Friday, June 18, 2010

Photoshoot Behind the Scenes & Photoshop

Hi all!

A few days ago, i joined my friend in a fun photo shoot. She found a photographer through facebook and was interested in her work so she decided to book an appointment to take a few professional photographs. She called me to ask if i'd like to join her in a few shots, and have a "best friend" kind of photographs. I was excited, but a little nervous, because i never did anything like this before but in the end it was super fun.

She also did our make up, prior to the photoshoot. I've learned quite a few things, such as how flash photography/bright sunlight can really wash out the colour and reveal all your flawness, if you don't pack on the makeup! So i probbaly had like 6 pounds of makeup on me. My eyebrows were drawn in super dark as well. It looked like i had two burnt sauages on my forehead. LOL, but it turned out rather nice in photographs. It took us probably 4 hours to finish makeup and the photo shoot.

This is how my makeup looked that day

The picture looked a bit different from my usuals right? With all the professional photography i've seen, i was inspired to Photoshop once again. I've always loved photoshop and i've done tons of graphics on it for many years, but i've stopped for the longest time. However, i've never done anything like editing photographs professionally. I was so intrigued, i did a little research and tried it for myself. I'm offically a little obsessed with it <3 LOL. So i thought i'd share with you all, what i've learned.

But before i do that, i'd like to show you some unedited photos at the park

& now onto my photoshopping skills...ha ha ha..

prior to this day my bff and i went shopping. I got this dress at Marisa for $20.00 CAD. I thought it's super cute...i almost can't recognize myself in these photos..I guess it's mainly due to my eye makeup

These photos were taken by my bf, while we were walking around the park & photoshopped by yours truly. The actual professional photograhs taken that day, will be posted another time, as were still waiting for the photographer to finish editing it.

In these photos, i mainly played with the colour, lighting and contrast. In all of them, i blur the background to ensure more attention is on the foreground. I've also added the lighting flare to the photographs.

My bf likes to catch me off guard.

& lastly....<3 for my readers

thanks for reading! i'll be sure to share the photos from the photoshoot when i get them! <3 Take care!


Eva said...

Wow, I love the colors in the edited photos :D


Adeline said...

You look absolutely stunning love!!! The pink dress is super cute!You're pretty good with photoshopping :D Can't wait to see the actual photographs.=P

tramstabalaboopy said...

You're so beautiful! :3333 The picture of your lovely pink dress goes SO well with that deep blue coloured water :3333

Gorrgeeousss :]

Dolce♥Bunny said...

beautiful!!! It is different but I like it! You look sooo gorgeous in those pic! Love it~

Susie said...

I like your makeup a lot :) You look stunning! & that park is very pretty =)

With Love, Elle said...

i wanna do eyes like urs, but me no expert! i wanna have the illusion of deep eye socket too!

xoxo elle

Anonymous said...

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tomi // my tiger lily makeup said...

These pictures are beautiful, I'm excited to see the actual ones from the photoshoot! Editing photos can get addicting..

Anonymous said...

Very nice photos! The dress looks fantastic and at a price that's a steal!

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