Sunday, September 27, 2009

I will blog Soon

so i didn't get around to blogging this weekend, but rest assure i will be back with a blog. Perhapes a Haul. Perhapes, some Nail Stuff, Perhapes, some Hair stuff. But i am blogging just because my my bf wants to know how i blog. So yes...This is for you boyfriend, even though u are sitting right beside me and reading this. hahaha

Sometimes we are werid, but i guess that's how life is. you just got to be a man about it.

OH YEAH..MAC Black Style, and The creme Dazzle glass are out!! ahhhhhh!! love


so yes, i wil be back..sometime this week...u will see...hahahah

P.S. sorry to much studying today, i'm kind

:) enjoy your day now.


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