Saturday, October 31, 2009

Movie Night + Cooking

Hi everyone!

Last saturday, i went to go see Saw 6, with my boyfriend. We decided to go to the new theatre, the Cineplex Oden, on wonderland i believe. It's the theatre that have been majorly updated. This one is different from the Silver City one. It's a little bit smaller when you enter, but the place is divided into two areas. One side is the normal threatre room, the other is a longue. They have a private slide door for the lounge side. They make it look sOO mysterious. haha, but it's all bullshit!

When you enter the lounge side, it looks awesome. It looks like Moxies, in terms of design, very comtempory, and modern. When you enter the lounge side through the slide door, guided by a person taking ur tickets, you first see the bar, and to the right, is the lounge area where people can sit, talk, relax, chill. To the right of the bar is the hallway, which leads you to the threatre room to watch the movie, as well as the washrooom close by. THe lounge side was very nicely design. It's very much like how Moxie looks like, in terms of style, but i say moxie still has more style and creativity. Nontheless it was nice.

here is a picture, i didn't take one of the bar, because people would look at me funny

some menus on the table beside us, for ordering

some seats

I originally thought that on the lounge side people have their own room and area to watch the movie, but it's basically the same as your typical threatre with a few extra service, OBVIOUSLY, people of the premium price that you pay. You still sit with everyone else, but the only thing is that the seats are a little better, they can bend back, you have tables next to ur seat where you can put ur drinks, there are waitress/waiters who would take ur order when you are watching the movie, and you have a bar area for drinking. You could drink alcohol and eat whatever they offer, by telling the waitresses that are in the theatre room waiting for ur signal to take ur order and bring you your food. Ofcourse, i'm expecting that they are looking for some good tipping as well. But i think the concept is ridiciously. How lazy can people be. Get your food before you watch the movie. I thought that they would atleast hace love seats or something, i never liked threatre seats.

But anywas, i would definately never go to that place ever again. It was a waste of $30 bucks or so. It's nothing much different from the normal threatre, they just tried to hard to make it all fancy. THe threatre room wasn't even full. There were probbaly a max od 15 people in the threatre room when we went to watch.

Anywas, lets move onto the movie. THe movie, let's see. We all know that i'm a chicken. I can NOT stand groosome, and i did not watch any parts where people were losing body parts. Just the thought of it makes me want to barf, surprisingly my bf ate like it was nothing while watching the movie. I on the other hand, was gagging cos i peaked at on of the scene. So you might think, why i bothered to watch the movie if i'm missing out on those parts. Well basically, i like the story line and i like to know how it progress, but i don't like to watch people suffering, i don't mind so much hearing it though. But it was definately scary for me. It's your typical Saw Movie, but i have to say that this one didn thave too many surprises, some stuff were predictable, which took the mystery out of the movie. I was dissappointed with that. FOr a movie like this that is going onto it's 7th sequel, i would have to say has done pretty amazing, but you can definately tell that it's starting to lose it's touch. i won't spoil the movie, thought i can't say that i loved it. In fact, i liked Saw 5 more. The cop, was annoying. His lips were always chapped and it's soo pouty, i don't know it just pissed me off the whole time. I don't like his face at all, and he's just soo anoyying..hahaha. SO overall, if you have nothing to watch and would like to watching something, i would recommend this movie, but it's not a MUST SEE. you don tneed to rush to the theatres to watch this.

So now lets talk about my cooking experience. Last tuesday, boyfriend and i decided that we shall cook, because we always go out to eat, and it's.....sad. So i decided we shall make pasta. The whole day we searched up a recipe, looked for ingrediants and for dinner we were creating a miracle in the kitchen. The pasta is not bad for first timers. hahaha. I would have to say that it taste better the day after. My brother kevin, cutted the sausages and made them into like SMALL CUBES, and we kept making fun of him, cos when we finished the pasta, we were literally looking for our sausages in the pasta. IT was quite sad, but it was not bad. haahaha

here is a picture, i got the recipe off,

I'll also include the recipe if you guys like to try it out. The only thing that i would redo, is the cheese that we bought. it was so gross.

1 pound sweet Italian sausage,
sliced 3/4 pound lean ground beef
1/2 cup minced onion
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 (28 ounce) can crushed tomatoes
2 (6 ounce) cans tomato paste
2 (6.5 ounce) cans tomato sauce
1/2 cup water 2 tablespoons white sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons dried basil
1/2 teaspoon fennel seed
1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

alright. that's all for today, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Goodbye

I haven't been blogging for about half a month now, because you all know, i have midterms. Today i want to make a post dedicated to one of my best friend, Cindy, who left london for toronto, and this is for good.

I didn't get to see her before she left, and i feel awful about it, because she one of my closest friends, and i couldn't see her off. Now I know that she's not moving anywhere far far, where i'd never see her again, but I know that I can’t see her when I want to see her. I can’t go over to her house when I want to. I know she’s not in that old apartment when I drive by. I won’t be there for her when she’s down, or when she’s wants me to be a part of that moment, neither will she be here to share as many memories with me. I feel a bit sad, worried, but happy.
People grow up, and they leave you one by one, and it’s all happening now, one by one. I feel like I’m losing someone I love, but at the same time, I’m happy for them, because they are living the life they want, and the way they want it. The only thing I can hope for is, for them to happy each and everyday.

Cindy and I grew up together since highschool. I never knew her before highschool, and I probably would have never been friends with her if we were the way we were back in our kiddy days, but something brought us together. Only cindy would know why we started talking. I will never forget the time she told me, she felt intimidated to talk to me, because she thought I was too smart. HA-HA. She’s such a goof, but she’s more then just a kid on the inide. She’s small, but she eats like a beast. She made instant noodles in the past, now she’s a professional shrimp peeler, and good cook. She’s doesn’t stop talking and she’s always happy, and we never run out of stuff to talk about. I remember being on the phone with this girl for like 6 hours. I forgot our record, but it’s around there. TOO TOO much memories. I still remember her playa life. Haha. Inside joke. I love her bullshit, if you know cindy, she’s full of BA XAO. (inside joke) hahaha. She never fails to make you laugh. We love shrimp, and we love dim sum. Ha Cao is love. I remember making this with her, and the shell was so hard. Hahaha. I never attempted it again. I remember we use to “meet up halfway” but sadly, cindy’s definition of half way, to meet up with her at her front door. Haha. She was such a jad-i-gac-er. I hope you know what I meant to say. Haha. Let’s see, Cindy, Phuong and I all started dating at the same time. We are all approaching our 2nd year. We all fell in love with our second love, make up. We pretty much went crazy with it after that, and we still are. I rem going to Niagara falls with cindy, and getting declined into the casino, because my id was expired. I remember when we tried to model the magazine advertisement picture of the girl and guy kissing. There is too much to remember, and I could go on forever.
Cindy isn’t the first bestfriend that left. Phuong left before her, and with Phuong is another story. This girl is such a goof. I remember she use to always sleep over, and we always made food. One time we skipped class, went over to my house and BBQ a big feast. Haha. We would always meet me halfway, unlike my Chan. I remember her dead body pose, and her gayness. Her grandma lips, and her nunggas, that I am oh-so- jealous of. Her lion king dance.

A best friend is more than just a friend. If you ever had a best friend, you would know what I’m talking about. A best friend, is more then just a boyfriend. You could be as close to your boyfriend as you may think, but never as close as your bestfriend. Best friends, don’t have to tell each other everything, but they are capable of sharing everything, and that’s the difference. Best friends don’t have to see each other everyday and all the time, but when they see each other, time does not change anything between them. We still laugh and talk like they did the last time.

So now, I thought I’d share some photos of us growing up.

i can't put them in chronilogical(sp? too lazy to look up) order because i don't remember the date, but you should be able to tell which ones are recent and which are old. and i mean OLD

And to end this post, watch this

Friday, October 9, 2009

Purples and Blues

Hi guys,

so it's been a while since i've updated with a look and i have been wanting to do a purple and blue look for the longest time, but i'm limited in Blue eyeshadows so it was a little hard. Evertime i tried to use blue, it just looked so wrong. I don't know, maybe blue is just not my colour, because it just makes me look werid?? Maybe a different shade of blue may help me out but navy blue isn't workin out with me.

So since tonight is friday and i realy dont' want to do any work, since i've already had a long day so i decided to play with some make up.

Here is the look:

The pictures may not fully justify the look because i realized that when i take pictuers at night, the colour is off, and the flash is quite strong so it omits some colours and then make some colours really intense, that is why i try to take pictures during the day. During the day i don't need to use flash, so the flash does not disort the colours at all. But I WAS IN THE MOOD tonight, so this would have just to do.

Products i've used:

Mac Shade stick - Red Velvet
Mac Hepcat e/s
Parfait Amour
Strike a Pose
Moon's reflection
Maybelline Unstopable Linear
Adrell lashes in 101
Way to Love
My favourite pink dazzleglass
CheeksFaces 004

To complete the look i decided to do my hair also. This was inspired by the Taylor Swift music video - You belong to me. I've been addicted to that song, i have no clue why. I just love it. hahaha. I love her hair. :( i'm so sad mmine is not healthy like such :/ BooHoo

P.S. please excuse the stray hair and the breaking out. It's that time of the month and that time of the year when alot of students are stressing over midterms. :( School does a lot of damage, i mean i don't even have time to pluck my eyebrows on a regular basis. Or do my nails. They chip and become all demented. Anywas, I have a thing with eyebrows, i like CLEAN eyebrows, and when they're not clean it makes me mad....I'm a little werid.

Anywas, i like the look overall. It's a pretty nightouts look. Cute if you can pull off blues, but i should've done a more nude colour, without pink. but pink looks okay too. I realized that after i put on the lipstick, and i was too lazy to wipe it off and re-apply a different one. :/

Hope you Enjoy

I am currently at the library at school right now, just finishing off my blog which i've started last night. So i will be off to studying my mirco economics :)

P.S.S. The pictures make my skin look so oily, but it wasn't. It's the damn flash. :/

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Advice on Mac Product

A few days ago i went to Mac to check out the new collection. The christmas collection is which is called the
MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Collection: Lip/Eye Bags for Holiday 2009
which is already out on display since this tuesday ( Oct.6/09 ) but it is preorder only. If you really want something from the collection i highly suggest you preorder right now, all they need to know is your credit card information and signing some paper, which basically claims that you will commite to the buying.

They have three mini travel size brush sets, and two sets of lipglass/lipstick/lipliner set, and a 2 other set eye products. You can check out photos of the collection on ( bcos it would be too much for me to link all the photos and plus, im sure it's everywhere on the internet. When you preorder you are GUARENTEED the product, so no worries about not getting your hands on it.

Anywas, so basically just wanted to let you guys know, so you dont have to wait for the actually release and find out that it's all gone, cos i know that feeling and the BRUSH sets are the best thing every <3 hahaha. Btw, it the first time they are doing the preorder thing.

So the next thing i wanted to let you guys know is about my paint pot - artifact. The story is like this, i bought it a while back ago, probably half a year ago but i haven't been using it forever, and recently i decided that i wanted to use it so i went to open it and to my worst nightmare it dried up! DRIED UP, and it was CLOSED. I don't know about beeing closed/sealed TIGHTLY< but it shouldn't have dried up. So i was boo hoo for a while, cos there goes my paint pot that i barely used. So bf suggested that we bring it back and maybe they will give us a new one. Previously, i have done this before with a few of my old products. My lipglass - Love Nectar. It exploded and i brought it in and let them know about it, and they told me to just bring it in and they'll give my a new one. They write it down as an exchange. So i just wanted to let you guys know that if your Mac products are messed up, regardless of how long you have had it, you should try bring it in and teling them about it. Complain in a nice way, but don't be a diva and brat, obviously pick your fav mac sales person, or someone atleast nice, and the chances are they will give you a new one, bcos MAC makes too much money to care. hahahah.

Actually an interesting story that i was told is that, when a customer returns a product they are not allowed to resell it, so regardless of if you used it or not, it would be disposed. :/ So all they are concerned about is your satisfaction and i love that about MAC. Btw, you should also go to the Mac Pro store for these things, I don't reccomend the counters at the Bay, if you can always try the stores.

So yeah that's my story. I just went in and started by asking them if there was a way to save my poor dried up paint pot and then she explained that it may be a chance that it could still work, so then i showed her and she WAS EVEN SAD about it. Only make up lovers would understand :) I asked her if all the paint pots happen like that, and i told her that mine was sealed, and i don't know why it happened. WHICH is true. so now the moral of the story, BE CAREFUL with ur PAINTPOT. Close it tightly.

im' just happy i got a new artifact, it's a BEAUTIFUL plum colour <3

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy 22 Months

This is a last minute thing, but i was just going through my files and realize that i have saved some cute photos that i would like to share in memories of my 22 month anniversary.

They are cute, i hope you enjoy.

a photo a p/s a while ago. One for the memory:

I love you <3

Sushi Annihilation

I didn't know how to spell annnihilation so i had to google it.

Tonight we were craving sushi, because we had some from Green Tea yesterday night, because it was homecoming week for Western and Richmond (downtown) is suppose to be busy so we had to go to be part of the part-y, and decided to go to get sushi, instease of Moxies, since i've been wanting to eat sushi after i saw a flyer from Asahi Sushi. So we went there tonight for take out, and it looks delicious :) i thought i start getting into the food blogging. Plus, sushi always look so pretty, you just want to take pics of it.

Yes, it was yummy, though i like Green Tea more. They're rolls are bigger and the rice is GOOD, and in thicker layers. Plus Green Tea looks better decorated. Asahi has pretty menus. hahaha. The waitress is good looking too. She was really professional. You don't see too much of that when you go to asian places. I hate it when i go to Wonder Sushi and the waitress doesn't even know english. The HEK, why are you working there, half the people that go in speak english.

ANYWAS. Yummmm

I want to eat more after looking at those pictures. It's like, where did all the sushi go just a few minutes ago??!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pokaa-dots Nails

Here is the look:

A couple weeks ago, boyfriend and i went to Winners, and he found this

It's essie, French Manicure Set.

I think my bf is gifted in finding make up. I don't know, he just finds the best things. His eyes are just out for them. :) It's retail for 19.00, and sold for 10.00. The set comes with a base colour (a cloudy light pink) called, Mademoiselle, a top coat (clear) called, 3 way Glaze and a white polish for the french tips, called Blanc.

I used this when i first got it as a trial run, and what i noticed is that. It has really strong lasting power. I've had it for almost 3 weeks to a month, and the clear coat is still in strong tact, unless you purposely play with it and peel it off, which was what i did when i was bored. I love the Mademoiselle (cloudy pink) base, because it gives the appearance of fake nails. It neutralizes the colour of my real nails, and when i apply the top coat, my nails looked very shiny and glazed. I like shiny stuff. hahaha.

But anywas, i felt inspired to do my nails today, with them AGAIN!, but with the other colour i also picked up the same day called Exposure, and it's a BARBIE PINK! I've been really in lOVE and addicted to BARBIE pink cosmetics recently. So this is what i've came up with. I love it <3

This is a before picture of my fugly finger/nails. i just filed them so it looked weried and i didn't wash my hands or anything, so that's why it has dust and what not. I didn't wear moisturizer so yes, my hands may look dry. My brother said my fingers look OLD?? W.T.F??!

anywas, :). Yeah, i don't know why my nails are yellow. It makes me mad, so i have to use nail polish. I don't know why some people have clear Nails, and i heard that Lime, or Lemon juice on your nails helps with cleaning them. I didn't do a google on them yet, but you can check it out. My mom's friend told me before to dig ur hands into lime after you used it, it helps clean it out. But i haven't done it in a long time so i can't prove this statement. Test it out tho!

After (credits: to bf for his photography skills)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


So i said that i would blog this week, but i haven't had time to do so yet. I've been really busy. Midterms and quiz are popping out of no where like crazyy, and my schedule is pretty packed, so i have it pretty bad. I am just GLAD that the midterms are not one day after the other. Don't you hate that? I remember last year, i had economics and math exams one day apart through out the whole year. Which one do you study?? It's like they dont want you to be successful or something -____-''

Anywas, so i am at school at the moment, and i'm super tired. I didn't sleep very late last night, but i guess the weather and the cold season coming around, i just feel lazy, tired, unmotivated and SICK. i have been sick for a little over a week now. Nothing major just a sore throat, and coughing. No stuffy nose, thank god. i really hate it when i can't sleep because of that. haha. So i haven't been taking meds, but drinking something similar to neocitran, where it taste like lemonaid, but with medication in it. It's a powder and all you do is add hot water. It taste yummy, but once it cools, it's pretty sour, but overall it does a great job curing sore throat, especially the less water you put in. Can't say the same about curing my coughing tho.

So what happened this week. Let's see, i visiteD MAC like i said. the Mac Style Black, the Creme DazzleGlass, and the Dsquare collection are all out. CRAZY! I picked a few things up, but i want to go back for more, so i will update about that later, because i don't wanna spoil it now :)

BF and i went out for dinner at Paul-N-Yuu (sp?) don't ask me about the name, it's the most random thing i've ever heard of. But they make GREAT FRied RICE, but i wanted SHANGHAI, so we went there. It's not the same as the ones at Chinatown, but it's eatable. A little too oily.

BF enjoyed the noodles. We left al the meat, and mushrooms because they are gross. It's pork and it had the "fatty" gross taste that ruins the whole dishes, so i didn't eat it. The noodles were really soft and nice, bf pigged out on it. He loves Shanghai. <3

I told him to also try the WonTon. It was okay. Looked nice, but the soup was made from powder. Most likely! and the filing was bland, but non the less he finished it. He was getting sick, because it was cold and all he wore was a long sleeve shirt, and claiming that he's strong, and now he's coughing and sneezing like no tomorrow. I refuse to say that i gave my sickness to him. He must've gotten it from the weather. :)

So lately, i've been really craving wings. I just love them. I don't know why, so we ordered it. It wasn't as good at the ones at Dragon Gate, the chickens were over cooked, and i saw like red marks on the chicken but it's not raw. So it was dry. The flavour wasn't as good. It's crisby and eatable tho. Though i think i'm addicted to DG's deep fried wings.