Thursday, October 8, 2009

Advice on Mac Product

A few days ago i went to Mac to check out the new collection. The christmas collection is which is called the
MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Collection: Lip/Eye Bags for Holiday 2009
which is already out on display since this tuesday ( Oct.6/09 ) but it is preorder only. If you really want something from the collection i highly suggest you preorder right now, all they need to know is your credit card information and signing some paper, which basically claims that you will commite to the buying.

They have three mini travel size brush sets, and two sets of lipglass/lipstick/lipliner set, and a 2 other set eye products. You can check out photos of the collection on ( bcos it would be too much for me to link all the photos and plus, im sure it's everywhere on the internet. When you preorder you are GUARENTEED the product, so no worries about not getting your hands on it.

Anywas, so basically just wanted to let you guys know, so you dont have to wait for the actually release and find out that it's all gone, cos i know that feeling and the BRUSH sets are the best thing every <3 hahaha. Btw, it the first time they are doing the preorder thing.

So the next thing i wanted to let you guys know is about my paint pot - artifact. The story is like this, i bought it a while back ago, probably half a year ago but i haven't been using it forever, and recently i decided that i wanted to use it so i went to open it and to my worst nightmare it dried up! DRIED UP, and it was CLOSED. I don't know about beeing closed/sealed TIGHTLY< but it shouldn't have dried up. So i was boo hoo for a while, cos there goes my paint pot that i barely used. So bf suggested that we bring it back and maybe they will give us a new one. Previously, i have done this before with a few of my old products. My lipglass - Love Nectar. It exploded and i brought it in and let them know about it, and they told me to just bring it in and they'll give my a new one. They write it down as an exchange. So i just wanted to let you guys know that if your Mac products are messed up, regardless of how long you have had it, you should try bring it in and teling them about it. Complain in a nice way, but don't be a diva and brat, obviously pick your fav mac sales person, or someone atleast nice, and the chances are they will give you a new one, bcos MAC makes too much money to care. hahahah.

Actually an interesting story that i was told is that, when a customer returns a product they are not allowed to resell it, so regardless of if you used it or not, it would be disposed. :/ So all they are concerned about is your satisfaction and i love that about MAC. Btw, you should also go to the Mac Pro store for these things, I don't reccomend the counters at the Bay, if you can always try the stores.

So yeah that's my story. I just went in and started by asking them if there was a way to save my poor dried up paint pot and then she explained that it may be a chance that it could still work, so then i showed her and she WAS EVEN SAD about it. Only make up lovers would understand :) I asked her if all the paint pots happen like that, and i told her that mine was sealed, and i don't know why it happened. WHICH is true. so now the moral of the story, BE CAREFUL with ur PAINTPOT. Close it tightly.

im' just happy i got a new artifact, it's a BEAUTIFUL plum colour <3


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