Saturday, June 5, 2010

NYX Round Lipstick Swatches + Review

hello everyonenee!!

today, i'm super happy and excited to swatch and review these awesome NYX Round Lipstick. I must be the last person to try these! I just recently got them in the mail, (i can't purchase these where i'm from) and i'm loving these! The hype and rave about these lipsticks are true!

After much research i've ordered 6 of the lipsticks i thought were popular and pretty.

(left to right)
Circe, Thalia, Tea Rose, Louisiana, Fig, Narcissus

they are colour coded at the bottom, which i find a neat idea, because it's easier to find the colour, especially if you have tons of lipsticks.

Circe, Thalia, Tea Rose, Louisiana, Fig, Narcissus

this is how heavenly it looks....O.O

and a close up of the lipsticks in two different lighting
Louisiana, Fig, Narcissus --Narcissus,Fig,Louisiana

Circe, Thalia, Tea Rose, --Thalia,Tea Rose,Circe

Thalia, Tea Rose,Louisiana, Fig, Narcissus. I swatched these with a light hand, and they came out SUPER pigmented.

i accidently forgot Circe. LOL


- these are super pigmented. The finish is creamy, opague like Mac Amplified lipsticks finishes (applies on like amplified, but looks like lustre!LOVE THIS) & they do not dry out my lips
- will cover very pigmented lips
- very affordable
- comes in 144 shades, i'm sure there is something you'll love!

- may stain lips
- not easily accessible for me
- some colours may "bleed" so you might want to use a lipliner.

-they are scented. It smells very sweet, and girly . I actually like the way they smell, so it doesn't bother me.

Overall, i look forward to purchasing some more. I actually really LOVe the formula of these lipsticks. I love Mac, and i love Mac lipsticks, but they tend to dry out my lips, and most of the time they don't cover my pigmented lips very well unless i use a lip pencil, or layer on a ton of layers. With these lipsticks, ONE layer is more then enough. I really love them, can you feel my excitement?

Absolutely the BEST DRUGSTORE lipsticks i've tried.

Recommendations Top favs in order

1. Narcissus -a bright cool tone bubblegummie pink
2. Tea Rose -natural pink for everyday
3. Fig -peachy lip colour that gives a little pop. Less dramatic then Narcissus, but more noticable then Tea Rose
4. Louisiana - bright hot pink with red undertone

Thalia - didn't work out with me. I got this because people said they loved it, but i found the brownish-purple undertone made me look awkward

Circe - i don't know how i feel about this shade, i kind of match my skin tone a little too well?

for lip swatches click here


Renay Shanel said...

I own 23 NYX round lipsticks and I loooove them all, great quality for the price :)

sugar sugar said...

Thank you for the swatches! :) I always like looking @ swatches for reference.

NYX isn't locally available in my country and online sellers charge x2 of the original price. :(

Makeup Morsels said...

Have you tried NYX single shadows? They have such a nice selection of colors, the textures vary, but all of them have nice pigmention. I love how Tea Rose, Thalia, and Circe look.

xbbkay said...

@ Makeup Morsels, i have tried their single eyeshadows, but i dont own too many. The colours i get access to in the stores are quite limited! I agree the pigmentation in their products are awesome!

Nott said...

Ho! I wanted to order some nyx liipstick on Cherryculture not long time ago, but... I ordered instead some vegan lipsticks from Morgana. I'm still waiting for them. :). Your lips are really nice, it's a pleasure to see your lips watches.

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