Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Canada Goose Jacket

Yesterday, my bf and i were at Yorkdale for some boxing week shopping. The mall is still flooded with a lot of people trying to get their hands on some good deals. Parking is still a pain, when you literally have to fight for a spot, but the drive there wasn't too bad.

Our goal was to get some items that can't be found here, because we both owe each other a christmas + 3rd year anniversary gift. Sadly all the things we were hoping to get were SOLD out, which made the trip quite disappointing. I guess i should've expected it. It's not that they were on sale or anything - it's just the shopping season is giving everyone a legitimate reason to spoil themselves. lol.

My gift to him was going to be a Canada Goose jacket - but they were sold out as well. I've never seen them worn here where i live, however there are people that do wear it. I've only heard about them from my bf. Apparently it's becoming quite popular. Yorkdale had more then plenty of people prancing around in it. We would walk by a group of people and all of them would have on the same coat, just different colours. My bf says "they travel in packs - or rather, flocks" LOL - And for that reason he refuse to own one now. -___-''

oh and if you don't know what they are. They are suppose to be these really warm jackets, that is made out of real coyotes fur. AND apparently there are a lot of fake ones- so do be careful when you shop. So here is a picture i've googled to gives you an idea of how they look.

For the price that they are charging, i don't think it's stylish enough for my liking. But who knows, maybe it looks good on?? Anywas, it has proven it self to be quite popular.
It looks like they might have a chance of becoming the next "UGG"s - for Canadians anyways. LOL . For anyone who knows about them, or own one - What do you think of it? I'm just curious to hear your responses.

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Makeup Morsels said...

heyy long time no! aww that's too bad about the mall, but if the bf doesn't want one now, it's just as well they were sold out then! I don't think I'd pay a whole bunch of money for that jacket, but like you said, maybe it looks better in person.

LittoMokaa said...

Haha everyone has this coat in Montreal. You walk around downtown and like very 2 person has this. It's super pricey & like you said, I don't find it stylish enough to pay this price but it's super warm. I prefer the Mackage for woman. Super gorgeous but too fancy for school XD said...

teh fobs decided to make this their new "in" thing. Go to a chinese restaurant in toronto... gosh. Every boy and girl wears a black one. I hate it - I was about to buy it at holts and they didn't have one that fit me properly. Thank goodness!

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

heeello! :)
aww the model looks strange... her hips and legs are not natural...
btw real coyotes fur? :( poor animal :(

Irene said...

Oooh I always like to see what's stylish up with my Norther neighbors! I can see this being stylish - but also really functional too! It would make an awesome ski jacket. :D

Swtess said...

Really? The thing he wanted was the Goose? You could've told me and I would have told you to go to Sporting Life over in Sherway Garden. They have a whole section of Goose there. Tell bf to go get Moose Knuckles. They're the alternatives now for the massive Goose invasion lol Or if he wants to shell out even more, Parajumpers or Moncler ;)

The Little Dust Princess said...

Wow! I can't believe you've never seen someone where it. Which city are you from? I see one everywhere I go. I have one myself, but no the Chilliwack (the one you posted).

I was at Yorkdale that day as well. We went at 8am and parking was too easy. ; ) LOL Shopped for 6 straight hours without eating. omg. I bought four pairs of shoes and more..only for about $200! Great deals : ) I'm not even the type to go shopping on Boxing Day, but my family dragged me out of bed this year. :(

xx The Little Dust Princess

faux fur said...

Wow my brother also like the jacket but how can I go there and get some items for him?Is there any location where it can be sold?

xbbkay said...

^ @faux fur,
if you are in Ontario, Canada, stores like Channers, or Harry Rosen would have it.

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