Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hello Blogspot

I know i've said this serveral times before, but I'm really am making an effort( very sad one) to blog more often. I guess i've just got a blog block right now, if that makes any sense.

Today, i'm rather bored, so i decided to make a short post to update on what's been going on.

Last saturday, i went to a wedding. It was amazing - my dress begs to think differently. I got drinks spilled all over it 3 times that night. I guess the 2nd time wasn't enough. But other then also having aching feets, it was a beautiful wedding. i really love attending weddings, because your becoming a part of a very memorable event in someone's life (but also, because you get to dress up and all that fun stuff ofcourse) I'll have updates on that ...sometime later.

in the meantime, i'll share these pictures

The bride was so cute, she used everyone's nickname. My boyfriend told her to use my blogspot user name. She forgot the x - in xbbkay, but it's all cool - drew it in myself

Here is a picture of my hair - i did it at home

& here is a picture of my makeup

i also dyed my hair dark for the wedding, if you haven't noticed. i do love it :) BEST WAY to hide damaged, fried up hair

I also went to the beach about 2 weeks ago, and got sick afterwards. First of all, the night after the beach, my body ached all over - i guess i'm really that out of shape! Two nights later, i got very cold in bed. I was so cold, i had two blankets, long pants, a sweater & socks on - but that didn't help at all. I shivered the whole night. The next morning, i felt awful - i couldn't even get out of bed. I went to the washroom to brush my teeth, and couldn't even do that. I lost my balance, and my vision was blur - it was pretty scary. But all in all, i'm fine now. I just have a very stubborn cough that refuse to go away. That won't stop me from going to the beach though ;)

Here is us before leaving the beach. The waves were strong that day, maybe that's why i got sick.

I think i'll end it there.

How have you been?

What are your plans for the end of the summer? Tell me about it! HMm...I'm thinking of doing my passport, so i can go to the states before the summer ends. :)


London's-beauty said...

love how you did your hair, you look great. :) aww the bride sounds so thoughtful.

LittoMokaa said...

love your hair dear! I have a wedding coming next week and still don't now what to do with my hair and makeup looll!

I've been to the water slides and fell sick! Ugh not cool :(

Anonymous said...

Girl, great pics I like your hairstyle so much and what I inmediately got my attention was the jewelry, so beautiful earrings!!!!! I totally like them!!! xoxo!!!

P.S. That picture in the beach looks so cute!! and so romantic!!! :)

tramstabalaboopy said...

babe! You're gorgeous :]]]]]]]]]]]

Hehe take care and blog soon! :]

Salisha said...

You look very pretty in the pictures!! :)

Take care and hope to see more blog.


Makeup Morsels said...

aw no, I'm glad you feel better now. I LOVE how you did your hair for the wedding, and your makeup looks pretty as well. Glad you had fun at the beach! :)

Susie said...

Good to hear from you finally! :P
Your hair is so cute in that picture as well as your makeup!

sammi said...

lol, poor dress! :( I know what you mean about weddings, I just got done watching a wedding tv show.. It's addicting and makes me daydream :)

I love how you did your hair, with the accessory and the makeup, ahh!

coffretgorge said...

i love attending weddings too! its so much fun to dress up and be all girly and gorgeous for the pics! hahaha! :)

aw, im so sorry to hear about how you got the chills! im glad you're better and back to blogging now, enjoy the rest of your summer! take care :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! You're back! :) Weddings are a lot of fun!! I'm always fantasizing about what my wedding dress will look like..
Your hair looked so gorgeous. I'm really sorry to hear about all those drinks spilling on your dress, dang!! Hopefully they didn't stain too bad.

I've just been soaking up the final stretch of summer - I have friends who went back to school today!! Luckily I have until Sept 7 thank godd. I'm heading up to Mammoth this Thursday for Cross Country Training with my team :) Looking forward to that

Awesome picture from the beach - sorry you got sick.
<3 Tomi

Rachel said...

Oh you look stunning =) Love your hair! The nicknames idea is so cute! =)

That is such a cute photo of the two of you! I hope your feeling better by now!! Being sick is never fun =( said...

so pretty >< Last picture with the boyfriend at the beach is cute. Wish I could take a pic like that but sadly no person beside me HAHAHA XD My summer has been lovely but probably not as amazing as yours (from what you posted). I want to visit the states before summer ends but my friends are so damn lazy, they dont like to do anything that requires effort. So it probably won't happen... sigh.

That sounded like one hell of a cold though :( Hope you feel better now. I am so germaphobic hahahahaha.... I even sit farther away from friends when they cough.


Anonymous said...

your hair is so gorgeous! and your summer sounds lovely :) im so sad the season is almost over!

i just found your blog btw.. its lovely :) you have a new follower! <33

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