Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Tip on Curling Lashes

Since we are on the lashes topic. I just thought i'd share a tip that i've picked up a while back from a forum when it comes to curling your lashes. Alot of the time, i see girls curling their lashes and their lashes look bent and that just doesn't look pretty. You want your lashes to look effortless curled. So here's my tip.

An easy way to fix this is, curl your lashes the way you do, but curl it outwards. What i mean is. Start curling your lashes right near the root (ofcourse where you are most comfortable with) then move the curler outwards by a few milimeters and curl it again. This way you have a gradual curl, not just bent looking lashes. I do about three curls on each lash. Do as many as you need.

P.S. i have revised the post before this, so check it out :)


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