Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mac Colour Craft Complete Haul

I was super excited about this collection, because the MSF and all the glitter. I think the eyeshadows are definately something to check out if you are a Mac collector, though the only problem i have with them, was the colour combination. It was difficult to chose one, besides the Natural Flare, because the colour felt repetive and uncompatible to me. I almost wanted to get Girlish Romp because i thought the colours were cute, and girly, but all the colour were corally and bland, there wasn't a darker colour to do smokeys. So i guess i picked up almost one thing from eaach of the item released, except for the those Marble lipglosses. I like how they look without being used, and i don't want all the colours to blend, once i start using it. :/

1. Mac Natural Flare e/s

- i was hesitant to get this quad, because i thought it would be more suitable with a tan complexion, and it may come off goofy on me, because i'm so pale, but i actually really glad that i picked this up, FOR FREEE -YES- i GAVE BACK TO MAC and picked this up for free! which makes it better. Anywas, i have not tried the orange colour, i have a thing against orange, i guess because it makes me look very dirty and gross, but i really love the other three colour. It would look fab with dark colour eyes, and a tanish complexion. THought i feel that when i apply it with the brush alone, it's does not come off as pigmented as i like, so i compromised and used a similar eyeshadow colour as a base, because apply this-this way the colour pops more. You could also use a matte cream base to achieve the same effect.

2. Mac Smooth Merge m/s/f

i've already done a review on this in the other blog, check it out.

Mac Improvise

i love love love coral colours. This is a peachie coral colour. It reminds me of seashells, for some reason, but the colour is fab as a highlighter. I really love this one because it's not as shimmery as the MSF from this collection, but it still gives you a sheen look. It looks wonderful on pale skin, and i def reccommend this. You can use it by itself, if you just want a little glow, or use it as a highligher, and then apply a darker shade matte blush for contouring!

3. Mac Madly Creative

This is a frost finish. Personally, i don't love frost finish, i'm more a lustre, sheen type, but the colour swatches i saw for this online looked too fab to resist. It's a great everyday colour. it's a neutral pink with white pearl. I'm not in love with it yet, but it's pretty. I think the white pearls aren't working too well for me, but this is personal preference. It's still a very pretty everyday colour, but i don't it's realy unique.

Red Earth - Winter Rose

Red Earth products are on sale at Rexall, because they are trying to get rid of their inventory. They would not be at Rexall anymore, so it's 75% off. I picked up this for 3.65 i think, and retail was about 16ish. The eyeshadow is super soft, even more then mac e/s, but it does not have lasting power. I've just swatched it on my hands, and it basically disappeared after 5 minutes. I think because my hands rubbed against something, but you might be alble to fix this problem if you use it with a mixing medium or apply a cream base, or primer. I have not tried it yet, but i'll update, if i try it out. The colour though, is very pretty, and what can i say. it was cheap :)

Mac Nectar

My old Mac Nectar lipglass exploded for some reason, so i brough it in and they gave me a new one. I love that about Mac. Your products basically have a life time warranty!


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