Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sushi Annihilation

I didn't know how to spell annnihilation so i had to google it.

Tonight we were craving sushi, because we had some from Green Tea yesterday night, because it was homecoming week for Western and Richmond (downtown) is suppose to be busy so we had to go to be part of the part-y, and decided to go to get sushi, instease of Moxies, since i've been wanting to eat sushi after i saw a flyer from Asahi Sushi. So we went there tonight for take out, and it looks delicious :) i thought i start getting into the food blogging. Plus, sushi always look so pretty, you just want to take pics of it.

Yes, it was yummy, though i like Green Tea more. They're rolls are bigger and the rice is GOOD, and in thicker layers. Plus Green Tea looks better decorated. Asahi has pretty menus. hahaha. The waitress is good looking too. She was really professional. You don't see too much of that when you go to asian places. I hate it when i go to Wonder Sushi and the waitress doesn't even know english. The HEK, why are you working there, half the people that go in speak english.

ANYWAS. Yummmm

I want to eat more after looking at those pictures. It's like, where did all the sushi go just a few minutes ago??!


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