Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thank You for Loving me

To be loved, is a blessing. To experience love, and to find love is a pleasure. I woke up this morning, thinking of this phrase after I've read a text message.

Sometimes i question myself for why I'm so lucky to find who i have found. To have experience what i did, and to receive all the love and care that i never knew existed and sometimes all of this feels undeserving. What did i do to deserve all of this? Do you ever feel this way?

That person is there through the thick and the thin. To accept who i am, and how i am. To accept all the fault and imperfection in me. To love and respect me in every way and i feel very thankful for that. I never imagine the day what I'd meet someone like that.

Sometimes it takes time to realize it, and sometimes it hits you harder when you go through rough times together. But, sometimes we don't always remember to appericate these things, because relationships will not always feel like how it was from the start. I remember watching a drama and love was described like fireworks. At the beginning it's vibrant and magical, but it then slowly dies. You might know what I'm talking about if you're in long term relationships, where there is very little room left for surprises and "getting to know each other." You can say at that point that you know them inside and out. So what happens? Relationships starts to lose it's spark

Love and relationships will never always be as exciting. There will be ups and downs and to overcome them is what will only make a prosperous relationship. In the long run you will realize what you are looking for in the other person, and how compatible you are for one another. Overtime you will discover the real person underneath all that physical barrier. I was just thinking of parents. I don't know about you guys, but mine always bicker. They don't do the corny things that they may have done when they were younger, but it doesn't mean that the love is not there. There is a reason why they are still together, and i guess it's because they have a need for one another. Afterall, in the end it's just the two of you.

I will never forget what my mom has told me about what my dad has said. He said. Our kids, they will go up and they will leave us one by one, but he would be with her until the end.

People often lose their path way when a relationship starts to get dull or "wrong", but do you ever stop to think why it's that way? Have you contributed to it and how can you make improvements? Did you give it your all? Sometimes we just need to reflect on ourselves and less on the other person whom you think is at fault. This applies to ANY relationship problem.

So the moral of this post? I'm not sure. I guess it's a bit of a rant, and a bit of a relfective post. Gives you a little bit to think about hmMM? But I hope you hold onto the ones you love, and stop to realize how special and blessed you may be.


Anonymous said...

I will give to you my love and chicken wings. Both are Yummy......^^

Anonymous said...

btw I am Yolanda and I cannot show my name so sad...

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