Friday, September 17, 2010

Back in School, Future Posts & Updates!

Have you started school yet? This was the first week of school for me! My schedule is pretty sweet. I have many 2-3 hour lectures, but i finish by 12.30 noon 3 of the 5days. Two days of the week i have night class - which i don't think i mind too much, because they tend to be shorter then expected! Only thing that's been making me depress all the money spent on textbooks! $800 on textbooks? SERIOUSLy??!!

As you may expect, with school in, my blog would be pretty dead, BUT i really want to stay in touch with friends that read my blog, SOooo i've thought it'd be neat to do the 360 day challenge! Instead of making it 360 days, i'm only going to do this for the school year which is roughly 8mos * 4w * 7d= 224 days. hahaha. What i will do is basically post a picture(s) about something that happen that day with a few comments i wanna make. It just makes blogging SO MUCH shorter, quickier and more frequent - which i think is great. THE downside to this is - there won't be too many beauty posts! They tend to take me more than an hour to write, and i just don't have that kind of time right now.

ALSO, the TRUTH is - i'm no longer as makeup addicted as i WAS. Honestly, i haven't bought make up in SUCH A LONG TIME. I'm quite proud of myself!! It doesn't turn me on the same way anymore! hahaha. So, needless to say that i won't have too many beauty related topics to write about for now. I will try to squeeze in a beauty related post once in a while though! HOWEVER, i've recently got a vanity! Once i finish setting it up and all, i will definitely post about it! so stay tune.

THE BAD news about not being make up obbsessed anymore - i've been CLOTHES obsessed??! I love PINK, BEIGE, LACE, and ruffles/friles clothing to the point that it's all i've been literally buying recently.

this i found at H&M, instantly fell in love at first sight. It comes in brown & white also.

the one of the left, i found at winners, and on the right at forever 21

Last week of summer, my bf and i also went to toronto to pick up this baby. One of the most gorgeous bag, i've been loving............ But no- it's not Mine. LOL don't be silly - the price tag on this bag is just crazy. I just had to take a picture of it! We went to pick this up for his mother. Shes one lucky lady :)

The inside felt so luxurious!

This is pretty much a random post, hahaha, but i hope it killed some of your time. Thanks for dropping by. Lastly, i have this picture to share with you. I was on a ferris wheel at the CNE. It looks beautifuL!(taken durign the last few weeks of my summer vacation)

Hi Chan, i've missed you :)


Makeup Morsels said...

yay good to hear from you again!! I love the zipper detailing on the F21 top and wow your mom is very lucky :) I've been in school for about a week and a half now, so tired!

Salisha said...

What beautiful clothes! I too like what you :)
Hope you are good classes.


L4pinkpetal said...

lol that's so true, I'm the same way. Its either I want all the makeups in the world or all of the cute clothes in the whole mall lol

Anonymous said...

ahh can i be make up AND clothes addicted? :) lovely clothes <33

The Little Dust Princess said...

I was at the Ex this year as well. Had a lot of fun because I actually went on the rides this time. It's been sooo long. LOL Great clothing picks! A lot of pink. haha

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