Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LUSH products + Stila

On tuesday, boyfriend took me to LUSH ( a store selling bath, and beauty products), because i was bugging him about going. I have been seeing LUSH bath bomb hauls on so many blogs, and i was so intrigued by how colourful, funky, and cool it looks that i had to go find out what was the big deal.

So i didn't know that there was actually a LUSH where i lived. In fact, i just found out the day before i went. I always thought the store sound familiar, but for some reason i just didn't think it was in canada. So i looked it up, i realized it was actually in the MALL! so i was quite overjoyed and surprised, because Canada always seem to be slow to get the good stuff!

Anywas, so when i got there, the nice Sales Associate showed me around, and showed me alot of the products that they sell and how it exactly worked. She had bowls of water, and everything, and showed me how the bubbles bars made bubbles, and how the bath bombs worked. IT WAS SOO COOL!. They totally revolutionlized the concept of taking a shower/bath. All the products are designed to enhance your bathing/showering experience. It's suppose to make you feel luxurious, and just PRINCESSY!

So for the first time there, i was quite overwhelmed by all the products. You will definitely be sniffing a lot. i sniffed up some powder out of carelessness, and it was like sniffing crack! ( not that i ever did ahem*). Anywas, I decided to skip on the bath bombs, (EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE SOO COOL!), because i don't take baths. BUt i might have to start taking baths, because of this product. Anywas, before i show you what i got, i wanted to show you the baggies!

This is the main bage

the smaller bag (carrying one product each) inside the main bage

the back of the two products i got. i thought this was cute

So this is what i got:

This is how the products look like:

(Sugar scrub on left, and Dorothy Bubble Bar on right)

another shot of the dorothy, bcos the colours are pretty. LOL

1. DOROTHY BUBBLE BAR (limited edition)

Price: $5.95CAD
Smell: i'm not good with describing scent, so i told bf to sniff it and he said it smells ROSeY. LOL

How to Use:it's makes bubbles!WHO DOESN't LOVE BUBBLES? All you gotta do it crush it up in your hands, and let the water run through it. This will make the particles dissolve and bubble up like crazy. The water will turn blueeeee!

i aint gonna lie, i got this one cos it was limited edition, and there were only prob 10 left, so it must've been popular. hehe

The second item that i got, is the

2. Sugar Scrub (GREEN ONE)

Price: $4.95CAD
Smell: kinda herbal to me. BF said it smells like asian soap bars. O.O

How To Use: She showed me how it worked, and you basically just take a piece of the bar, and crush it up in your hands (to small bits) then scrub it on your skin. It will lather, and when you wash it off, you skin feels amazingly smooth. This was the main reason i wanted to try it. I hope it delivers the same result on the body.

I can't wait to try it out. I will certainly do a review when i get the chance. I'm sure i'll be taking advantage of these since finals are around the corner.

One of the item that i didn't get, but i thought was SOO COOL. LOL was the
Sex in the Shower Emotibomb

suppose to be a hand grabbing a butt the SA said. BF thinks otherwise. USe your imaginaion. LOL

Basically, you start the shower. Turn the water hot, and get some steam going. Then later get into the tub, and place this piece at the bottom, FACING you. The steam and hot water will work to "activate" this bar. It would start releasing steam/vapours, and this very nice scent. PERFECT for couples who want to set the mood, and get a little steamy..ahem..LOL. DEFinaitly ask the Sales Associate to show u how it works, bcos it's so awesome.


The next thing i want to show you guys are these awesome Stila Lipglosses that i found at Winners. OMG they are SOOO AWESOME, and it was such a bargin. These are my FIRST stila items.

( i don't see names on them, so i guess they aren't named???)

The swatches look funny, bcos the brush was still stiff. After a few use, i'm sure it would loosen up and be fine :)

STILA Lip Envy

Price: $9.99 CAD
Inital Review:

1. pigmentation is INCREDIBLE (better then dazzleglass from MAC in my opinion)
2. not sticky
3. smells like candy

i think i'm gonna love these.

EDIT: i wore them today (baby pink one), and i think these are hands down better than MAC dazzle glass, in terms of formula. I LOVE the fact that it's NOT STICKY at all, and the colour PACKS a PUNCH. i had soup, and my lips still looked STAINED from the lipgloss! i love this one in particular bcos it has no shimmer what so ever. so it gives ur lip this very natural look once it fades a bit.


P.S. Is there any LUSH products that you guys absolutely LOVE? i can't wait to try the products!

i already know that i will definately go back to try the:

Ocean Sea Salt (exfoliator, body and face)
BIG SHAMPOO (shampoo)

and that is everyhing........for now. hehe

Thanks for reading my blog! have yourself a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

great haul you have=D I've heard a lot of good reviews about lush products but I haven't tried them yet coz Im living in the province,( our malls here doesn't have any lush store*sigh*) maybe ill give them a try when i visit manila again,,,thanks for sharing, your stilla lipglosses are SOOO pretty! I LOVE 'EM ALL=D

Gaby said...

Yey for LUSH goodies, and the lipglosses look amazing! Thanks for the swatches =D

Edna said...

I love LUSH.

My favorite bath combo: (1/2)Think Pink bath bomb with (1/4) The Comforter Bubble Bar . Smells super girlie, and your bathtub will be PINK!!

Jessica Mai : said...


The only downside is everything is very pricey, but it doesnt stop me from purchasing..:)

I love the sales ppl @ Lush too. Extremely helpful. Plus, they dont get paid on commisssion so I dont feel like they are pressuring me to buy.

Great reviews. WOW! the Sex In The Shower sounds very intrigueing.. Ill defs need to check that one out next time...teehee

Jess Mai

Jonesy said...

Great post. I really like your blog : ) I am a new follower. I love Stila products too.

Please check out my blog as well when you get a chance.


Bea said...

I haven't tried LUSH product since it's very pricey, but would love to try it someday. heheh..
anyway, the stila you got is really pretty. :)

Cyd said...

LOL, you're right..canada it is VERY slow with the good stuff hahahahaa i rmb back in Vancouver there were this LUSH store by my local mall but weren't there for long hahaha

you're so good tho ive been to lush like probably 3-5times and i still haven't pick up anything from lush yet...gosh!! and i deff want to try their Ocean Sea Salt but its so pricey =[ i dunno =[ they do have a smaller size but i dunno if the smaller size is worth it or not

Cyd said...

oh and also...i really like that stilla lipgloss the one in the middle..i didn't know winners sell good stuff like this hahaaha

&& yea abt the Mask its $13USD hahahaaha i guess for canadian its about $15?!

Irene said...

Oh my...those lipglosses are so gorgeous!!!

I LOVE LUSH...though I haven't made my first purchase yet. I love how the store smells, how organic it is, how friendly and helpful the employees are. The place I visited didn't have the fresh face masks, but they are apparently super popular. Thanks for your review, that sex in the shower is hilarious!

Sidney Son said...

OMG this makes me want to take a bath now!!!!

Love the blog! Great purchases you made! :)



twinsouls888 said...

I love your hauls. ^_^. Stila Lipglaze are included in my HG products, I simply love 'em. ^_^

Tnx for droppin by the way, about The FaceShop I think they're available in Canada already, I just forgot where lol. ^_^

I'm gonna hunt down some of those Birds Nest Mask, we have Watsons here in Manila. ^_^

Anonymous said...

everybody is raving about lush but i stillll never had the chance to go in to pick something up (lazy). but i am glad you like your hauls :)

the stila glosses look great and you got them for so cheap! i love stila products!

Haley said...

I got that Stila gloss set at Winners yesterday (but in slightly different colours) and love them too! Too bad they don't have the actual names on them though (but I sorta matched mine to existing colours on their website). I love the pigmentation and they are definitely better than MAC's dazzle glass!

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