Thursday, January 13, 2011

Box On Vanity

i'm always on the lookout for ways to organize my makeup and unique ways to decorate my vanity. I found this cute little box at Winners, (by chance) and knew it would look great on my vanity. I'm not exactly sure what to store in it yet, but i was thinking some skincare products.

This is how it look and currently these are the things in it. I'm still deciding what is best. i thought it would look nice with my perfumes on it, but it's not wide enough. The only one that fits is the Vera Wang Pincers one.

a top view. Some miscellaneous items in the bottom drawer. Mainly, a lot of sample items, i'm testing out and what not.

These are someskincare products that are cluttering away on my vanity top. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions of how to organize/store these?? i use them on a daily basis.

So i need some ideas. What do you guys think would look good in my "box"?? Please share your creativity


An Tran said...

how about makeup brushes or lipglosses? the space looks pretty thin in the pictures. or maybe nail polish! =)

Klaudea said...

I second lipglosses I think it would look so nice especially since they would all be unified.

I love you're box man I wish I could get one now!

Heehee and I see a Sephora sample... that totally reminds me of work haha :)

As for your skin care bottles do you have a wall in front of you're vanity? I found a thin shelf at Ikea and use that to hold some of my skin care stuff (well now it's nailpolishes but for awhile it was skin care). Otherwise you could always find a nice wicker basket to place them in. I like to tie a big ribbon on my baskets, makes them look more girly ;)

Irene said...

Firstly, TOTALLY adorable box! Great find though I have no idea where Winners is located. :)

Secondly, I agree with An - some nice brushes on the far upper left hand side...nail polishes and some pretty packaging type cosmetics up top!

With Love, Elle said...

wow so many lotions u got there! im crazy over hand n body lotion too hehe

i like everything inside the drawer (well so that i dont let my mr to remind me how many mu i got everytime im in sasa!)

xoxo elle

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