Thursday, January 28, 2010

Silly Stroke Nails

My schedule is super short on thursday, so i came home and slacked.

I decided to do my nails...

It's a bit messy on the right hand, it's so hard working with the left hand!

I hope you like ittt


Life of Temptation said...

Looookkks good Anhh, I'm doing my nails right now! I hate scrubbing pots and pans. My nail is so sad.. =[ Hows your exam?!@ You didn't txt me back :(

xbbkay said...

^ i only had one exam channer. A few more to come early feb. You'll know when ive disappeared from my blog, i'm living in the library. haha.

Yeah i know what you mean. my nails always chip :(

P.S. My phone battery died. :D

fasha comeback again said...

Droping by to say hi.. :) I have new post in section news..Read.. Thanks :)
follow my blog please

littlewing said...

This is totally awesome! :D I'm so hopeless at nail art I only paint solid colours. :X

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