Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Circle Lens?!

Hello my lovely bloggers,

As some of you may already know, i shouldn't be blogging, but i just finished an exam today and i feel drained. a 4hour business case exam is NOT cool. I dare not drink coffee this morning, fearing that i'd need a washroom break during that exam.!

Anywasss...>!! since i'm slacking right now i thought i'd make a quick post. I've been looking into circle lens for the past few days, or months. I have never tried them before, even though i've known about them ages ago when they started getting popular. I guess i'm slow getting on the bandwagon, but i'm looking for some lens recommendation. Who else better to ask then the lovely bloggers here who know a WAY more then me about them.

I'm looking for something somewhat natural, yet noticeable, but i'd like to hear from you guys before i make any purchases. I'd appericate it if you guys give me some recommendations.

What brands do you guys use?

What's your favourite?

Is it comfortable?

Do you guys buy the ones with prescriptions?

How long do you keep em until you throw them out?

How long do you wear em for?

Thank YOU for recommendations, and droppping by


Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Offical

.......i'm leaving blogspot


for a while......haha

Exams are around the corner, and all my finals are 40-50%, so i need to start studying like madness. LOL. Sucks for me, i'm sure i'll still be lurking oon blogspot, and catching up on all your updates, and replying to commments. Yes, i love to reply to comments. I think most bloggers love to get comments from their wonderful readers. Anywas...

My first exam starts on April 14, ( my daddi's birthday)
My second exam starts on April 21, ( MY BIRTHDAY)
Last exam is on April 30, ( the last day of exams)

I have in total 5 exams.................*bangs head against the wall

yEAH, i'm feeling pretty..shitty right now. But what can i do. You'll all know what i'll be doing for my birthday. LOL

Anyone else have exams? How do you study with them. Do you have time to play?


When i return, i plan on having a giveaway, (i was gonna do it this month, but i'm wayyyy tooo busy) in celebration of several things:

for almost reaching 100 Followers
my birthday, bcos i feel giving
and finishing exams
marking the beginning of summer

I'm still thinking of what's going in it, but look out for it! <3

but, perhaps you guys can help me out.

Rank these items (1 for highly addicted, and 7 for minimal satisfaction)

- eyeshadows
- false lashes/liners/mascara
- blushes
- lippies
- body and bath products
- skincare
- others:_____________

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my blog,
Good Luck, and take care

<3 Anh

Sunday, April 4, 2010

FOTD- Hello Spring

Here is the full look:

Do you see that shimmer on my cheek? It's the pretty SMooth Verge Mineralize SKinfinish. I love it for highlighting. It makes a difference when you take photos! LOVES
^^ those lashes were giving me a hard time. MAINLY bcos they were like flat, and it wouldn't bend to the shape of the eyelid.
^^ i'm loving the lipstick also. It's much more brighter in life. ITs just my camera. But none the less BEAUTIFUL coral colour.

YUP. i hope you like this FOTD. I had fun doing it. And i LOVE spring. Mainly bcos i was born in that season. LOL.

Have a wonderful day, i will be off studying once again :( BOO@!

EDIT i was reformating this post, and i've accidently deleted my list of products used. I can't retrieve it, and i do not remember what i used since it's been almost a year now. ahh!