Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Valentines Day 2011

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines day! Mine was very sweet and somewhat typical, but nonetheless very nice. I think everyday should be Valentines day. I want to share with you guys how it went....

Valentines Day did not start off too well for me. It was on a Monday and i had an assignment due Wednesday. Prior to that i had midterms, hence why the assignment was not yet finished. I gave my boyfriend a heads up that i would be at school all day Monday (Valentines Day) to finish my assignment, and asked him if it was okay to postpone "OUR valentines" day to the following day - being Tuesday.

So, i spent the whole day in the library with my friend working on our assignment. I didn't get home that day until 7 pm. After almost 10 hours of being at school working one that assignment, i was very bummed out by the end of the day. BUT i headed out shortly afterwards to buy a Valentines Card & a box of chocolate for my boyfriend. I really wanted to make one, because it would be so much more meaningful, but there was absolutely no time left for me to do that. So I ended up buying one and writing in it.

During that time, i was not at home for about 20 minutes. Shortly after i've came home, and walked into my room, i found this lovely thing sitting on my desk waiting for me

A fact : my bf has never gotten red roses....

Can you guys see the shape of how the roses are arranged?

I finally realized that he ordered it a week in advanced, and he gave the florist specific instructions to make arrange the flowers in a heart shape. Cheesyyyy! but that's okay because it's Valentines DAY!

this is the card that came with the flowers....

I was really surprised! I thought that my boyfriend didn't care to get flowers, and i thought that he was going to get it done last minute - but he totally surprised me this time around.

I absolutely love receiving flowers. I know a lot of girls's just flowers, you can't eat it, you can't do anything with it - all you can do it wait until it dies. I guess i'm the opposite. Every time i receive flowers, i get butterflies. When my boyfriend gives me flowers, i guess it reminds me of the time when we first dated. When everything you experience was so new and amazing - not that it's not amazing now, but yeah you know what i mean.

Anyways, back to the story. My flowers were delivered by the flower shop. It happened to work out at the perfect time, because it was sent to my house when I left for a bit to get the card and chocolate. The funny thing is, my dad opened the door and received the flowers for me. LOL. I wonder how he felt receiving roses! LOL

So all of this actually took place ON Valentines day. Our actually date happened

the following day..............

The following day, again- i had class. Tuesday happen to be the longest day for me. I have 5 hours of straight lecture! Intenseeee! I finish class at 2.30, and he has booked RSVP for dinner at 6:00. We decided to go to a fine dinning resturant called: Micheals by the Thames. It was our first time there, but my brother has told us that the food there is pretty goodd - so we thought we try it out.

- YES there is still snow!

I don't have many photos....because i felt very awkward taking pictures there...These pictures were taken without flash

While we were waiting for our food: here's is yours truly! Despite the fact that i did TWO valentines day LOOK for my blog, i didn't have the time to do either for the actual day! School ruins everythingg...

some bread and butter to munch on while we wait..

We both has steakk!! yummi.. I love steak...My boyfriend tried the Filet Migeon - He think this is the best steak, because we had at it at wedding 2 years ago, and it was seriously amazing. Sadly this one is not the same, but still good!

I tried the Butcher's Block? I think that's what it's called. Strange name, but it was deliciouss. Can you believe my piece of bigger, yet his was more expensive? What a trade off. LOL

For dessert we had Strawberry ---something, i can't remember. There was a gentlemen that brought over this cart and started to make it infront of us. It was pretty amazing, when i got to see blue flames.

The final product was delicious. There's pieces of cake, strawberries with strawberry icecream, whip cream, some alcohol & their sweet sauce. I only wish there was a bit more icecream.

& that was my Valentines day! It's been 3 day already, and my roses are still gorgeous. I will hair spray it and keep it when it starts to die. i haven't done this before, but i'd like to try it! heard you need to hang them upside down first.

Thanks for reading <3


London's-beauty said...

The desert looks munch! :) Aww your boyfriend is so sweet! I really love your simple yet pretty valentines day look.

a, said...

i just found your blog, and it's nice seeing you're a canadian blogger as well. :)

this is the first time i've heard of using hairspray on roses. what exactly does it do? does the hairspray actually keep the roses looking like fresh flowers or does it just prevent the petals from falling off? i'd love to know so i can preserve my flowers too!

-AnGiEpInK- said...

oh my..Those food looks so yummy and make my tummy hungry while looking at that picture.. Yay!!..Look like you and your bf having such a great time together..^_^..


Awwww that's so cute. Happy valentines day :$:$ your bf is so sweet!

Irene said...

The flowers are not only pink but also HEART shaped!!!! How super sweet - and very very pretty! :) Sorry things were also so busy - it was nice that you guys were able to sneak away from all the work and have what looks like a great time together!

You look so pretty in pink and your skin is so flawless! I love those butter 'balls' and it is hilarious your steak is bigger than your bf's!

Glad you had a great Valentine's Day :)

lisa said...

hi!! i heart your blog.. your reviews are amazing.. and your v-day dinner look so yummy~~

i'm a new follower :) would love for you to visit and follow me too!

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