Monday, January 25, 2010

Head and Shoulders Mint

Hey girlies

Wow...i never thought i would blog on a Monday night. I hate my mondays. They are soo long. I don't come home until 6 ish, and by the time i get home, i eat, shower, and then i just want to sleep. I don't have time to do homework, and i pretty much lack all the motivation to bother attempting to do any homework..Ahhh..

So yeah, back to my point of this post. I just took a shower, and i just have to tell you all about this great product

This is the one i'm using!

did you laugh out? haha. I know i would if someone was raving about head and shoulders. teehee

I remember back then when i was little, i hated head and shoulders, with a passion. It smelt bad, and it made my hair feel weird.

Well anywas, my mommi buys the shampoo in this family, and the other day we ran out and i reached into the cabinet to get some shampoo and this was what was left. So desperate times...calls for head and shoulders.

I can not believe how amazing it makes my head feels. My hair feels VERY SOFT , moisturized and shinyy! I love it. I can't stop touching my hair when i used it the first time. I love the minty feel. It's this cooling, sensation when you wash out the shampoo. In fact, i feel it right now while sitting here typing this up.

wow. i'm just so amazed and surprised. Previously, i have been using Fructis, which i have learned to hate, i think it gives me dandruff and dried out hair.

Props to Head and Shoulders, for their amazing marketing and new formula. They have basically transformed this product into a completely different one. Just look at the packaging, the marketing, the advertisement, and new formula. I wish my business project will be this sucessful..:/ sigh...

Now, i know i HAVE to try the conditioner as well. I'm one of those girls that can not live without conditioner. Having pretty, soft, and healthy hair is just one of those little things that makes me happy, especially with the dry, cold weather here in Ontario..

Check it out, and give it a try if you ever get the chance!


xbbkay said...

i thought so, but i really love this shampoo. I think i love it more than pantene!

Miss K. You said...

Hey girl, you should try visiting the Hello Kitty sweets shop in taiwan someday! You've got yourself a new follower btw :) Glad to hear head&shoulders is a better brand now and I like your chinese music playlist!

Blair said...

Nice playlist! May I know what's the first song?

I might try Head&Shoulders after reading your review on it. Anything is better than Pantene ;D

And yay to Pink Please! :D :D

TrucUyen Nguyen said...

Is this product discontinued now? I can't find the mint in the market anymore.

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