Thursday, June 10, 2010

How is YOUR summer?

hi all! how are you today?

I realized it's been a while since I've done a personal blog post, so i thought i'd share what i've been up to the past month, all in one post. There will be quite a bit of pictures, but who doesn't love pictures right?

Two weeks ago, i went out of the city with a best friend who i've grown up with, my brother&his gf, & my bf to do some outlet shopping, as well as visit my bff. I'm actually dress shopping, because i'll be going to a wedding this summer <3 super excited ! Most of the day consisted of shopping, and eating.

We even had fine dinning for lunch at Baton Rouge-that has lobster in almost all their dishes! We didn't expect it to be so expensive, but it was be too embarrassing to walk out after getting seated. LOL. Definitely go there if you want to have lobster and steak. However, we were just there for some lunch, not some lobster feast! I would like to go back there for lobster someday though!

excuse the food, i remembered to take pictures in the middle of eating. LOL. Their fries are soooooooo good. And the lobster pasta was delicious!

I didn't take much pictures, because we were all busy shopping, and i can never remember to take pictures.

Anywho, my last stop was dinner with my bff, whom met up with us. I haven't seen her in months, and i miss her very much. She's been working too much - workaholic, so i haven't had the chance to talk to her much! anywas, i was in the city to do some shopping, but she didn't have anything she needed to get, so we just did dinner at a Chinese resturant. I can't remember exactly what it was called, but it was decent. i think i much rather have her cook for me, because i know she is amazing - plus she loves cooking. WHAT more to ask. a BFF who loves to cook!

Anh & Cindy, otherwise known as lifeoftemptation i LOVE her

There are a few more photos of us, but she has them on her camera. God, i really need a hair cut. My hair is out of controL! haha

the girls, the boys refused to take a picture. :S

That wraps up that day.

So during the last few weeks, the weather here was fab! it was very hot, and sunny, but lately it's been glommy and chilly - weird.

we decided to go Go-Karting @ East park. It was still pretty empty, but for some reason when we went go-karting there was lots of people.

The track isn't very big, but it was fun. We all raced each other, but i ended up losing. I'm hoping to go to the Go-Karting place somewhere in kitchener this summer. Bff said that it's very big.

no comment. LOL

That day, we were also in the mini "arcade", but it was so sad, half the machines were busted. My friend actually made a comment, "Is EVERYTHING broken in here?!!" I think the guy was a little embarassed, and the girl working there was laughing her ass out. By the end, our tickets were only enough for us to redeem some candies. haha

Followed by Mini Golfing at Glen Park (i think that's what it's called) I haven't been to this golf course yet, it was actually very pretty inside. We all got bitten by mosquitos though. LOL

me & my bff that i grew up with

mybaby golfing.

while we were leaving, we saw ducks. LOL how cute, they were taking a family walk.

by the time we were finished golfing, it was already 7ish, and we were all starving, so we decided to have a sushi buffet at Wonder Sushi. I love it there! All the side dishes were cooked to perfection! I can't wait to return.

bf doesn't like fish, but surprisingly, he liked this one..:/ that's when i know it's GOOD, because i have the PICKiEST boyfriend ever.

i love the scallop. it was so delicious. It was my first time trying this. I'm a big seafood fan. Squids, lobsters, shrimp, scallop, crabs = LOVE

i'd have to say the sushi was okay with me. Nothing extrodinary, however, i have a friend would claim this the best sushi place in my city.

& it's quite sad to say this, but the thing i looked forward to the most was the Green Tea icecream. OMG. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE Green Tea Icecream. I want an icecream maker just to make that. LOL.

below is mango, greentea, and mocha. This is not my bowl of icecream. I only ate green tea.

Aside from eating out, and going out, i have also had the opprotunity to do a few makeup looks for my girls. I won't be able to post the other one, because my friend does not like to have her face on the internet. However, i am able to share with you a makeup look i did on my bff, after we came back from sephora.

we were in sephora for hours, and this is what she got. She LOVES Dior, and apparently this is the new palette, because she does't have it, and she owns all of the ones that have been released. It's a beautiful palette, purple and pink is always pretty!

Profile On her EyesI used the middle shade in the inner corner and inner lid. I then used the pink shade all over her lide, and the purple above the crease. Lastly i used the dark charcol colour in the crease. I did not use the grey shade.

On her face i believe i used my foundation on her, the Elizbeth Arden in Soft Cameo. It a tad shade ligght, however worked beautifully on her.

On her cheeks i used the makeupforever HD blush in shade 07. Suitted well on her tan skin.

On her lips: sorry girls, i can't recall. It's a while back now. I tend to mix shade as well, so i really can't remember what i put on her lips.

I made her eyes a little more dramatic than i usually would on someone else, because she has monolids, so when she opens her eyes, most of the time you will not be able to see much of the eyeshadow. I'm thinking of doing a pic-torial fof doing eye make up for monolids and such. It will depend on how motivated and determined i am. LOL

And this is the end of the post. i hope you enjoyed reading my post, take care and don't forget to tell me how your summer is going!


-AnGiEpInK- said...

My summer is super duper fun.. Get a chance to spent most of my time with BF and my family.. Plus I shop a lots.. I love all your tops and dress hun..Those food are yummy.. =P..

sugar sugar said...

Looking at all those photos of food made me hungry. LOL! :)

Looks like you're having loads of fun. Summer in the Philippines is like all year round since we only have two seasons here. x)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I loved this post <3 I can tell you took a lot of time to make this one :)

Seems like you've really been enjoying your summer hun ^__^ That's really good to see!

& Oh my goodness, those food pictures are making my mouth water. I'm ALWAYS drooling over people's food pictures, always, I can't help it. I love food too much. LOL

ChinaDoll said...

It is too hot here in Philippines but these past few days, rainy drops are starting to kick in, better prepare for the rainy days. ♥

The food oh gosh the food, they all look mouthwatering yum yum! lol


Aww you're such a good make up artist. Oh my goodness, post more food pictures... they make me HUNGRY. And they look DELISHHHH!!!

mashimarokisses said...

omgosh, that palette you got from DIOR looks so pigmented. I think when I get paid I'm going to get it lol

Makeup Morsels said...

My summer just started today after my last final! It feels surreal because this year was so stressful I feel like I should still be studying right now lol, it should take awhile for the feeling to set in. Your food pics are making me super hungry right now. The one thing that bothers me about Dior is that they don't release matte shades anymore. I have a very old Dior quintet that has some gorgeous matte shades, but I haven't seen a single matte shadow from Dior, year after year it's always shimmer and that bugs me a bit because their formula is sooo smooth. Anyways, gorgeous EOTD on your friend, you blended it out really well.

Irene said...

WOW Dior color looks fab! Looks like you're enjoying the Summer to it's fullest so far!

LOL at the handprints!!! :)

Kim said...

WOW i like the eyes! its gorgeous. you are very talented hun. Hope you could follow me back as well. Im a new follower thanks

Charlotte said...

Adorable pictures of you and your friends! Im following you! Follow me at:

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a great time with some fun friends, and the food looks great (although I have to admit that the green tea ice cream here in Tokyo is probably better ;-) The next time you are in Tokyo, we'll take you to a store that specializes in green tea icecream and other western/eatern desserts. ^^

Nott said...

Ho gosh! I'd love going to Baton Rouge!!! Louisiana is some kind of dream to me, i'd love to discover (well if we exclude the BP disaster...) and your food seems amazing!! Is it expensive to go to restaurant in those places?
Have a nice sunny day! said...


I don't know what to call you because I've never been given a name. So we'll call you woman BUT this is probably my favourite post so far! It has little to do with makeup, food, couple pics, and places I can actually visit in canada XD Let me start.

I love eating at baton rouge!! I usually have the goat cheese sausage pasta <3 Their fries are sooo good man >< some kind of seasoning they use on it for sure. Thanks for showing me these pics just before dinner time though, really appreciate it *insert intense sarcasm*.

I haven't seen my closest friend in months either. It's so sad how we drift apart as we grow up, people we talked to every day in high school go on and do their own things. I truly realize that growing up isn't all good. The handprints over their cleavage made me laugh though LOL... this is why I like my girlfriend dressing conservatively (i dont have one right now).

East park looks like a peaceful place... too bad about the broken arcade heh but woman you have to come down to toronto more often~ The sushi place you left a comment on is called:

122 Elizabeth Street, Toronto, ON M5G1P5, Canada‎ - (416) 599-5557‎

It's down the street from Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto so you can do a couple things at once when you visit us again? I love green tea but two years ago I discovered black sesame flavoured ice cream and I can't go back :S said...

also, hrm I skimmed through the last few posts and it seems that I never replied to you/ it never went through.

-what a coincidence we both had sushi in the same week and posted about it too :) when i first walked into the tiny sushi restaurant I DID think it would be horrible. It was cramped as hell and I just don't like places that claustrophobic (I also hate seafood restaurants because of the atmosphere and dumb decorations). But it was indeed authentic, even the sushi chefs cutting up stuff were speaking Japanese that day! I don't know about ---d--(censored your city for privacy) but there are quite a few authentic Japanese places here. I'm sad to say that being authentic isn't always better, I went to "Konnichiwa" on Baldwin Street (toronto) once. Real Japanese owners, waitress pretty. The food was SO mediocre though. They put two packs of nissin instant noodles, added a few seaweed slices and charged me $14.00 for it. INSTANT NOODLES. It said "ramen" on the menu!! Sad.

Take care now. You are the prettiest one in that pic of the girls. Well done.

Maeve Rachel said...

Oh wow that looks like SO much fun! Glad your having a good summer and it seems like your certainly making the most of it! =D

arsyparsy said...

Wowwww! the food looks great. I'm hungry now :'(
I went to an arcade two nights ago and only won 3 rubbers and a keychain... LOL :( loserish i know hahahahha
and i really like how you combined the colours on the palette!!! looks good. I must try it :D

Jesa said...

The food on your blog always looks SO good!!
You are so gorgeous!!

Really lovely blog!

Cheers, Jesa

Melissa-Anne said...

love the make up on your friend=)

i have something for you at my blog! come check it out:D

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