Sunday, December 6, 2009

NYX Green Eyes Palette

I said i would update, with swatches, so here i am, doing a quick update. I swatched it a while ago, but didn't have the time to post it up

Here is the palette once again:

(sorry about the different lighting. i didn't turn on flash for the 2nd one)
Colours are in order of the palette. (left to right, top to bottom)

What i like about it:

-The colours are very wearable. I would recommend it as an everday palette. I use it in the morning sometimes when i want to do my eyes.

-The colours are very pigmented, but like all NYX ( and urban decay) shadow, there is a bit of fall out. I realy like the greens.

-A primer is a MUST - and there shouldn't be creasing or disappearing colours

-It's super affordable, i got it for 10 bucks i believe. That's like $1.00 per colour.

-I would purchase it again ( in another colour palette ofcourse)

-There is a total of 4 palette of different colour. The collection is called "For your Eyes Only"

It comes in "Green Eyes", "Blue Eyes", "Brown Eyes", "Smokey Eyes"

If you dont knwo what palette to get, you can't go wrong with "Smokey Eyes". It's a basic, and a makeup palette stable.

-It even comes with a mirror! Great for traveling, quick touchups.


Purchased at the DCW In MIssisauga, Ontario. CAD


bettie said...

thx for the swatches :)
i think i have to get this palette,
love the greens too ^.^

xbbkay said...

yes definately, i got it bcos of the pretti greens as well! thanks for following!

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