Saturday, May 1, 2010

yay! school's OUT

Hi everyone..!

i'm excited and super happy to say that summer has offical started for me! I hope you guys still remember me? After 3 weeks of serving time in a cubical at the library, i am now released! I guess you can say it's like a resurrection! LOL. I miss my BED so much during this month. Today is the first day of summer for me, and i slept until 1. It really sucks when you finish on the last day of exams, and everyone is finished a week before you :(

stress + coffee + lack of sleep + nonstop studying = an ugly mess

I have been soooooooo busy!! I didn't have time for ANYTHING. Everything was pushed aside until now. I didn't even bother with my birthday. Which is the sad part :( and i just felt like..blah.

I thought i'd share with you guys what happen on my "birthday"


cute cousin

dropped a gift off at my house a week before my birthday. I wasn't home the entire day because i was studying at school. When i came homme that night i found a cute little package on my bed. I thought for a second, "this must be someone else". Then when i saw my name on it, i was just like. O.O . I almost forgot my birthday was coming by. She's so cute. I didn't open it until my birthday. Here's the beautiful package:

I love the packaging. IT's soooooo girly and pretty!

This is her wonderful card. It talks when you open it. LOL.

I opened it on my birthday and this is what was insidee!! AHH..isn't it SOOO CUTE??! It's a necklace/ braclet rack! i love it. I wish i can find a dress like that TOO! :( I loveeeee herrr!

So that night, my mommi came home, and i asked her if she know what day it was. She gave me the "hmph" looked and smiled. She asked me earlier what i wanted for my birthday but i told her i don't know. I asked her to surprise me and that's what she did

She saw this gift set at the mall, and thought it was nice, so that's what she got me: she knows i love make up.. :D

This is what a friend of mine gave me from school. It's so adorable. I have to repace the keychain my bf gave me now. haha THought the thought of seeing a real live mouse would scare me shitless. ahaha guys might be asking what my


did. haha. Well let's just say...i'll explain it with pictures

The story is like this. After recieving that package from my cousin, i complained to my boyfriend how come he doesn't wrap my gifts. How much he doesn't make cards for me. I really like handmade cards. I keep all the cards that my friends have given me. He told me with LOTS of confidence that his packaging would TOP my cousins. Now...let my show you his card and gift..haaha


you can probably tell that he failed. ...miserably. He told me it was so hard, and that he didn't have all the proper tools to make a beautiful card. I rolled my eyes ofcourse. LOL However, i still thought it was very cute. He spent the say doing this at my house while i was at school studying.

And this is the sad part. My brother and him were anticipating for me to open this gift. I was clueless, and i told him if he gave me a DVD i'm gonna kick him. haha

:( you can imagine how sad i was when i opened this. O.O

He wrote a ton of messages on stikcy notes and placed them at various places in my house and made me run all around to look for my gift. In the end it was in my bedroom underneath my bed. I should've known better..and this is my REAl gift

Say hello to my baby netbook. I love it. I love him more :) i'm only lucky princess.

I still have the seal on it. I'm not removing it until i recieve my netbook sleeve. i plan on getting this one. :D Something girly, and pretty.

Overall, despite not being able to celebrate my birthday or even having cake, i was very happy to find i have the cuttest friends in the world. I love them. Thank you for everything. I plan to celebrate my birthday in a few days. :) In the meantime, i'm catching up on life. haha

Thanks for reading, and good night



That is so damn cute!!!! AWWWW, you're so lucky! BTW Happy 21st!

LittoMokaa said...

AAWW <33 Happy Belated birthday tho! :D The necklace/bracelet rack is super gorgeous! I keep on seeing them at the mall but I didn't know what it was for.. until now! ahha ;D

Jenny said...

happy belated bday!!!! you sure are a lucky girl :P and you have the sweetest bf!

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday sweetie! you got a lot of nice and adorable gifts! you're indeed lucky,,,=)

Anonymous said...

You finished school!? That's sweet.. There's still a long trudge for me, but I'm in High School. Happy birthday, looks like you got a lot of neat stuff!

Rachel said...

Yay summer!!! =)

Oh your presents are so nice =) And a netbook, lucky!! That hello kitty sleeve is super cute! ^.^

LabelLover32 said...

I'm such a HUGE HK fan... I love that sleeve! Super cute =)

Happy Belated Birthday

Victoria said...

Omg, lucky you! Cute presents and happy belated birthday pretty girl~

Blair said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Those are fantastic presents, love all of them =D

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