :)

Mac has also released a new collection. I was actually really excited about this collection because the eyeshadow colours are really vibrant, but when i swatched them, they were chalky! especially the deep violet colour (which i just LOVED)Violet Trance. The only one i thought was WORTH getting was the orange colour - OFF the PAGE. It's orange, and the only other orange colour i know from Mac is ORANGE. I perfer Off the page more, because it's not as orange and it's very pigmented and soft. The other colour that i thought was nice, is Haunting, but the only problem was, i thought it was a little bland. Maybe if the colour had a bit more of a kick.

I didn't get any of the quads, because i though the colours weren't anything special. My loving bf, also surprised me with pigments. He just HAD to lie to me and tell me that cocomotion is sold out, but then he managed to get the LAST ONE. what a jerkkk! i love surprises tho :D. Thanks bff!! <3

Monday, August 24, 2009

Purple and Yellow

I've been "lazy" eversince i came back from the wedding. It was a crazy day, lots of walking and standing and photos and eating. Updates on the wedding will follow when i have time. In the meantime, i felt like doing a blend today. I have done this colour combination in the past, but with very little intensity and with different colour. After finishing, i realized i should've done this look for the wedding dinner, because the colour completely matches my purple dress.

Here is the Eye look!

If you have noticed, i have been doing a lot of purple lately. I guess because my dark hair is back now, and i've always thought dark hair and purple eyes looked good on me. When i tried purple eyeshadow with my copper hair, it just looked disaterious. hahha. So anywas, here is the look.

P.S. I didn't take any full face shots, because i was too lazy to do my entire face. I wasn't gonna go out, so i didn't want to pack on make up, as well, i'm trying to recover from my skin disaster. :)

Products Used
Artifact Paint Pot - outer half of the eyelid
Gorgeous Gold - inner corner of the eyelid
Rated R - inner corner of eyelid
Nylon - above Gorgeous gold/Rated R
Beautiful Iris - over artifact (GORGEOUS!!)
Sketch - crease
UDPP - all over lid
Maybelline Define a Lash mascara
Maylelline Stilettoe Liquid Eyelinear

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wedding Prep

Yesterday, my mom and i did last minute shopping for dresses. It's so hard to look for dresses in london! urghhh! and especially when you only have 2 weeks notice before the wedding, you become desperate. I've been searching for an evening dress for the dinner most of tuesday. I regret not bringing a camera, because i tried only probably 20+ dresses and none were completely satisfying.

Boyfriend and i went downtown to search at Elizabeth Noel, and they have TONS of dresses, espcialyl if you wanna go to prom or anything like that. THe only problem is, once you find the perfect dress, the price tag is wayyy too big. I realy liked this dark satin brown material dress. It's short, tight, but very stylish. It had these ruffle folds from the corner of ur shoulder to the opposite bottom end of the dress, and i just loved it. The only problem was, it may not be too approriate for an asian wedding. Well atleast i didn't think so, AND the was 195, before tax..ahhhh. I don't think i want to drop that kind of money on a dress i'd probably wear once. now if it was a white wedding, that ...all changes..haha

so here is the dress that i got at laura. it was on sale, "SALE" they say..i bargained for a 10% discount, bcos there was a mark on the chest area on the pruple one. :) save on tax yoo.

I ended up getting the purple one. I really liked both of them. Surprisingly i thought both looked good on my skintone. The red one almost looked better on my than the purple, but i didn't get the red one because it's Too bright, and Red is such a wedding colour. I don't want to have too much attention i guess. cos it IS RED, and why do i have a feeling that the bride will be wearing red?? Also, since it's a dinner, i thought purple would a more appropriate colour. but OVERALL, i have discovered that i may have a new loving passion for RED :)

So, as part of the wedding prepartation, i have done my nails. As you may know, i have mentioned in my previous blog that i wasn't satified with my nails. I love the colours and all, but my strokes and drawing was messy and i don't know. i wasn't BLOWN away, so i sat down recreate it and this is what i came up with. I'm actualyl realy proud of these. My mom even asked me who did it for me?! haha, and i was proud to say, mom...i did it myself. hahaha. Yes, you may have guessed, i LOVE shimmer. it does give you the pop and for a wedding, i think simple things like this is appropriate.

I have been trying to be careful with washing dishes and anthing that has to do with water, cos i don't want my work of art to get destoryed before i go to the wedding. haha

Yesterday, i was at Cindy's place, and we helped fix my previous dress. I showed her what i wanted, and she altered it in a way that the bottom is uneven and it shows a bit more leg on one side. You know, when you are short, you try ur best to make urself APPEAR taller. hahaha.. She had to attend a coworker's service thingy. I'm not sure what exactly you would call it, but it's a group of religious people, They are CHristian and they meet up at a house, and do readings, and teachings about a certain topic. CIndy didn't want to go alone, so since i was being a good friend, and after jacking a few of her stuff for the wedding i decided to keep her company. We got a rid from her coworker and went to the house. It was half an hour long and basically you sing songs, anda then red parts of the bible and talk about it. The topic that day was about leaders and their importance. The only thing i remember was, a LEADER is something whom is mature and lives's Gods' word. It realy reminded me of the MASSES that i've attended when i was still in highschool. It was nice though. THe people were realy friendly and nice. It's nice to hear these..meaningingful things and think of how there are people like this in the world. Praying and reading God's word everyweek or so. People who are very relgiious and take everyword in the Bible serious. My family isn't hard core religious, so it was a very good experience for me.

Anywas, so now i'm packing for the wedding. The wedding is in Brampton in the morning, then in Scarborough for the Dinner. So basically my family is gonna go tonight at midnight, and get there at 2ish or so, sleep for about 4 hours, get up at 5, get ready and then it starts at 7. SEVEN AM, who starts their wedding so early? i was planning to come at 10, but good thing i sortted things out prior to that, else we would've all been late. :( So much for a GOOD NIGHT SLEEEP. so i'm just packin gmy make up now. I've overpacked for sure, but i'm SOO indecisive that yeahh....As i was taking pictures of these things, i've realized i didn't bring hair stuff, SO YES, it just increased my load :(

The SOLIDER BAG!- got it at shoppers, with the purchase of the mositurizer or something. it's BIG and cute. love the material too. Satin Finish. Pearlish colour.

Colour for the Face and Eyes - eyeshadows and blushes

Tools- Brushes and Lippies

Skincare- Moisurizers, and other face samples and what not

Equipments! styling yo
The neutral pallette that i have created. Top right to bottom right:

Style Snob, Satin Taupe, Mulch, Naked Lunch

i should start taking stuff out..but i can't chose??!! Two dresses means two make up look right?? haha. I'll be sure to bring my camera. Expect a photo spam

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So now, Yesterday, i was at Winners, and omg- china glaze? for 5.99 = you know u ave to get something when.......hahahah. They didn' have much left, i guess because it's popular sell so all the good colours are gone, such as the purple, blues, greens and such. There was only a white, pinks, red, and one dark dark dark purple. So i picked up a Hot Pink - Limbo Bimbo

and this one JetStream- which is a clear wash, with purple/pink reflects. it's a VERY pretty colour as a top coat, because it's sparkly and the reflects of the colour is just gorgeous.

So this is what i did, i applied Limbo Bimbo at the bottom, because it's an opague colour and then a pplied Jet Stream on top, and it just gave the HOt pink such a POP, not that it wasn't already, but it gets it depth and more vibrancy.? hahah

i just can't wait to use these later one :) The quality is pretty good. You can definately tell the difference between these and regular nail polish you get from WalMart. hahah. The colour itself is really pretty. I just hope i can get my hands on other colours. I think i need to keep my eyes out on Winners more often now. You don't need more then two layers to adequetly paint your nails, and it dries fast, but then again depends on how thick u apply it. The sparkles are not chunky, and when you touch the surface of ur nail, it's smooth. Overall, i loves it.

So now onto the other stuff. yesterday was a busy today, i went around picking up stuff to get ready for the Wedding. I tried on probably more then 20 dresses, but i feel so tuupid now, cos id idn't bring my camera to take a picture of them. ARg....I need to find a 2nd dress for the Dinner, because apparenyl it would be werid to be wearing the same dress all day. I'm not complainning tho :)

So i was at LeChateau, and found these cute earings..discounted! cos it's outlets!
and a clutch, that i thought would've gone with my dress in the previous post, but it's a bit too red......sigh* but i still loves it

This is the quick eye look i put together. Pretty nuetral, i've been liking neutral looks lately. I've been loving browns. taupie and skintone colours..hehe

On my Eyes:

Bare STudy paint pot all over lid
Style Snob ( LOVES) all over lid
SatinTaupe crease
Mulch crease