Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cheap Beauty Findings

Hi everyone :)

I'm not suppose to be blogging right now, but i sooooooo don't wanna read my stats textbook. I have an essay due next week, a business presentation to give, as well as a business law i don't think i'll be doing any FOTD anytime soon, because i wo'nt be sleeping! haha

Anywas, for the past two weeks, fate has brought make up and i together, even though i intended to stay away.

So i'm here with just a short, dinky post, somewhat of a haul on some findings.

I was at shoppers drug mart the other day and met these babbies

Pink Shimmer & Sugar Plum

A swatch:
Sugar Plum & Pink Shimmer

Quick Review:

The lipstick colour look gorgeous in the tube, and when swatched, but it was a whole new different story on the lips. I'm not too impressed with the packaging either. It's very plastic-y, and it feels cheap. I know it's drugstore lipsticks, but c'mon... i expect better. It has a bit of a scent also, but i find this c'mon among drugstore lipsticks now. It doesn't bother me too much. Other than that, these lipsticks are okay. It was on sale for $5.88

Is there any drugstore lippies brands/colour that anyone really love?? I'm currently in a lipstick phase, and i can't justify splurging on Mac lippies.

The only drugstore lipstick that i really love, and always go back to using is Maybelline Pink Please

* * *

Next, i was at rexall the other day. Rexall in Canada, is another shoppers drugs mart kind of store, and they carry different brands of cosmetics compared to shoppers. I'm not sure where exactly PURE cosmetics is offered around the world, but they are liquidating from Rexall. All the products are now 75% off.

Here is a swatch

OKAY. i tried to look for a name, but apparently PURE does not name there products..HMM...

Quick Review:

Lipglosses retailed at 16.50 ish. Is now $4.00. So i seized the opprotunity to pick up a few. The pigmentation are quite sheer. They smell great (like berries and what not) but ofcousse they don't taste like it. LOL. ..AHEM..**...

THey do have some very pretty shades, but these were the only ones i could get that were STILL SEALED. It was quite a shame, because some of the pink shades were gorgeous, but people touched and swatched it, so i wwas a bit disgusted. :/

Overall. majorly discounted lipgloss, so i was happy. I'm excited to use the purple shade. :D

* * *

Lastly, i was in Chinatown last weekend, and randomly found some MAC. I got all excited as you can imagine. They sold the product at almost half the retail price. I picked up a pigment for $15 CAD, and a lipglass for $10. You can now imagine me walking out the shop with the goofy-est smile on my face :D Item are BRAND NEW, but they were limited in the range of MAC products. They had lipglass, a few blushes, and a good supply of pigments.

I came out with Mutiny, a limited edition released in some collection i can not recall. I really regretted not picking it up then, and i was super happy to have find this.

The 2nd item is a lipglass called She loves Candy released from the Hello Kitty collection. Also another collectiion i truly regret!

So now you guys must be do you know it's authentic? Well i wasn't too sure when i was there either, but it looked pretty damn real. So i took my chance, and came home with it. I compared the pigment (Mutiny) and the other pigments that i have, and the packaging looks exactly the same. Now i'm not too sure about the actual pigment inside. From what i recall, this is what the Mutiny shade loooks like. If anyone has this pigment, please confirm this.

Here is a swatch:
Mutiny and She Loves Candy

gorgeous colour isn't it? i love it. I can't wait to do a look with it.

And this is all for my cheap beauty findings. As you may have noticed, they are mainly all lip products. teehee. Now i'm off to reading my boring old textbook, and getting ready to battle the next few dreadful days of my life.

Thank you for visiting my blog, have yourself a wonderful Thursday evening.


Random Question:

What is your favourite accessory? Earrings, Necklaces, or Braclets?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mac Bubblegum Lipstick

So from my previous post on the Mac Spring Forecast Collection, i have introduced to you the lovely Mac Bubblegum lipstick. I have been using it for the past few days, and it's like i have fallen in love all over again :D

I'm about to go out, so i thought i use this opportunity to do a FOTD with the lipstick on, so you guys can see! Swatches on the hand and on the lips can look entirely different, if you haven't already known, and i believe this is because of the pigmentation on our lips that alters the lipstick colour :)

OVERALL. Here is this baby....i'm really considering if i should get a back up :/

Here is the lippies i used..Once again

Bubblegum lipstick (glaze)
Electric Fuchsia lipglass


WOAHHHHHHHHHH. isn't it gorgeous???

I don't usually wear such bright colours, but this is really love. It's even brighter in me :D

BTW..did you notice my bows?? I got them the other day when i went to toronto. I thought they were super cute, and they were only 2 bucks tax in :D. I purposely took the picture so you guys can see my BOW :) hhehe

And that is all for my little short postt! I hope you have a wonderful NIGHT ~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Natural, Neutral FOTD

This is my favourite all time eye look. I always do this whenever I don't know what colour to use. It's very neutral, and can be paired with any outfit. I would say it's appropriate for office work, or an everyday look ( if you have the time ofcourse). You could always smoke it out more if you need a more dramatic look for the night.

Here is the eye look

The products i used

Mac naked lunch as the base
Mac Concrete as the crease
Mac Handwritten to darken the crease
Mac Gleam as the highlight
Rimmel Exaggerate Pencil Eyeliner


Mac Creme De Nude lipstick
Mac Naked Lunch lipglass

My eyelid space is relatively small, so you can't see much of the eyeshadow, so I would need to smoke it out a bit further out, but for an everyday look i tend to keep my eyeshadow looking subtle & not so noticeable. But overall, it gives the appearance of larger eyes.

Here is the final look:

i've been staying up late for the past few days, i think that's why i looked so drained and dead like in this photo- but i HAD to attach a photo to show you the result!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Pink Earring...rack??!

Yesterday, i was at winners, and i found the cutest thing. It's these earring racks? i'm not sure exactly what they are called, but you use it to hang and organize your jewelry.

First off. i had an earring phase. I always had to get earrings when i was in china town, because i thought they were so cute and pretty. I love Dangling EARRINGS AS WELL!
Which will explain what you will see in a few seconds.

I had a little too much that i shove them all in this little draw i had. It was a pain to go thru it to look for my earrings, so when i saw this, i thought it'd be so perfect! What a better way? admire your earrings, and have them organized!

I forgot to take a picture before, so now i will just have to show u the finished product. probably would've looked better if i didn't have such long earrings :/

These are my favourite pair, because boyfriend got me 'em. :D :D Hence why it's at the top center :D

This came in 3 colours. Black/Pink and Pearl. I liked the pearl one, but i figure i'm gonna invest in a dark vanity, so i wanted this to pop. So bf suggested to get pink :)

i do love it :) i keep looking at it. ahaha

Now i'm thinking of getting ones for my necklaces and braclets! haha. Here are some other ones i found on the net that were pretty cute. Too bad i can't seem to find them around here.

Where else would they sell these? Anyone know?

i googled this, and i Am IN LOVEEE!! i'm not too sure wherei can find it tho :/

a rotatable one

How clever!

These are what i commonly see..:/, but i believe these are for necklaces

These would look nice for braclets!

OKAY! so i found a website, that sells these racks, and they look real nice! Take a look if you like:

i haven't ordered from them before. I just happen to really like the first one that i googled for a seller. It seems a bit pricey, but order at your own risk!

anywas, i know i'm late, but i hope everyone had a happy chinese new year, and a romantic valentineess!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Mac Spring Forecast Review + Swatches

Every time i make a trip to Mac, i leave feeling guilty. Does anyone else feel this way? I tell myself, i will only get what i don't have and what i'll use often. Then i end up coming out with all these things...

But, the sad part is, the guilt goes away a few hours later. I find myself experimenting with the goodies and .......... loving it :) lol

If you have not been to Mac for quite a while, i think this is the collection that you should definitely check out. If you've been on a MAC Diet,.........beware of the eye candy. :D There's soo much in this collection that i can't imagine anyone walking out on these babies. I have been anticipating this launch every since JANUARY!

They have released pinks/corals/purples & neutrals! These are absolutely LOVE <3

a little something for everyone!

What to look out for this collection, in my opinion
in order

1. Stack 1! & Stack 2!
2. Lipsticks
3. Blushes
4. Single Eye shadows

So let's get off to the goodies.

I thought of this visit to Mac as a treat for the rough last two weeks i had with midterms and what not. My oh-so-cute boyfriend, gave me a gift card, that sadly wasn't even enough to cover my splurge.....LOL. He was the first i texted after i got out of Mac, cos i was so excited! thank you boyfriend for this Valentines gift <3

I had previously looked on temptalia for swatches and stuff, so i know exactly what i wanted. I knew i wanted the stacks!

There was two that was released. Each stack came with 4 "pigments" jar, stacked on top of one another.


I got the Stack 2! which mainly consist of "earthy colours".
This is how these baby look:


Inital Review
1.The pigmentation is amazing. Just as great as the regular Mac pigments.
2.They feel a bit thicker/chunkier. They aren't as finely milled as the regular 3.pigments
4.It is duper shimmery
5.They look like pigments applied wet, without having to actually wet it.

1. i hate the packaging. The lid screws on not as smoothly, and if you're not careful, you can easily spill it everywhere
2. it looks like it can break easily. So be careful if you don't have carpet.
3. The packing looks cheap overall
4. Don't really like the stacking idea.

Recommendation: I definately recommend the Stack 1! (PINK/PURPLE stack). its GORGEOUS. Normally, I would have gotten the pink/purple one, because it's very pretty, but i already have lots of pink and purples, and i already got something of similarity from the last Christmas launch, so i decided to get something different that i didn't have.

I'm loving this one as well( stack 2). I can't wait to play with it. Expect a FOTD sometime! They are very wearable colours, that's why i love it.

If you are a collectors, you might want to own one of these babies. :)


The next most anticipated item for me are the Lipsticks/Lipgloss! The colours come in a wide range, i actually had like 5 listed to get, but i only came home with 2.

If you remember, i've said i needed more purple-ish lipsticks, so that was exactly what i got !

Victorian (frost)lipstick: is a very bright, pink with gold reflects. Something that i don't own. I thought it really popped. In the bottle it looks okay, but once you swatch it, the colour is like WHAMMY!

Bubblegum (glaze)lipstick: is a deep grape purple-ish colour.

Electric Fuchsia lipgloss: is also a purple/pink lipgloss, with blue reflects.

Here is a picture of the lippies:
(left) Victorian, (right) Bubblegum, (bottom) Electric Fuchsia

(left) Victorian (middle) Bubblegum, (right) Electric Fuchsia

Lately i have been into bold lip colours. I am more of the conservative type, where i just stick to the pale, pink colours, but now i realize i have quite a bit, that i should consider expanding :D

Recommendation: I thought the two lipsticks are a MUST have. They are the most unique in this collection in my opinion. They are very pretty playful colours, especially if you like bold, noticeable lips.

If you are more of a conservation person, i would recommend : Fresh Salmon, Colour Me Coral. When i swatched these on my hands, in store, they were very similar, but when i applied it to my lips, they were definately very different! SO make sure you try it out. I personally liked, Colour Me Coral More.


Lastly, the Eyeshadows

Now there was probably 8 single eye shadow released. With 2 quads. I didn't get any of the quads. I have never liked purchasing quads, because they are all "pre-set" for you. I like to chose my own colours i guess :) And personally, i didn't think any of the colours were extravagant. Many of the colours you can find a dupe for in the permanent collection.

I only came home with one, and it's "Harvest Straw"

Here is it:
(left) Da Bling, (right) Harvest Straw


Harvest Straw - It's in between a peachy colour with an orangie undertone. I'm not even really sure how to describe it, i just know that it's gorgeous in my eyes. I knew that if i had to pick only one eyeshadow, this would be the winner.

1. the formula is very soft and pigmented. I love that about it. Some of the other ones i swatches in stores ( the matte ones ) were very....tough to swatch. I couldn't get much colour onto my finger.

One that i already own, that was in this collection is Da Bling

Da Bling - This is a light shimmery baby pink. It's a permanent colour, and one of the FIRST EYESHADOW from MAC that i owned. It's a BEAUTIFUL colour. I have used it quite a bit. No rush to pick this one up, but definitely a pretty colour.

Recommendation: Another one that i thought was very pretty, is "Hot Hot Hot". it's a tonned down reddish pink with a Matte finish. It actually looks great with Harvest Straw, but i don't know how i forgot to get that one.

Another one would be "La La". it's a hot pink eyeshaow. Good for experimenting :D


Overall: I'm very pleased with this release. I wish Mac could just stop releasing such big collections, because some of us just go a little too crazy. None the less, i love this collection. I'm still debating to go back another eyeshadow. -____- '' but we will see. :D

I hope this review helped. If i ruined your Mac Diet, please forgive me. :)

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, and have yourself a lovely day!

P.S. you may have realized that i didn't review the blushes. The reason is because i didn't get any. haha! i think i have purchased too many last month, so i decided to skip on this one :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentines Day NOTD


i know i have been abandoning my blogspot for a while. It's because this is the last week of class for me until m spring/reading week. So i had midterms, and projects due. The good news is, I am now offically FREE :D

When i got home today, i had the nicest, sweetest nap, since forever. I haven't had one of those naps in a LONG LONG time. My days usually consist of waking up at 7.30-8.30. and coming home from school around 6. Can you believe it. that's almost 12 hours.

My bf's sister wonder how i'm still sane.............i say...there's a light at the end of the tunnel, bcos summer vacation is just around the corner !

but anyways, when i got up from my nap, i finished doing my nails. I finished the left hand, before i fell asleep, and then finished the right hand afterwards

This is the finally result! it took my probably 5 tries to get these. It was really hard. I had problems figuring out the colours, and design. But i do like the ending result, and i hope you do as well: ENJOY!

P.S the hearts were so hard to draw.If you have nail stickers, or nail jewels in shapes on heart, definitely try replacing my fugly hearts with them!

Step 1: Gradient with the first three colours
Step 2: Drawing heart, and design with the next three colours

Avon- Cotton Candy ( don't rec this one, i only used this for the colour- wayyy too watery )
Salley Hansen - # 28
Revlon - Berry Rhumba - Limited Edition
Essi - Blanc
Essi - Exposure
Art Deco - (no name, just look for the white one, this is FINE TIP, good for strokes..etc)

and that is it, i hope you enjoyed! Now go make your nails pretty for valentines days. HAPPY VALENTINES everyone....<3