Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trip to the T.O Zoo

Yesterday, bf, brother, his girl, and little brother all went to the zoo. I thought we were gonna go to vaunghan mills, but the kids really wanted to go to the zoo,so i was like, what the heck,let's just go and if it rains, i can say, in your face! hahaha.

but God was on their side, even tho the skies were cloudy throughout the morning, and later into the afternoon it spitted a little bit, but we managed to stay in the shop and looked at the animals in those centers. So when we came outside it was HOT HOT HOT HOT. it was a REAL summer day, something that i haven't felt in agess!! I hope the weather will remain like this for the remaining of this summerr..AHhhh. But anywas, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot, i regretted it soooo much for not bringing sunglasses! the one day you can wear sunglasses, i totally forgot them. i did not prepare at all the day before, because the whole week i was thinking it would rain! and SUNSCREEN!!!. and HATS. OMG. it was so sad. we didn't bring any of those. i wasn't properly dressed either. So definately, if you go on these adventures.

you would need:

TRAVELLING BAG-OR don't even bother with it
POCKETS, for the money
DEODORANT - cos u will stink
Perfume- if u can't handle the STINK of some animals
BRING your own DRINKS! FROZENNN!! (ofcourse, if u wann carry them that is)

OFcourse, that is if u go on those HOT HOT HOT HUMID summer days.

Some stuff i wanna say, that i'm lazy to write out, so i'll just JOT it.

- The DRINKS AND ICECREAm WAS EXPENSIVE! - 5 bucks for a poptical, 3ish for a drink, or 2.50 if u go to the vending machines, BEST if u find the vending machines, not the stands, cos the drinks aren't that cold at the stands and they are more expensive.
- There is ALOT of walking, so if u don't have solider shooes, then you are pretty much dead, because i saw a girl walking in heels, and i almost cried at the sight of that. Running shoes are gonna stink and ur gonna sweat, so don't bother. invest in sandles.
- If you don't get in by 1ish, then don't even bother, bcos it closed at 7.30, so if u do want to get ur money's worth and see everything then go early, because there is crazi travel time.
- America and Canada sucked, we wasted our time in Canada, so if u must, i reccomend skipping this. Afterall we DO live in CANADA. blahhh*
- We started at the biggest place, which was Africa, some of the animals were hidding, or off display, bcos some event, or too hot for them.
- The polar bears would be out at AUG 1st, so if u want to see them go then. THe flemmingo was off when i went, becaue of the event, they wanted to let staff members see the polar bear first before the public seees it.
- YOu will need the friggin map, so don't forget to take it at the enterance, because you will get lost.
- Watch out for bird shit. hahaha
- bring an extra camera, if urs dont have enough memory or isn't charged, because i was lazy to put mine in to charge, and it died after we finished Canada, so i didn't get half of the stuff :/. so i gotta jack steven's girl's pic now. hahaha. U will regret it if u forgot ur camera

So anywas, the plan was we were to meet nancy there, but she was not motivated to go, because it looked like it was going to rain, and the friggin weather man always lie. THUNDER STORM? buddy, i didn't see sparks until i left missisauga, which was like at 9ish. so there was sunshine after about 2-3 ish for the whole friggin day. i was burning like eggs. so you know me, when i was like sweating to death, i had to txt her to let her now how wonderful the weather is. hahahaha..

Anywas, the animals were pretty cool, they had some indoors which i'm not that big of a fan off, but also outdoors. Some of the animals, u only saw like 1 or 2-3 of, which was like disappointing, cos it seemed like they died off or something. There was this gorilla, monkey tha was just laying in the corner stratching itself. it looked like it was sick, bored, or like dying. i don't know. poor thing.

i was just a little disappointed bcos i guess we were expecting to see more exotic animals that we've never seen. But that didn't really happen. especially when the flemingo was off display. wtf. i never seen one before.

So anywas, after a hard day at the zoo, we headed to missisauga for some Pho88, because steven wanted asian food, so we all ordered food and drinks. omg. we totally pigged out, all the calories u burn walking, is doneeee! hahaha

So when we were leaving missisauga, we encountered a life and death situation....

It was a yellow light, and hunnie didn't approach the intersection yet, so then i said, hunnie!, then he gased it and went across, and at the time the car at the intersection was going to make its turn, so basically it came out of no where, so baby swerved the car to the left, just enough so that that car didn't collide with us, bcos i guess they saw us coming and braked it crazy. So then swerving to the right, we saw a man on a bike , he wanted to bike across, so then kong had to swerve back to the left, and now we are facing a damn divider with a pole, so he had to swerve again to the right and back to the basically we went through 3 obsticle, the car turning, the man, and the friggin dividor. my heart almost fell out of my ass, i don't think i even breathed during that time. it was so intense, thank god, nothing was hit, the car is in one piece, there was NO COP! and we drove off like was crazy. it was the first time i was in such a close to accident thing. yeah, so then i got kind of mad at him. i was proud that he handled it so well. serious, we were like drifting..i felt like i was in fast and furious. the stering was like friggin crazi, i remember hearing him stering the wheel so fast. the whole time i i just kept thinking. DAMN, don't HIT dont HIT!! sigh... what a way to finish the night..

So then after we finally arrived home. and just bummed out, and knocked out. it was intense.

This was at MC.D our break in between before we got to the ZOO for lunch. This is whent he hair was still nice and the make up in place

yeah, kevin caught me off guard, totally paparizetti...we were lost okay...

we went to vn to get these photos done...AHEM..hahaha

in one of the exhibition thingy..indoor lazy to carry the clutch ya know..

there would've been more pics, but my camera kind of like yeahhhhhhhhhhh.....


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