Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shopping Spree at Eaton Center

I have been dying to go shopping, because i've been deprived of my shopping needs for MONTHS. I did some pre-damage on sunday, with my cousin. I got a 2 sweaters, leggings, a scarf, and a Mac lipstick- shy girl.

I'm a bit lazy to take a picture of them all, but you will see it in my posts, where i wear them. I like to wear things when i get them. My mom likes to buy stuff and store them forever and wear them like next year. I buy them and wear them the next day. hahaha

So that day, my brother steven also got his wisdom teeth pulled, and i felt guilty and almost ashamed to go out when he's in pain. But my little brother and i still head off. Poor steven had to stay home all day without us. He was quite sad and lonely i think :) But it's all worth it, because we came back with christmas presents for him and the family :D and a hole in all our pockets

Anywas, so let's see. We left at 10:30 ish. drove to tilsonburg to get hunni's cousins who wanted to come alone. THey were going to stay in london for the week also, so we decided to pick them up since we were going shopping at Eaton. We decided to go to eaton, because i actually never been there. It's a hug mall. there is like 3-4 floors, and it's all so complicated. The place was packed with a bi2931902489021849185 people.

here;s a picture i found of eaton:

The escalator even collapsed because there was so many people. I thought someone got shot when i heard the escaltor came to a sudden crash and stopped completely. People started yelliing too i think. Everyone went over to the rail to see what was going on. Thank god no one was shot. hahaha

Okay, so the first thing we did when we got there was go into Indigo. The kids wanted books, and kevin wanted to use his gift card there so we got books. Shame on bf and i cos we don't read books. The only thing i read is textbooks, and the only thing he reads is newspaper and flyers. hahahha

afterwards, we went to get food at the food court. We were all hungry, bcos we didn't have breakfast, and it was around 1:30ish. So we had to eat before we start our hunt for christmas presents.

Bf decided to try, the Thai style place, and they had PHO??!! hahaha. He was intrigued, and had to try it out, and surprisingly, it tasted GOOD! the broth was like authentic vietnamese pho. They even had the hot sauce, and the black sauce for pho. I tried a bit of it, and it was very comparable to resturants. The only thing that was different was the noodle. This one was thick and round. It's not the flat noodles that is usually used as asian resturants

If you are looking for some pho in a food court, you know where to go now! haha

Here is a picture of the girls - hunni's cousin..This was an unexpected picture

Okay, so now let's talk abou tthe shopping. The shopping wasn't too great. There wasn't that many deals. Sadly. i was looking for good deals, but i didn't see anything. There was just too many people, and it's just so overwhelming. I just focused on getting my christmas shopping done, so i didn't really get much for myself.

My brother and i decided to get my mom a bag, so we went into guess to take a look. ANd this were having som epretty crazy sale. i was lucky enough to get the last bag, and my mom LOVES it now that she finally got to see what we got her.

I don't know the regular price, but i got the bag for 55, and the wallet for 20, so overall. total with taxes in was only 90. That's is crazy sale. It was the best buy the whole day. I was so lucky, and it's so perferct because it's not fabric. so it could be cleaned easily, and it looks cute. Perfect for mom's i'd say.

Afterwards, i got my brother Kevin, some sweaters from bluenote, because he doesn' thave much clothes. He likes to spend all his money on game, and doesn't care about his clothing. so i decided to take him to American eagle and what not to look for clothes, but he said they were too preppy. haha. My little brother is picky never thought i'd see the day. So he chose his own sweaters at blue note. I didn't take a picture of it though.

So next up, was my other brother steven. Who wants games. Best buy has a deal. They were selling Modern Warefare 2, and Assians Creed 2 for 90 bucks. Thats a crazy saving. One game is more then half the price already. so my brother and i pitched in to get those games for him for christmas. He was suffering at home, so we had to get him something good to make up for his miserable christmas.

Apparently it's the top sellers right now for PS3. :/ Who knows. Games is lke a whole new lanuage to me..haha

So i didn't get anything for my dad until i got back to london, because my dad likes tommy hilfigure, and eaton didnt have tommmy. My hunni also didn't get anything until i got back to london.

I got my dad some sweaters, and shirts from Tommy, they had a sale. 40-50% off at the outlet. So it was pretty good deals, and almost anything decent at tommy, my dad would love. hahaha.

I found Ed-hardy Cologne for my hunni. I was in shoppers, and was picking up some last minute gifts and what not, and this is what i got him. He likes edhardy for some odd reason, and retailed, this colgone is like 70-80 bucks. I spend obviously less than that since i got it at Winners. Winners is AWESOME for colgones!

Its the bottle on the right. I might have to get the girl one (left) for myself now. So that we match. hahaha

So now, let's move on to what i DID get for myself. Ofcourse, the whole day i was DYING to go to sephora! LONDON is gonna have a sephora soon. YAYY!!! hahaha. but anywas, i was in sephora forEVERRR. hahaha. and i came out with this

This is hunni's present to me. IT's an exfoliating product.I have bumps on my face that are very difficult to get rid of, and i hope this will do the trick. I've had sephora girls recommending me this brand twice now, so i think i would give it a try and see how it goes.

I almost walked out with only that product alone, but i decided i had to treat myself to something else. So i also picked up this.

Makeupforever HD power

I've been loving it so far, i'll do a review on it with the Makeupforever Primer later this break. But basically, you use it to set foundation, concealer. It mattifies your face from shine, and fill in lines, and pores. Great for making your face look flawless.

So, I have also been looking for a good conealer. My Mac one is starting to run low, so its time to look for something new. I decided to get some samples from Amazing Cosmetics, and Makeupforever. Since the lady there recommended it to me.

here are the samples:
(left ) AMazing concealer , (right) Makeupforever HD concealer

I will review them another time.

After leaving sephora, we pretty much had everything we needed, so we decided to leave. We took some photos before leaving to the parking lot. We were on the 4th FLOOR for parking! and parking was crazy expensive. $21 bucks for 6 hours. THe hell?

We went down to the winners on bloor for our last shopping stop because bf wanted to find some cheap brand name stuff. Hunni got some PRPs pants, that are originally 400 bucks a pair, but he got them for 100.It's a japanese brand apparently. I never heard of it :/ It was a size too small, but he had to have them, so now he's on his bigmac diet to try to get into them. hahaha. It fits apparently, just the very top button won't button up. hehe. I also got him a disel shirt in a dark purple colour. It was pretty. And the kids got a some shirts and belts. And that was pretty much our day

We then got to china town to get some dinner before leaving home. I didn't take any pictures then, bcos we were all hungry and tired. I slept on the way back home :/

It was a very crazy shopping day. I loved it :D


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