Thursday, October 7, 2010

The highlight of my day: boyfriend

Sometimes, the funniest things happen with my boyfriend.

The other day, he kindly offered to drop me off at school at 9.30 in the morning. That morning he also had to meet up with someone to pick up a phone for his cousin. When he picked me up, he realized that my phone was low on battery, so he also grabbed the charger and told me that he will take it home to charge it, while i'm in class. Seeing that i'm now phoneless, we exchanged phones.

I didn't really need the phone, but i took his phone for the meantime anywas. I attend my lecture as usual and suddendly the phone started to vibrate. I looked at it, and the caller ID said "DAD". I thanked god, that it was on vibrate, else i would have flipped out, because i have no clue where the setting was on that phone. Anywas, thats not the point of the story. I did not leave class to take the call, because i figured it wasn't important, especiall at 9.30 am! LIKE what can u possible want at 9.30am! Not to long later, it vibrated again, yet again from "dad". I started to panic when it did not stop vibrating, which meant that it was a serious call. Yet, i still did not leave class to pick it up & texted my phone (which my bf had at the moment) and told him that his dad called twice. I figured that my bf would be on his way home soon, so whatever it was, it could have waited. BUT- AGAIN, his dad called the phone!....andd.... eventually, "dad" stopped calling.

After an hour of class, i decided to text my bf (my phone) and asked him why he didn't reply to my text and asked him if he asked his dad why he kept calling. Half an hour later, i got a text saying

i quote exact words: "yep, they thought i didn't go home last night. So worried i got kidnapped. so gay. called your mom too."

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, as you can imagine after reading that i almost burst out laughing during lecture. It was so funny, i shared it with my friend who was sitting beside me (who knew his dad kept on calling!) & she couldn't help but also laugh.

apparently it was his mom using his dads cell phone to call him. She woke up that morning and did not see him in bed, or heard him in the washroom at all. She checked the driveway to see if his car was out there and it wasn't, which made her think that he didn't come home that night. She thought that someone kidnapped him, or at least jumped him. HAHAHAH. Now, my boyfriend doesn't look like those ripped muscular guys on tv, but he's average weight, with some meat, bones, and muscles. I'm sure he can pack a punch. WHO WOULD ever think of kidnapping him??!! it makes no sense, which makes this ridiculously halarious.

so the whole day, i made fun of him & this morning,

i texted him: "hunnie,where have you been? i kept on calling you but you won't answer, did you get kidnapped??"

his reply: "can you come to 123 bay street to get me? They need 1 million in cash, and in twenties only."

My reply: "can you try to bargain with him for $1.00 plus one oh henry bar instead"

( we bought a bag yesterday night and there was only one left this morning)

his reply: "these men are serious, they mean biz hun. I said my gf doesn't have that kind of money. But they said how come my value is so low? i said well ya know, i'm just for show. Now they know they kidnapped the wrong guy. I guess i'll be here for a while, -plus they like mars bar.

My reply: "turn on your charm hun, maybe they like men"

his reply: "he might like the charm, and keep me forever as his lover"

hahahahahha, and that's the end of our convo. hahaha. It was just so cute, and funny i wanted to share with you guys. My boyfriend and i can get a little random, but it's those wierd things that keeps the relationship exciting.

if this post made you at least smile, i'm glad. but if it was completely like ..."w.t.f..??" i apolgise. This just cracked me up, and is surely a moment to remember in our relationship.



deerest said...

hahahah ngawa!!! You guys are so cute LOL
A relationship with a sense of humour is always a plus hahah :)

All the best,

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