Saturday, September 19, 2009

A post Dedicated to my wife; Nancy

So may i warn you that this is a picture spam.

My long lost xx.wifey came to see me today, since she will be abandoned for 5 weeks, and decided to pay a visit because she had to drive her daddi down for a checkup with a specialist.

She has such long healthy hair that i had to destroy it with the Chi. hahaha. j/k. I wanted to experiment, because i don't have long hair like that right now, so i thought i curl her hair with soft curls, because she doesn't think tight curls would look good on her. *heart shape face, and volumious curls just emphasize the width of the face. So swirls looked cute on her.

Also i thought it would be a good way to test out the Chi. Overall there was steam coming from the straightener. THe hair didn't not tug on her HEALTHY hair and curling was a breeze. Though i did have some difficulty because the chi wasn't long enough in wide, so sometimes when i take wide chunks it would all slip out. The flat iron's grasp on the hair isn't very strong. You have to hold it realy tight. So that's a good and bad thing. Maybe thats why it doesn't tug on the hair. But overall, i'm loving this flat iron.

PLUS: This probbaly took 15-20 minutes. It always take me longer than that with SHORT HAIR and with a REAL CURLING IRON.

This is the result:
a before:


As you can see, i went a ltitle crazy taking pictures. I'm starting to think i should be a photographer. hahahaha jk.

So i also gave her a full makeover, because she dosn't wear make up, so i thought it'd be neat to experiment. I swear, i have never encounter anyone twitching as much as she does. You know when the person doesn't wear make up WHEN! hahaaha. we had alot of difficuly putting liquid eyelinear on her! hahaha. Curling her lashes was also dangerous. ..hahhaha..

"tell me if it hurts, cos i did it for my cousin and i clamped her skin off"
"it was an accident"
"Can i do it myself?"
"ok, go. WAIT! ur not aloud to see ur make up yet"
................her fate was in my hands...hahahaha

Everything went fine. i just couldn't do a good job curling her lashes because she kept moving and scared shitless of the curler. ..SIGHH.. hahahaha

I forgot to take a clear picture of her make up, so i will redo it onmyself and post a picture of the look another time, when i get a good pic of it.

p.s. Enjoy nguoi yeu. I hope you are happy now, since this post is basically dedicated to you and your volumious hair. hahaha.


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