Friday, October 28, 2011

My Natural Makeup Routine

After taking a very long break from blogspot, I've realized that there is a post that i never ended up posting. Since i have not blogged in a long time, i decided to post this. Hope you enjoy!
For natural looking makeup, these are a few of the things i like to emphasize:

1)brows: define them, lightly pencil in, or use powder. A full set of brows frame the face.

2)eyes: - natural full or semi lashes; I don't have big eyes, so i like to make them appear larger than they really are.

- highlighting your lids (i used mac bare study paint pot) draws light into them.

- "tight linning" by using eyeliner to give the appearance of fuller lash line

3) cheeks:

- cream blushes gives off a natural glow compared to powder blushes. A soft pink never fails.

4) lips: i like to stick with semi lustre to matte finishes. A colour that doesn't scream attention but just enough to make you lips look kissable. I like warm tone pinks or corals.

5) face: depending on the season. I like to use a tinted foundation in the winter, that is hydrating to protect me from the cold weather. In the summer, I love my estee lauder for the long lasting power!
Here is my natural makeup routine and some of the products that I use.For eyes: define a lash - mac bare study paint pot - mac naked lunch eyeshadow - mac taupe brow pencil - black pencil eyeliner (not pictured)depending on your comfort zone, use false lashes -Here i used : revlon lashes

For Cheeks: Mac LadyBlush Creme blush - Costal Scent blush brush - Mac Fix +

For lips: Mac florabundance - Nars Belle De Jour

swatches of the products used:

(left to right) Mac bare study, Mac naked lunch, Mac Ladyblush cream blush - nars belle de jour, Mac Florabunance

& here is my final look: simple + clean.

now i must go back to my studying....



PinkOrchids said...

Gorgeous! I can't believe how natural these lashes look! I must get some!! Thanks for sharing! xX

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