Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Offical

.......i'm leaving blogspot


for a while......haha

Exams are around the corner, and all my finals are 40-50%, so i need to start studying like madness. LOL. Sucks for me, i'm sure i'll still be lurking oon blogspot, and catching up on all your updates, and replying to commments. Yes, i love to reply to comments. I think most bloggers love to get comments from their wonderful readers. Anywas...

My first exam starts on April 14, ( my daddi's birthday)
My second exam starts on April 21, ( MY BIRTHDAY)
Last exam is on April 30, ( the last day of exams)

I have in total 5 exams.................*bangs head against the wall

yEAH, i'm feeling pretty..shitty right now. But what can i do. You'll all know what i'll be doing for my birthday. LOL

Anyone else have exams? How do you study with them. Do you have time to play?


When i return, i plan on having a giveaway, (i was gonna do it this month, but i'm wayyyy tooo busy) in celebration of several things:

for almost reaching 100 Followers
my birthday, bcos i feel giving
and finishing exams
marking the beginning of summer

I'm still thinking of what's going in it, but look out for it! <3

but, perhaps you guys can help me out.

Rank these items (1 for highly addicted, and 7 for minimal satisfaction)

- eyeshadows
- false lashes/liners/mascara
- blushes
- lippies
- body and bath products
- skincare
- others:_____________

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my blog,
Good Luck, and take care

<3 Anh


tramstabalaboopy said...

Good luck for your exams! I wish you the best of the best! :)

I can't wait till you're back LOL so we can have more gossips about tvb dramas cause I'm a freak! :D

Ranking for you:
1. Lippies
2. False Lashes/linears/mascara
3. Blushes
4. Eyeshadows
5. Body & Bath products
6. Skincare (everyone skin is different)


Jenny said...

I am in the middle of studying for exams too! But if I study 24/7 I might go insane! I still surf the internet, blog, and occasionally cook :)


1. Lippies
2. Blushes
3. Eyeshadows
4. Body and Bath Products
5. False Lashes/linears/mascara
6. Skincare

Good luck studying!!

J-Ezzy said...

Good luck with exams!!!

1) eyeshadows
2) blushes
3) false lashes/liners/mascara
4) lippies
5) body and bath products
6) skincare

Rachel said...

Oh I'm heading into a month of study too! It's horrible =( My exams are in May though. Can't wait for you to get back, I love reading your blog <3

I hope you'll be able to take a nice break for your birthday though and have a great day!! <3

My suggestion for your giveaway is:

- blushes
- body and bath products
- false lashes
- liners
- eyeshadows
- skincare
- lippies

I'll definitely be entering! Can't wait =)

Good luck in your exams and have an amazing birthday!! <3

Rachel said...

Oopsies! >.< forgot to put in numbers =P blushes is no. 1 anyway and they are in descending order from there ^^

Jessica Mai : said...

Best of luck on all your exams.. I should start studying now too:/

& Happy early birthday to both you & your dad:-)
- false lashes/liners/mascara
- blushes
- lippies
- body and bath products
- skincare


Cyd said...

ooh nooooooo =[
but school's always more important you're right ...maybe i should study too my exam's coming up soon one of my final projects due next week which I JUST found out yesterday...
Good Luck!!! <3

Lipstick on the cup said...

Good luck with exams! BTW I'm your 100th follower! :D

1. Lippies
2. Eyeshadows
3. Blushes
4. False lashes / liners / mascara
5. Body and Bath Products
6. Skincare said...

Well my exams just ended so I can finally reply to your comment :) Don't know if I did that already yet...

Thanks for checking out my blog! A fellow torontonian thank goodness, we need more local bloggers. Cafe Princess was NOT at bloor koreatown, it was at FINCH koreatown. Google the name and you'll find an address easily~ I see london police in your last post, so you go to... Western? I'm right oui? Awesome school, never went to it heh.

I'm gonna follow, hope you finish exams soon. A very pretty lady you are, no creepiness. Simple compliment. Take care~

Serena said...

When I read the first line of this entry I gasped and yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" in my head. {*haha} Would miss you if you did leave. =/

It's fine if you're going to be MIA for exams. I wish you the best!! Go study hard so you can have fun after. =] Blogspot will be here waiting for you.

Ranking is going to be so hard!! {*AAHHHHH!!}
Well I decided to rank them with my personal reasons at the end.

1. blushes [because I only have 1]
2. eyeshadows [can't go wrong with shadows!]
3. false lashes/liners/mascara [I love mascara]
4. skincare [I'm really into looking pretty without all the make up]
5. others: accessories/ jewelry? [little goodies from forever 21 would be cool]
6. body and bath products [ehh....]
7. lippies [I don't really wear lip products]

Thanks for answering my Clinique question. I want to get the GWT... well I already bought a product but I don't know if it's good and I'm scared my skin will react negative to it. {*BLAH} The SA at the Clinique counter I went to wasn't very helpful and I forgot that I could ask for a sample. {*Eh} Whatevers now. I heard the yellow gel moisturizer was really good too but I don't really want to try that one out. This was the first time I purchased any skincare from Clinique. Only other item I bought from them was a liner.

<3 Serena.

Jewelry Artisan: Harjot said...

5 exams goodluck girl!!lol damnnnnnnnn

you can do it!
1 Skincare
2 Body and Bath Products
3 False lashes / liners / mascara
4 Blush
5 Eyeshadows
6 Lippies

Popcorn said...

Have fun studying! hehehe
Ohhhh that sucks sooo much. Exams on birthdays. :( awwwwwww It's ok, you can do it!
1. eyeshadows, I can never have too much of these.
2. Blushes
3. Skincare
4. Liners
5. Lippies

DiWiMakeup said...

Good luck with exams! My finals are in 4 weeks or so >_<

1. Eyeliner/mascara
2. Skincare
3. Lippies
4. Blush
5. Nail polish
6. Bath and body products
7. I dont use lip liners

xo, Diana

Samantha said...

Great post. I have finals soon too:(

Pop Champagne said...

good luck on your exams!! Here are my ranks

- eyeshadows
- body and bath products
- lippies
- blushes
- false lashes/liners/mascara

Anonymous said...

Good luck with all your exams! Just remember to relax too~


1- false lashes/liners/mascara
2- skin care
3- lippies
4- eye shadows
5- body & bath products
6- blushes

btw, to answer your question on my post- the sizing is in US. lol I just have really, really smaller than average's a US size 4 (which is a kids/youth size 2). your size 6 is the perfect size because you can buy all the shoes you want!

N said...

Best of luck on your finals! I'm in them too :( :( Hope you have a fab bday and happy bday to your dad!
As for the ranking:

1. Skincare
2. eyeshadows
3. false lashes/liners/mascara
4. Nailpolish!!!
5. Lippies
6. blushes
7. body and bath products

RHiiAN said...

goodluck on your last exam sweetie <3

1 skincare
2 body and bath products
3 blushes
4 lippies
5 eyeshadows
6 false lashes/liners/mascara

Anonymous said...
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