Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Circle Lens?!

Hello my lovely bloggers,

As some of you may already know, i shouldn't be blogging, but i just finished an exam today and i feel drained. a 4hour business case exam is NOT cool. I dare not drink coffee this morning, fearing that i'd need a washroom break during that exam.!

Anywasss...>!! since i'm slacking right now i thought i'd make a quick post. I've been looking into circle lens for the past few days, or months. I have never tried them before, even though i've known about them ages ago when they started getting popular. I guess i'm slow getting on the bandwagon, but i'm looking for some lens recommendation. Who else better to ask then the lovely bloggers here who know a WAY more then me about them.

I'm looking for something somewhat natural, yet noticeable, but i'd like to hear from you guys before i make any purchases. I'd appericate it if you guys give me some recommendations.

What brands do you guys use?

What's your favourite?

Is it comfortable?

Do you guys buy the ones with prescriptions?

How long do you keep em until you throw them out?

How long do you wear em for?

Thank YOU for recommendations, and droppping by



e.motion in motion said...

Circle lenses! I only jumped on the bandwagon recently too :3 I have 5 pairs but I rarely wear them lately :P

The brand I have been using is Geo. I have 2 Geo Angels (Green & Brown), 1 Ash Wing, and 2 Geo Twins (Honey & Green). I reviewed all of these w/ pics on my blog :D The Angels are definitely my favorite, they are really dolly. They are also the most comfortable. The color does not show up very bright though, it looks dark on my eyes in most lighting. But to me, these are the most natural but noticeable ones I've tried! : )

The Ash Wing catches the light really nice from some angles and looks silver-gray, but mostly it shows up dark too. It is a liitle less comfortable than the Angels but still okay. It doesn't enlarge as much.

The Twins have the most vibrant color -- almost TOO vibrant for me XP And they are the LEAST comfortable... they move around a lot and sometimes I can see fuzzy halos of color when I'm wearing them.

I don't buy them w/ perscription because I don't know my current one! XP And I mainly wear glasses so I just get plano. I'm pretty sure they are supposed to last for a year. I just keep them stored in solution when I'm not using them.

Usually they all get a bit uncomfortable on me after a few hours... but I have worn them for say... a full school day. Some days I can wear them a long time but other days I have to take them out after like 3 hours because they start bugging me. I have always had a hard time w/ contacts irritating my eyes though, so it's not surprising XP Also though, I've found that all the circle lenses I've tried are MORE comfortable than the regular perscription contacts I used to wear! Crazy haha!

Aww and btw, Hime Eyes ( batch 1 just closed! I think Serenie is gonna open a new batch soon though :D The other places I used to buy from either shut down, or would charge me extra shipping... so I don't buy from them anymore :/ But I trust her 100% :D I have really been wanting to try EOS Adults!

I hope you get some good ones love! PS - sorry for the novel of a comment XP

Rachel said...

Wish I could help hun! But I'm quite interested too, though I have sensitive eyes always worry it'll be uncomfortable! Let me know what you think of them when you do get them! =)

sophia said...

I just ordered a few pairs (my first ones ever!), so I'll try to come back to this post to let you know which ones felt best and how I like them! Which sites have you been searching so far? Hehe I was gonna recommend HimeEyes, that Erynn mentioned above! I ordered 3 pairs from them :)

Cyd said...

I just bought my circle lenses like 2 months ago. I have two pair of lenses. I don't wear it with any prescriptions. It was also my VERY VERY first time wearing any lenses too...i was kinda scare it took me soooooo long to put it on and remove it sometime its still hard...Honestly, i don't think thats that comfortable it gets burry a bit after i wear them and it makes my eyes really dry Also if i ignore my dry eyes for a while i'll get a major i kinda stop wearing my lenses now...

Both that i have it is from GEO and you can wear them for a year as long as you take good care of ur lenses!! I hope this help...

lol im not trying to scare u..i love lenses it feels like fashion i can change my eyes color and stuff but i honestly don't feel comfortable with it and only worn it out like 3 times cuz it always makes my eyes really dry so im kinda scare to wear it out and YES i have those eye drops i do carry it with me but i mean i cant just always go to the washroom and drop some to my eyes and have to make sure its not gonna touch my eyes' makeup!!! thats all..but i hope it will works out for u tho...

and final words...i'll probably still get one more pair just cuz they're so gorgeous and fun but not sure if i will wear it out LOL

xbbkay said...

^ Erynn thanks so much for your quick review. i enjoyed reading it. I looked at your reviews. Dang it, i love how resourceful your blog is.

@Rachel - i would definitely do a review on this. I have never put ANYTHING IN my eye, so i'm curious to know how comfortable it really is. But i'm excited. I have to wait until exams is over to start my plurging! Thanks for your encouraging words, they mean a lot to me.

@Sophia - i'd LOVE to hear your review on them once you get them. Please keep me posttedd!

@ Cyd - LOL. Okay, i think i'm gonna have a problem. i'm terrified of using eyedrops for some reason. I do not like the feeling of squeezing water into my eye. This circle lens thing is really challenging me. Perhaps you have sensitive eyes? but i can't realy say, since i never used any lens regardless. and i would still order a pair, just because they're gorgeous as well. haha. I hope you have a review on 'em . i definetely wanna check it out.

yumiko said...

hey love, I use color con lens.

What brands do you guys use?
I've used Angel Lens, and Nudy Angel Series, I just got some ColourVue ones

What's your favourite?
I would have to say grey, or the green ones i have on. I've used nudy purple in the Angel Series. They're noticable if you look up close.

Is it comfortable?
It's comfortable. Sometimes you have to hydrate them.

Do you guys buy the ones with prescriptions?
No, I get the plano one. 0.00

How long do you keep em until you throw them out?
I keep them for 3months. Depends on some.

How long do you wear em for?
I wear them a whole school day. I take em out when I'm done with school and back home.

hope this helps girl.

Irene said...

Hey girl! I am tempted to try my first ones too - have been thinking about it for a LONG time now...and it seems like the time is right around my b-day! I would like to give more input but I am nearly blind and need special EXPENSIVE toric lenses ... *sigh* I will review regardless. Good luck! You are so lucky you have so many choices! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl~ first thank you for stopping by my blog =) About the circle lenses, I would recommend Geo Lenses just because most of the my blogger friends and also real life friends use that brand and they like it. I have personally owned one pair of circle lenses also from Geo the Angel Brown ones, however because of the base curve different between my normal contacts and the Geo Lenses, the Geo's didn't work for me because they didn't fit my eyes correctly making it hard for me to see correctly. So I don't wear them anymore =T

Rachel said...

Yay, can't wait for it =) Of course, anytime! I'm sure your gona do great though and you don't even need the encouragement ^.^

I replied to your comment on my blog also btw =) Thank you for all your lovely comments! Your so sweet! =)

Lily nail said...

i love japan :)
i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!

bowsnhearts said...

Ooo I have been wearing circle lens for about 6 years now!

I get the ones with prescription as I am short sighted. I wear them for like 14 hours everyday sometimes!

The good ones I have tried include Dueba, G&G and Geo.

I have stuck to wearing browns now as I work in an office environment now. I have tried out browns, golds, silver, grey, greens, blues and purples.

tina said...

thanks for stopping by my page. Your blog is so cute. I'm following you now. :)

charlene-ann said...

new follower of your blog! :) & I've been wearing circle lens for quite some time now & I'm really liking it! & I get the prescription ones coz i'm my eye sight is pretty bad lol :D definitely give them a try :)

MEii said...

hehe...i just finished one of my exams this morning too and afterward i was watching korean drama to relax before studying again for another one next week. lol

i was just like you thinking about trying contact lenses for a very very long time until couple weeks ago i finally got my hands on them and its my first time trying them and i've never wear contacts lenses before. I got mine on none prescription.
I bought Geo Honey Wing and Trio-grey.
if ur looking for very natural looking i recommend Honey wing, it looks very natural on me since it's very close to my eye color. (i have a pic of me wearing it on my blog) Since it's my first time wearing contact lenses i still have some trouble when trying to put them on. for the first time it feel a bit blurry for couple seconds but afterward i didnt really notice i was wearing them. And also since i'm new to lenses i only wore them for about 4-5 hours and the recommended wearing period is no longer than 6hrs. So far i havent counter any dryness or discomfort b/c of it. Well hope that help! (;

LittoMokaa said...

Hi Anh! I just bought my first pair of circle lens today and I'm really excited to try them out ^_^ Me too I wanted something natural yet noticeable so I chose the GEO Fresh Gray Circle Lens & GEO Angel Brown Circle Lens ones. I'll post up a review on my blog as soon as I receive them :D

Anonymous said...

I too am thinking about circle lenses but I don't know if the prescription ones would be bad for my eyes or not. I would definitely want to get ones with prescription as I don't like wearing glasses often. I'm interested in just enlarging, not crazy colors because I don't like the little pixelated look. Thanks for this post, I'm reading all the replies :)

xbbkay said...

^ hi mytigerlily, no prob. I hope some of the comments the bloggers left helped you out. If you ever decided to get one, i'd love to hear what you think of 'em

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