Friday, February 17, 2012

Plum/Brownish/Nude Based lipstick SWATCH

I've actually wrote this post a year ago, but i never ended up posting it, because i wanted to do lip swatches. THe sad part is that i never got to it. I still didn't get to it, but i didn't want to throw this post into the trash, so i decided to post it anyways!

These are some lipsticks that I've acquired. They are more plum/brownish based lipsticks that i would wear in the Fall. When i wore them in the summer, i thought it looked awkward. I then realized that it's more suitable for the winter. I just decided to swatch the nude colours as well.

i just felt like swatching Mac Chatterbox too, because i just recently got it. Doesn't seem to work well with my skin tone. I love the colour itself, but it doesn't suit me. I think it may work better with people who have darker skin tone/tan

Mac Syrup, NYX Thalia, Mac Madly Creative, NYX Circe, Nars Belle De Jour, Mac Chatterbox


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