Sunday, April 4, 2010

FOTD- Hello Spring

Here is the full look:

Do you see that shimmer on my cheek? It's the pretty SMooth Verge Mineralize SKinfinish. I love it for highlighting. It makes a difference when you take photos! LOVES
^^ those lashes were giving me a hard time. MAINLY bcos they were like flat, and it wouldn't bend to the shape of the eyelid.
^^ i'm loving the lipstick also. It's much more brighter in life. ITs just my camera. But none the less BEAUTIFUL coral colour.

YUP. i hope you like this FOTD. I had fun doing it. And i LOVE spring. Mainly bcos i was born in that season. LOL.

Have a wonderful day, i will be off studying once again :( BOO@!

EDIT i was reformating this post, and i've accidently deleted my list of products used. I can't retrieve it, and i do not remember what i used since it's been almost a year now. ahh!


Blair said...

I love love love this eye makeup on you. It really pops beautifully :)

Yup, I am located in Malaysia :)

Cyd said...

Niceeeeeeeeeeee i love it....omggg yesterday i was trying to do a tutorial i did like 3 looks and i hated ALL of them hahahahahaaa one of my look its almost like this one here...almost the same color too...CRAZY...i had pink, white then greenish but its not as light as urs hahahaah but i did it so ugly hahaha

Serena said...

You look gorgeous.
I like how you were able to combine all the colors, pink, yellow, green and blue for this spring look. Great job. The blue shadow on the lower lash line was a nice touch.

<3 Serena.

Cyd said...

oh and to reply your comment...abt my ex and i...yea my ex he has always been a very...simple response person he is usually very straight he would never think for the worse he often says whatever he thinks but his i dunno answer is not really giving me anything..

i dun think i will try to work things out w/ him anymore i will still love him deep inside probably a lot but i won't think about any future with him..over all its still a long distance its hard u know.... and yeaaa i need a new boy hahahahahaa i feel weird to be single..the last time i was single it was too long ago to remember LOL....

Princesa Livia said...

Wow, this is gorgeous. I love this look!! So fresh and pretty!! ♥

Jessica Mai : said...

Gorgeous look girl! Very appropriate for spring!
Love the coral shade on your lips.
Hope you had a lovely Easter.


Jessica Mai : said...

Thank you for your comment on my last post.
It does make me feel better knowing Im not the only one freaking out about my future:)

Your right. Im not wasting my time and money..
I just freak out, because life feels like it is moving wayy fast! aaah!lol


Rachel said...

That eye make-up is so beautiful! You look stunning in these photos =)

Hope you have a great day ♥

N said...

very pretty make up application! Have you tried the bobbi brown line for blush? I find they have AMAZING staying color!

Harjot said...

Ok I love the color combo you picked....its a rare one! I remember two years back I always been an eyeshadow girl...but now not time lol...but when i do ..its true lil goes a long way...very light natural makeup! :)

dblchin said...

I love ur pair of lashes! is soooo pretty!!! where did u get that?

Anonymous said...

This is so very pretty :) I like the lashes you're using!

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