Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Joke

so i was surfing the net, and going thru some people's blog randomly, and i happen to bump into one where the owner posted this joke, and i couldn't help myself and just had to jack it cos i thought it was halirious....and dirty. hahaha. what a good way to take a break from studies.

but anywas, i hope you enjoy it. Life is short, spend it in laughters and smiles.
One day a little girl was watching cartoons when a porno came through. The little girl asked her mom "What are they doing?" The girls mom said "baking a cake."

Then the next day they were walking in the park and there were these people making out and the girl said "look mommy they are baking a cake!"

The next day the girl says "mommy you and daddy were baking a cake last night."

Her mom replied "how did you know?" The girl said "because I licked the icing off the sofa!"

so i hope everyone is having fun back in schoool, work, wherever life is taking you. I will go back to doing some biz now. There's a case i need to do :) the weekend in around the corner. Hopefully this week will be much better than the last.



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