Friday, September 24, 2010

Sick + DIY exfoliator

I'm missed a day ALREADY! hahaha. I came down with the cold. My brother gave everyone in my family his cold, so now were just a sick family. hahaha

I hate being sick. My throat hurts, my nose is stuffed, and now i'm coughing. It's difficult to sleep, and i'm blowing my nose every few minute! Interestingly enough, my boyfriend told me that there is a flu outbreak - and lot of people are sick - where i live.

here's a cute picture i found online

Since i'm sick, and feeling pretty much like _ _ _ _. I decided to give my face some therapy. I have ran out of exfoliators for a while now, and can never seem to remember to buy a new one. Is there any that anyone would like to recommend? I'm looking to try something new.

Anywas, my skin felt dull, and flakey, so i decided to make an exfoliator. Basically, i used sugar, honey, and a bit of water, & a pinch of lime juice.

Sugar - is good to exfoliate the dead skin, because of it's texture
Honey - is good at hydrating, and softening the skin
Lime - is a natural acid that exfoliates the skin
Water - is used to partially dilute the acid, so it won't be too harsh on the skin

(about 1:1 ratio for lime and water)

I just mixed it all together, to get a somewhat thick consistency (depends on your preference, a watery consistency is fine too) & rubbed it in circular motion all over my face, and rinsed. I make enough just for a one time use, because i don't believe in storing these.

My face feels soft, clean, smooth & it didn't cost me much. There are many DIY tutorials out there that you can also follow. They are nice when you don't have the product atm, and it's super cheap & effective.

Note: please excuse the laack of pictures. I'm too out of it to bother with the camera at the moment.


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