Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mac To the Beach Collection

Mac- To the Beach collection has been released for weeks now, but I haven't gotten the chance to check it out. The other day, my friend wanted to go to the mall to pick up a sunscreen, so i decided to go with her and we droppped by Mac.

I knew what i wanted, and that is Hipness Blush. I believe this was released before in another collection, but this was wayy before i got into makeup, so i'm not sure. It's a beautiful bright corally pink. i've been really loving this shade of pink for blushes lately.

a finger swatch. I love this colour. it's gorgeous. If you can only get one item from the collection, i recommend this. Hipness Looks a little corally hmm?

This is a lipglass in Splashing, beautiful colour. All the lipglass colours are pretty from this collection, but this one stood out to me the most!

Here i have
Splashing l/g, Nars Deep Throat, & Hipness .

On the side note, I thought that Hipness looked like Nars Deep Throat while i was swatching it, so i decided to swatch them side by side, and i realized i was wrong. Even though the colours look completely different in the compact, for some reason i thought they were similar when i swatched it...

Here they are side by side again for your comparison.

Nars Deep Throat, shows up as a true baby pink with a subtle gold sheen finish. Mac Hipness is a brighter pink, that looks a bit coral-ish when swatched on my arm.

Here is a picture without flash. Depending on the lighting, they could look similar.

with flash
Left(Mac Hipness) Right (Nars Deep Throat)

without flash
Left(Mac Hipness) Right (Nars Deep Throat)

Both colours are beautiful, nontheless. Both are my current favs.

One item i thought i would HAVE TO GET, is the Marine Life Highighter, but i thought about it for a while, and realized that i don't have much use for it. I just really wanted it, because it looked so beautiful in the packaging. Then, while i was reading reviews, i realized that the "picture" will fade away, so that kind of turned me off, & pretty much stoppped me from getting it. This is how it looks like if you guys were wondering..

Does anyone have this? How do you like it?

Did you guys get anything from this collection? What was your favourite? I'd love to hear about it!


Jess said...

Oh, what a lovely haul! The Hipness blush looks so good against your skintone!

Grace said...

I didn't get either of these, but that blush looks so pretty!
I didn't actually get any makeup from this collection because none of it appealed to me, but I did get the 130 brush, which is absolutely amazing! xx

Ashley said...

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Makeup Morsels said...

Hipness is a super pretty color for summer, hehe you really are on a blush kick lately. With the Marine Life powder, the gold overspray goes away, but the actual picture/embossing will stay. I saw swatches of it online, and they both seem like nice colors.

tomi // my tiger lily makeup said...

Hipness seems really really really pretty as a cheek color! Ah! I really want that along with SWEET AND PUNCHY. YUM

mashimarokisses said...

hey love. I actually got the high lighter, I actually didn't use it yet. But I was going to get the blush that you got from the collection hipness. When I tested out in the Mac store the high light actually was kind of similar to the blush you bought. The only slight difference was that hipness was more coral. Overall I liked it :)

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