Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LUSH products + Stila

On tuesday, boyfriend took me to LUSH ( a store selling bath, and beauty products), because i was bugging him about going. I have been seeing LUSH bath bomb hauls on so many blogs, and i was so intrigued by how colourful, funky, and cool it looks that i had to go find out what was the big deal.

So i didn't know that there was actually a LUSH where i lived. In fact, i just found out the day before i went. I always thought the store sound familiar, but for some reason i just didn't think it was in canada. So i looked it up, i realized it was actually in the MALL! so i was quite overjoyed and surprised, because Canada always seem to be slow to get the good stuff!

Anywas, so when i got there, the nice Sales Associate showed me around, and showed me alot of the products that they sell and how it exactly worked. She had bowls of water, and everything, and showed me how the bubbles bars made bubbles, and how the bath bombs worked. IT WAS SOO COOL!. They totally revolutionlized the concept of taking a shower/bath. All the products are designed to enhance your bathing/showering experience. It's suppose to make you feel luxurious, and just PRINCESSY!

So for the first time there, i was quite overwhelmed by all the products. You will definitely be sniffing a lot. i sniffed up some powder out of carelessness, and it was like sniffing crack! ( not that i ever did ahem*). Anywas, I decided to skip on the bath bombs, (EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE SOO COOL!), because i don't take baths. BUt i might have to start taking baths, because of this product. Anywas, before i show you what i got, i wanted to show you the baggies!

This is the main bage

the smaller bag (carrying one product each) inside the main bage

the back of the two products i got. i thought this was cute

So this is what i got:

This is how the products look like:

(Sugar scrub on left, and Dorothy Bubble Bar on right)

another shot of the dorothy, bcos the colours are pretty. LOL

1. DOROTHY BUBBLE BAR (limited edition)

Price: $5.95CAD
Smell: i'm not good with describing scent, so i told bf to sniff it and he said it smells ROSeY. LOL

How to Use:it's makes bubbles!WHO DOESN't LOVE BUBBLES? All you gotta do it crush it up in your hands, and let the water run through it. This will make the particles dissolve and bubble up like crazy. The water will turn blueeeee!

i aint gonna lie, i got this one cos it was limited edition, and there were only prob 10 left, so it must've been popular. hehe

The second item that i got, is the

2. Sugar Scrub (GREEN ONE)

Price: $4.95CAD
Smell: kinda herbal to me. BF said it smells like asian soap bars. O.O

How To Use: She showed me how it worked, and you basically just take a piece of the bar, and crush it up in your hands (to small bits) then scrub it on your skin. It will lather, and when you wash it off, you skin feels amazingly smooth. This was the main reason i wanted to try it. I hope it delivers the same result on the body.

I can't wait to try it out. I will certainly do a review when i get the chance. I'm sure i'll be taking advantage of these since finals are around the corner.

One of the item that i didn't get, but i thought was SOO COOL. LOL was the
Sex in the Shower Emotibomb

suppose to be a hand grabbing a butt the SA said. BF thinks otherwise. USe your imaginaion. LOL

Basically, you start the shower. Turn the water hot, and get some steam going. Then later get into the tub, and place this piece at the bottom, FACING you. The steam and hot water will work to "activate" this bar. It would start releasing steam/vapours, and this very nice scent. PERFECT for couples who want to set the mood, and get a little steamy..ahem..LOL. DEFinaitly ask the Sales Associate to show u how it works, bcos it's so awesome.


The next thing i want to show you guys are these awesome Stila Lipglosses that i found at Winners. OMG they are SOOO AWESOME, and it was such a bargin. These are my FIRST stila items.

( i don't see names on them, so i guess they aren't named???)

The swatches look funny, bcos the brush was still stiff. After a few use, i'm sure it would loosen up and be fine :)

STILA Lip Envy

Price: $9.99 CAD
Inital Review:

1. pigmentation is INCREDIBLE (better then dazzleglass from MAC in my opinion)
2. not sticky
3. smells like candy

i think i'm gonna love these.

EDIT: i wore them today (baby pink one), and i think these are hands down better than MAC dazzle glass, in terms of formula. I LOVE the fact that it's NOT STICKY at all, and the colour PACKS a PUNCH. i had soup, and my lips still looked STAINED from the lipgloss! i love this one in particular bcos it has no shimmer what so ever. so it gives ur lip this very natural look once it fades a bit.


P.S. Is there any LUSH products that you guys absolutely LOVE? i can't wait to try the products!

i already know that i will definately go back to try the:

Ocean Sea Salt (exfoliator, body and face)
BIG SHAMPOO (shampoo)

and that is everyhing........for now. hehe

Thanks for reading my blog! have yourself a wonderful day!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Watson: Bird's Nest Mask

Hello my lovelies!

Today, i want to tell you about this wonderful mask that my friend gave me. She is actually from China, and goes to school here in Canada. She brought boxes of mask with her, and have generously offered me one to try, and i'm sold.

I've seen actress use masks in those chinese drama, but never thought twice about it. I dont know why i felt the urge to try it one day, so i ofcourse asked my chinese friends.

This is the one that i got to try out:

Watson's Bird Nest Mask

(Watson is the name of the store- my friend described it as the "asian sephora")

Mask Sheets: Are like linen sheets(that are very soft and comfortable) cut to fit your face. They are soaked in a "solution" that's design to penetrate into your skin and give you all that good stuff it claims.

I can't read the back, bcos it's in chinese, so i just googled it, and this is what it says:

What it claims: "For centuries, bird’s nest has been recognized as one of the most valuable beauty supplement. With its nourishing power, Watsons Bird’s Nest Facial Mask leaves your skin silky smooth, with natural radiance."

1. Maintain skins youth glow and fairness
2. Energizes skin to enhance natural resilience and preserve vitality of skin

Amount: 30 ML (that's A LOT!)

1. gentle place mask over your cleansed face
2. Leave for 15-20 mins and then remove
3. Gently massage any remaining fluid into your skin
4. No need to rinse
5. Discard mask after use
6. Use 2-3 times per week for best results

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Algae Extract, Aloe Bergael, Butylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol, Witch Hazel Extract, Extensin N-200, Trehalose, Natrosol 250, Phenoxyethanol, Caffeine, Methylpareben, Sodium Hyaluronate, Pearl Extract, Bird's Nest Extract, Allantoin, Dispotassium Glycyrihizate, Disodium EDTA, Birdnest HB45328

Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse immediately with water if it comes in contact.
Do not apply on burned or damaged skin
If irritation occurs, stop use and consult a doctor if necessary

Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight

WHERE to Purchase: WATSON, if u live in China, Online (ie.Ebay) if you live else where.

PRICE: I'm not exactly sure. The last time i checked on ebay, one seller sold ONE for 2.50. A box of 6pcs, is around $12-15 from what i've seen online.

How it looks like

this is how it looks like after opening. As you can see there is plenty of the jel-like solution. The sheet was completely drenched. it's neatly folded. A little tricky to open, but the sheet seemed sturdy, so it didn't rip or anything. There is also another layer on the mask, which you later remove after placing the mask on your face. it was so wet and slipperY!

now i might kill myself for posting this online, but today i feel brave. Hence, i hope this doesn't scare you too much..



you end up looking freaky like this. hehehe. I"d hate to imagine myself bald. Hhahaha
............YEAH, i have no clue what to do with that dangling piece underneath the eye. so i just folded it like such

If you want to get a little more fancy, cut some cucumbers and place them on your eye. Lay down and enjoy some nice music. I had the mask on for about an hour. It was still very wet after 20 minutes, so i figured there wouldn't be any harm to keep it on, while i was on the phone. It completely dried in a hour btw. SO this BABY is SOAKED UP GOOD. :D

The Pros
1. SIGNIFICANTLY reduced/eliminated the dry spots that were flaking on my cheeks
2. my skin felt super moisturized, soft and plumped
3. the sheet is durable and thicker then i imaged ( i don't expect it will tear)
4. the sheet fits my face pretty well, might be big for people with smaller face
5. the sheet is DRENCHED in the essence!( It takes prob an hour to completely dry)
6. cooling sensation
8. Convenient
9. the red patches on my face has lessen and my skin tone looked a lot more even

The Cons
1. Left this weird slightly sticky residue (didn't really bother me though)
2. Slight burning sensation during the first 5ish minute
3. does not whiten (at least not noticeable to me)
4. Softening effect last prob 24 hours. But face remains hydrated for about 2-3 days for me (but has got ridden of the dry patches!)
5. rather pricey for people who don't live in asian countries (12+ for 6pc)
6. not easily accessible and difficult to find for me

On the Side: the smell was..okay? bf said it smells like wet naps. hehe

My Experience

The first thing i should make clear is: If you're looking for something that would dramatically whiten your skintone, this is not it. In fact, i'm not sure if i even see a difference afterwards.

Now that i have made that clear, i do have to say that if you have DRY, FLAKY skin, this thing would be your BESTEST FRIEND. I SWEAR, no cream/ moisturizer, can ever deliver this kind of result in an hour & less . I have been suffering from super dried out skin in random areas on my face. I believe it's due the dry, harsh weather, and all the crap i've been over stressing my skin with. I truly regretted it, and it was so hard to get my face moisted again.

It's a pain because when i go to apply foundation, or powder. NO MATTER how thick of a moisturizer i use, or wonderfully i blended it in, my skin looks cakey and just GROSS WITH foundation. Which goes to say, if your skin is moisturized and soft it really makes a difference when you apply make up

I LOVE this facial mask for that reason. I know that MANY facial sheet mask from asia are wonderful at moisturizing skin as well. This is the only one that i've tried, and i LOVE IT Words can't explain how much i love it.

Would i recommend?

DEFINATELY! It's a great to treat yourself, when you're overworked and stressed! i was super excited to tell everyone about this. I've already ordered a box of different masks to try out. i'm just dying to get my package now. I will definitely update on more MASKS in the future. My next order should be here in 2 weeks latest

If you are curious, i actually ordered a box of the My Beauty Diary Mask online. From all the research that i've done, they are one of the most popular one made in taiwan i believe.

Why DOES the packaging look SOO CUTEE??!


HOPE You enjoyed! If you have any mask that you LOVE, please recommend me some.

THANKS for reading!

Friday, March 26, 2010

FOTD Bronz-ie Eyes

Hello everyone!

it's been a while since i've uploaded any FOTD. I've been having skin issue, mainly bcos i was stressed out. So my skin re-enacted WWI and broke out like crazy, so it really stopped me from using much make up. ATM it's just recovering, so i'll probably have a few up soon. I can't wait to play with the stuff i've gotten recently!

This was a look i did one night, i went out with boyfriend. I forgot what we did that night, but i decided to play with my eyeshadows, since i haven't been using them

I've been really loving browns, and neutral shades, so this is the results:

I thought my blends were pretty good, but i don't know what went happening. My camera sucks. but i give it credit for still functioning after all the abusing i do :)

WHat i used:


Patina - base
Embark - crease
Sketch - deepen the crease
Naked Lunch - highlight
Stack 2! - middle lid and inner corner
from the Spring Forecast collection, the peachy/coral base shade
(check out my review on this HERE)
OOOPS i LIED, after looking at the photo again, im pretty sure i used COCOMOTION PIGMENT instead i apologise, the stack 2! ive used in a diff look >.<
Maybelline Stiletto Liquid Liner
Define a Lash mascara (pink)


Hmm, since this is a while ago, i can't really recall what i used on my lips, but any nude and soft pink colour would look wonderful

Here is the complete look:

LOL my deformed peace sign. Sorry, i had an asian moment. hehe

I think i'll build a neutral palette now. I'm really in love with browns, and corals. AHH..Is there ones that you guys would reccommend?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Saint Patties 2010

i'm on a blogroll today! it's been a while since i've updated more than once a week..i tend to write a bit lengthy posts when i update once a week, but what do you guys prefer? short quick frequent updates? or just longer once a week kindda thing? hehe


i know i know..

you must be thinking...

"........soo?? what's the deal??"

well it wasn't a big deal when i was in elementary school, or even high school. It wasn't really a holiday back then, because no one celebrated it. It was like any other day, and i guess it just isn't the THING for "kids". Anyone else felt like this?


St.PATTY's day is one of the most exciting day at my University, On St.Patty's day, the buses are full, downtown is full, classes are empty, and the night is long and good.


a) it's an excuse to get drunk at 8.30 in the morning,
b) it gives you an excuse to skip class
c) DRESS-up in ridiculously and sometimes uber cute green clothing, jewels, leggings..etc,
d) MOST important PARTY like you never

I guess...St.Patties is a "BIG KIDS" holiday....don't you agree?

I happen to live in the center of that all. My area can be named the 2nd downtown of the city. Mainly because all my neighbours, and basically my entire neighbourhood are students, attending the college right NEXT DOOR

So YEP, nothing seems to surprise me anymore when i see how crazy students can get. Quite frankly, i feel embarrassed to be a student, when i witness some of the things i do.

Here are some paparazzi pictures i took of how hardcore things can get, ESPECIALLY when the weather is friggin gorgeous

This is a small section of the mess

oh and the cops?? ahh, that's nothing in my area. That day i counted 5 cop cars, 5 police officers walking around, and an ambulance. sadly, nothing i haven't seen before.

However, even after of that, i wish i had remembered to dress up. It would've been fun ;/ I had a date with lovely philosophy essay later on that day. Life can be so sad sometimes...

Aveeno Positively Radiant Makeup Remover Cleanser

Hello all my lovely bloggers!

I have been slacking. I had this review typed up a while back, but never go around to finishing it. So, since i seem to be having quite a bit of time on my hand atm,i thought i'd catch up on some product reviews!

I was looking for a makeup remover, since i've ran out of the lancome bifical one (WHICH I LOVE) but thought i should see what else is around before going back to it. the Lancome is rather pricy..HMmm, and makeup remover is something i use almost everyday!

SO i was at rexall ( a Canadian drug store ) and decided to give aveeno a try. I know that aveeno is known to be gentle and geared towards sensitive skin, so i thought it'd be suitable.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Makeup Remover Cleanser

Claim: "Gently dissolves makeup and impurities to leave your skin clean and refreshed without over-drying. This foaming cleanser, with moisture-rich Soy extract, leaves your skin soft, smooth and radiant. Oil-free, soap-free and noncomedogenic, this cleanser is gentle enough for everyday use, even on sensitive skin"

Price: 12ish bucks (sry, don't quite rem)

What i have to say about it: this cleanser has definitely impressed me, and i am currently hooked on it. I really love it, and i may have to repurchase

Quick jots:


-lather easily
-gentle to use around and on the eye area
-not as over drying (read on to know what i'm talking about)
-does leave my skin radiant, clean and polished
-my skin feels soft and smooth like silk
-comes in a pump & good size
-smells nice
-skin does not feel "squeaky" (personal preference)


-only sufficiently removes makeup (will not remove All (but most) of your mascara/liner, and especially something "strong" as Mac Fluid Line in black track)

My experience:

i have been using it for a little about a month now, and i do really like this cleanser. I love the fact that its a foam, because i personally love foam cleansers. It makes cleansing feel effortlessly. It smells nice and i love how my skin does not feel dried out after i have used it. I have pretty sensitive skin, especially in the winter season, and it dries out very easily, but this cleanser is quite gentle. At the beginning it didn't dry my skin.

A shot of the product:
THIS is ONE full PUMP (i usually use 3/4 of a pump for entire face)

However, i don't know if it's my skin and all the other products i've been using, but recently this makeupremover made my skin experience a bit of drying after i use it, especially when i use it more than once a day. Though, I think it might be the other exfoliating products i've been using in combination at the period. But overall, nothing a little moisturizing can't fix

When i finish, my skin feels so radiant and it feels like soft to touch. i couldn't stop touching my face the first few times i used it. Though the effect seems to decrease with repeatative usage? What really surprised and impressed me was that it's very gentle to use around the eye area.

Sometimes i refrain from rubbing the products by the eye area, because i'm afraid it will sting, but this cleanser was very eye-friendly. You don't need to use a lot of pressure, just gentle circular motion is enough to get it going. It removed all of my eyeshadow, but not all of the mascara. It did well in removing most of my foundation.


i'm use to using a eye makeup remover like the Lancome bifical eye makeup remover before i cleanse. So this isn't a big problem with me. I actually didn't expect it to remove any of my eye makeup at all, but it did very well with removing my eyeshadow and liner. Though, you will still see traces of your mascara with this product.


i would recommend this for people who wear minimal makeup. It does a decent job in removing make up. Or if you don't mind cleansing your face in two step, you might like this product. If you are looking for a one-step cleanser that removes everything (especially heavy, long lasting, water proof make up), this might not be it

Last words: i like this cleanser, it's one of the best drugstore cleanser, that i have tried, and i was very surprised and impressed. Other than the fact that my skin feels a little dried out after using it recently i would probably repurchase.

Compared to the last foam cleanser that i have used, Estee Lauder Combination Skin , this one is a lot thinner in consistency, but Aveeno beats it hands down, with how beautiful it makes my skin glow after using. The best part is that it's affordable. I usually go through my cleansers very fast (used 2x a day) so price is pretty key.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mac Liberty of London

Hi all!

Just a quick update on the new Mac Launch, Liberty of London collection with one of the prettiest packaging this year.

I was able to go to Mac this week to check out this collection, shortly after i realized it was released. I completely FORGOT about it, but thanks to blogspot, and the wonderful bloggers, i realized that it was launched. I was WORRIED that i was late, and that things were sold out, but surprisingly everything was still there? Perhapes the previous launches from MAC made everyone broke. hehe

So the packing is actually White and i thought it was so referring and pretty. Mac should release more WHITE packaging, AS MUCH as i love the black packaging, WHITE is so girly and pretty. Perhapes PINK would be cute as well. But anywas, i'll just show you guys the pictures, instead of yapping on


i only got two lippies. The rest of the things, though very nicely packaged, didn't really stand out to me. i was disappointed in the eyeshadows, because it was not as pigmented when i swatched it. The colours were okay.

If there is something that i'd recommend getting are the lipsticks and maybe the lipglass. The colours are very bold, very bright, and very spring If you are into nude, and natural colours, you might stay away. There is ONE nude colour, but for me it made me look washed out. Petals and Peacock is a pretty bright hot pink, but i didn't get this one, because i've been getting too many of this shade.

So i came home with this:

Fashion Scoop (look below) Ever Hip and Blooming Lovely

Look blah right?? i don't know why the colours look so blah in the pictures. Maybe it's my camera...But check out temptalia for better swatches


I also picked up a Dazzleglass from the TOO FABULOUS collection.


Most of the colours in this collection were very sheer, and light. Nothing bold from what i recall, and most of the colours were within the same shade/tone. Would look nice on nude colour lipsticks

What i got: Fashion Scoop


Last Words

That is all for now. If you get a chance, check out the collection. I'd say the packaging is the only hype for this collection. the colours weren't anything FABulous. Nice to get something if you love the packaging. I happen to be in love with PURPLE & CORALS lipsticks, hence what i got.

Thanks for reading, and take care!

P.S. I just want to wish a GOOD FRIEND of mine, babyydollie@blogspot HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Its on MARCH 20th! AND i know she will be reading this post, so i had to make sure to slip this in. Wish i can be there, but nonetheless, hope you have an awesome birthday. <3 u

I thought you would enjoy this:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

....Studying + Eating = /

hi all!

So this is just a short quick update on my random life..

i'm just finished an exam this morning, at 10.00, and i slept 4.5 hours last night.It's not 7.36 pm, and i'm cray tired. My eyes are so tempted to closing, but i can not sleep, because my family is having a party at he moment.

So what have i been up to these days?

i realized that i have gained probably 10 pounds ever since i started dating my bf. Notice how i blame it on him! hahaha, but i truly believe that he is the true curplit! My goal for this year is to lose that weight, so i started to go back to the gym. On monday, i went to the school gym we have. It's very nice and big, i shouldve taken a picture. When i went on the cardio machine, i realized how unfit i was, because within 5 minutes, i felt tired, dizzy, and just thought i was gonna barf and past out! LOL. it's so sad, i was so disappointed in my self, but perhapes i was taking it too extreme for the first time back on the machine after almos a year of not working out! Let's just say it's a combinaion of the both. hehe.

So yes, i realized that dieting is insanely difficult.


my biggest obsticle to my bf. He always spoil me with food, and ask if i want to eat anything. I told him countless times that i was on a diet, but he would always ask me "hunni, you want food? fries? bbt? icecream??!" haha....NOW you might understand why things have turned out the way it did. WE always go out to eat, just because london is so boring, and everything seems to involve FOOD!

2nd -

food is so irresistible, i love food. it's so yummmy and FRIES are so hard to resist. WHAT food, you ABSOLUTELY can't resist??!!

3rd -

school does not work with my diet! i wake up early, but don't have time to eat breakfast. i stay up late, so sometimes i need to eat something late, bcos i won' sleep until 1-2. IT BUGS ME when i'm working intesnsly with an empty stomach. My eating habit is no where near stable. It's at he most random time during the day and it always changes. sometimes i'm starving to death, and other imes i'm bloated to death. AHAHA

4th -

i feel like i never have time to work out. i wake up,i go to to school, i study, do hmwk and i sleep. weekends, i just want to relax if i can, but other times i prob have to study bcos i usually have exams on saturday.

That is all i can think of right now but those are the main things.

So my goal now is to:

1. go to the gym more, and make use of my tuition! (it was included)
2. no more pops, or junk food
3. not eating afer 6.ish
4. eat out less! byebye pasta, byebye wings, byebye icecream, you will always have a place in my heart. hehe

SUMMER IS APPROACHING! it's time for workout resolutions!! anyone else in on this?

What do you guys usually do at the gym??

my favourite machine is the :

i'm personally, not a runner. i rather do any cardio other running. I don' know. anyone else feel this way? NONEtheless, running is a great workout, i just feel like it'd make my legs big. hee

i love doing weights as well. i use the dumb bells and those flat cushioned stands to do stetches and "work outs" to help out things like love handles! they are quite helpful and they DO WORK! believe me. SIMPLE things WORK!

the only sad part is, i 've gained i back!...:(

If you want something done, you just gotta do it. Be motivated, and if your not, get motivated. What inspires you??

I know she does:

Lee Hyori:

so i'm aware she may not have the hottest bod out there, but i think she's sexy in every way. If i were a guy, i think i'd be drooling right now. hhaha

Anywass, that will be it for my "quick" update.

I wish you guys all luck in whatever you hope to accomplish. let it be work, school, life goals... etc. jus believe in yourself, and the sky's the limit :) ENDLESS world of possibility

<3 Anh

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pink and Purple NOTD

hi everyone!

today, i decided to do my nails. My nail was starting to chip and what not, so i thought i paint it before it looks more disgusting. haha..

i was in the mood to use purple today, but i didnt have that many other colours, so i just used pink. Pink and purple always look great together!

Here is the final look:

Here is what i used:

And here are some more pictures!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Highly intoxicated

i have never been so dependant on coffee in my life, but for the past 4 days, i have been living off coffee, and sleeping less then 5 hours a night.

what i discovered was to stay away from medium sized cup cffee. Apparently my body just can't handle it. I always had a small just to keep myself awake in times of need, but the other day i decided to man in up wwith a medium. Later on the day, i felt so alert, and strangly very nervous and just...wierd. It was like my heart was beating at 913898123 times a second. that'd teach me. LOL

i really dont understand why some people drink it everyday. I really don't like the taste, it's never something i'm craving to drink. I much more perfer a nice fruit shake. Advocado, strawberry or coconut is always at the top of my list especially if BF makes it, bcos it's sooooooooooooooooooo good. hahah

If youve been to a vietnamese resturant you would know what i'm talking about ;)

Anyone live off coffee?

at this rate, i might get addicted. I'm already starting to fall in love with ice coffee.

despite all that i have said about coffee, Coffee Bubble Tea is LOVE HIGHLY RECCOMENDED by moi :D


besides drinking coffee, i really can't find an alternative to keep myself awake. How do you guys do it??!

P.S. sorry for my lack of replies, i will surely answer them once i get my 8 hours of sleep :D