Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas and New Years Wrap Up

I know i'm kind of late on updates on my christmas and new years, but those are such busy times of the years, that all your time is spent with the ones you love so personal time has been neglected.

Christmas this year...was a bit sad. I didn't feel like christmas. I didn't feel all jolly and happy. In fact, new years, was just "another day" sadly.

I would love to reflect on 2009, but frankly, my memory is dyin on me. I barely remember what i did a few months ago, let alone the whole year.

I guess if you've been reading my blog, you would already know :)

Lets start with christmas eve. My bf and i had a get together at his sister and her bf place. Bf's cousins were staying over at his sisters place for the holiday, and we were invited over for the countdown. I also brought my brothers so it'd be more fun.

So we went over and played some rock band. THen we started to all get hungry, and searched for a mcdonalds that was opened, but sadly we came back without any bigmacs. It was quite sad. I didn' thtink i really wanted MC.D so bad that day. haha

SO when we got back, his sister had these frozen personal size pizzas that she has in the freezer. We heated it up in the oven, and popped some pop corns, and watche d a movie called. "DRAG me to HELL". The movie is ridicculous. IT's basically a story of an old women that curse this younge lady who works at a bank, because they would not extend her payments on the mortgage. The OLD women was so ....gross...arggg..u just have to watch the movie. It's not even SCARY. IT"S FUNNY as hELL> hahaha. i dont' think they intend to make it funny. But it's so pathetic, and disgusting that's it funny. We couldn't stop laughing.

We wanted to watch a scary movie, because well...his sister and their cousins watched paranormal activities that night before and started rambling how it's SOO scary, and they were making us all interested in the movie, but we couldn't watch it because they all watched it already. IT was so scary that they all slept in the same bed that night. hahaha.

THis led bf, brothers and i to watch it a few days later. It was so gay, but the ending was that really happen? I guess because the movie was filmed. I thought it was so gay at first, but then when i went to bed at night, i was so scared, i couldn't sleep. SO i kept bf up over the phone, until my phone died on me. :( THat was when i had to be a man to go to bed.

But anywas, didn't really take any pictures that night. We only got one group photo and here it is. Kong and I ruined it though, but its such a pretty picture i had to share. THe christmas tree is just so pretty! Steven's cheeks are puffy from the surgrey! haha. LIttle brother took the picture

So let me think back to what i've done on Christmas. Christmas break, was a very..filling break. I must've gain weight from all the eating. I've had two christmas dinner that night. THe first one with my family, and the second with Kong's (bf) family.

My brother steven, had his wisdom teeth pulled out during the break so he couldn't eat. He's the eater in the family and without him, let's just say the food gets thrown away. So we had this MASSIVE big turkey ( I never knew they could be so gigantic) but she decided not to make it on christmas, because the rest of the family + Kong, would never finish it. So instead she made roast beef. Which i didn't complain about, because we always have turkey and it's time for a change!

WE opened presents in the afternoon. OUr christmas day started late, because we all stayed up until 3 on christmase eve. haha

Mine and Kong's present to his parents. IT's perfume and cologne. The one of the left i wrapped myself. Pretty huh?? i'm quite proud! haha

This is kong's present to my family. His style of wrapping is quite unique i must say...haha. He had to wrap them all the same paper so that they know it's from him. hahah

Here is a few snap of our...dinner..hahahah..You could so tell it's ASIAN! hahaha

It was a very filling and good dinner. Kong does't usually get a chance to have a meal with my family, and it was very nice.

Since everything was closed, we pretty much stayed at home and just spent time with the family. I mean that is what it's all about right? We had dinner together, and it was very good! haha ...we made steven jealous, but he tried his best to chew on some meat with his two front teeth. hahaha..

So later that night, we took some pictures before we went over to Kong's sister place for dinner. I didn't take much pictures. but here are some before we left:

bf was lazy to do his hair, so he looked very vietnam that day. it's okay. he's still my vietnam boy

This is me beating him up

This is when he's injured. haha

Later that night we had "magic berry". It's a pill you take, ( no not a drug silly) and you let it dissolve in your mouth, and you want to cover tongue and everything with the pill. After it has completely dissolved you can eat anything sour, and it would taste sweet. So to put it to the test, we all took a TINY sip of vinegar , and these fruits.

IT was SWEET> i wouldn't say it's Sweet to the point that you don't recoginze what the fruit taste like. But it definately does make everything you eat so sweet. Try it out if you get a chance!

THe Lemon taste like lemonade. And the strawberry just taste SOOO amazing.
a snap of the fruit plate. SO COLOURFUL and pretty! haha

And that is all. There are some other stuff that happened, but there's too much, and i'm getting quite lazy and tired right now. haha..

Thanks for reading!


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