Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Monitor

Got a new monitor today. My old one couldn't keep up. The screen would turn off after i turn it on. It won't start working until 10 minutes. I know it's time for a new mointor - My old gateway one has served me well (probabably like 7-8 years) Since my dad got one for his home entertainment, but doesn't really need it, i exchanged it and paid a little more for myself. hahaha.

Welcome the Samsung SyncMaster 20" Widescreen LCD Monitor (B2030) - Black to the new family. The price is budget friendly, and i like the rounded edges. :D

At the moment, my boyfriend is hooking the tv tuner that he got from his laptop several years ago (but never used) so that i can have cable on my monitor. AWESOME! LOL. I'll even have a remote control !

Aside from this, i'm currently designing my room. Lots of new furniture, a whole new look. Can't wait to show you guys!

Take care, & thanks for still reading my blog


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