Monday, July 6, 2009

Brother's Grad

Today, my whole family + boyfriend went to my little brother, kevin's gr. 8 graduation. Ofcourse, being asian, we arrived late...well techniquically we were just in time to see him walk across the stage to get his dimploma and awards, so lets just say that we were on time. hahaha. The weather was soooooooooo HOT! thank god the school had air conditioning, else the whole auditorium is gonna smell is socks and old sweating men.

During the ceremony, i thought how funny it was when i was graduating from gr.8, and where i am now. They had the exact same routine. Award giving, meaningful but lame speeches, MCs that couldn't speak, video slide and band performance. Kevin plays a Clarinet?? ahhaaha. I guess i should give him props for being so brave. But perhapes he has another motive, considering all the clarinet players are girls. haha, what a pimp. Anywas, the whole time i was thinkin of what i wore for my grad. I thought it was the most prettiest thing back then, but now i could smash my head against a wall for pransing around in that. I guess that happens to all us girlies.

But overall, going to these ceremonies make u realize ...that one day.... you'll be attending your children's grad. hahaha. Then you'll be the one paying hundreds of dollars for a dress that would be woren only once. Sounds familar huh? Thought so. haha

P.S Yup*, he's a big boy now.."he looks like the CEO of MacDonalds"- Steven


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