Saturday, September 18, 2010

$ Textbooks $

Whenever the school year rolls around, i fear many things. First, the homework load, the lack of sleep, caffine, and the long travelling distance, but of all this, i dread buying textbooks the most.

Each year, textbooks always seem to add up. There are ALWAYS new editions of the SAME textbook being published and sold (all they do is really add a few new paragraphs on a few pages in the new addition) & sadly that's how they are making money off of us constantly. Even if your lucky to find that you don't need the new edition and manage to snatch yourself a used book at the used bookstore it's still very expensive!

Sadly this year, my university bookstore decided to buyout the "USED bookstore" and jacked up all the prices of used textbooks from that store. Hence, instead of having a range of low and high prices for the same book, they are now all the same jacked up price. The reason i say this is, because used books at that Bookstore is always 80-90$,(i rather get a nice pair of jeans) never below that.

BUT, here is the goodnews that's putting a smile on my face. I've been able to sell almost all of my last year books + one from my first year!!! YAY!! I was NOT ABLE to sell ANY of my textbooks from first year, because new editions all came out, so i was stuck with $800+ worth of books on my bookshelf collecting DUST! That'd like excess inventory that can not get sold. How sad :( But - i'm super lucky this year to have sold almost all my books from last year. After calculating, i will be making approx. $400 backs on my textbook! I just want to splurge it, but the sad truth is it's just there to fund part of my textbooks this year.

I sold my textbooks through kijiji ( an "ebay" that is local ) if anyone was wondering, it's awesome. Best tip i'd give is, make sure you update your ad after a while, and make sure u do it during the first week of school, because that's when a lot of students are searching high and low for books. Asking friends to pass the word around is also very helpful. Oh and definitely try to get to know upper year students in the same program, because chances are they will have textbooks that you'd want next year & being friends - you'll get nice hookups (but ofcourse don't be their friends for just that reason, hahah) Good luck selling your textbooks!

That's the highlight for today. I'm a happy student - for now.

Does anyone actualy collect their textbooks? I have a friend that does, and i thought it's the strangest thing yet.


Anonymous said...

I agree, textbooks are expensive.. I hate it when one book quickly comes out with a new edition... some of them are almost the same. :(

Goodluck with school! :)


Steph said...

omg this story sounds familiar!! Are you by any chance from London?? LOL!

Cydia said...

I should sell my textbooks too....i hate school textbooks its so expensive!! we pay for school and now textbooks!! needa be RICH to go to school lol

The Little Dust Princess said...

Textbooks are expensive, but I sell them every year. haha I also sell my clothes and stuff .. and I work. So money is always rolling in. LOL

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