Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avatar Inspired EOTD

Hi girlies!

i can't blog this weekend, or anytime this week. I have exams on this friday, and a quiz online the day before it, so i'm just gonna be studying away this week. Busy like a Beeeee. hehe

But i'm so excited, and i really want to get a chance to upload this look, so i decided to do a tease.

I said i would be doing a avatar inspired makeup look a few days ago. I got around doing it, but i didn't finish it. So here is a sneak preview:

If you haven't watched this movie yet, i highly recommend it! it is amazing! i've already watched it twice! LOL

Here are some screen caps of the prettiness:

while i did this look..i realized something ....i need more blues and teal colours..Cos trying to blend the right colour was difficult..but i tried...I must redo this look again tho!

When i have time, i'll come back to fully update this look

In the meantime, ENJOY!! and watch the movie. it's AMAZING!@! ahh..i wanna watch it again..

EDIT: SORRY, i don't feel inspired to redo this look with a FOTD. I created this look spontanously, so there is no FOTD, and i don't feel like redoing this look anytime soon. the EOTD is still good right? I'll come back to update the products i've used when i get a chance!


Anonymous said...

Wow, as from the look at the EOTD... it looks gorgeous! the colors are so amazingly vibrant!

xbbkay said...

^ Thanks guys! i had lots of fun with this look. Hopefully i have time to come back to finish this..>.<

littlewing said...

Wow, I love the colours you chose. It's very pretty! :)

And thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave a comment. :)

Rachel said...

How have I not seen this one before? It's beautiful!! Really and truly stunning, the colours are so nice and vibrant and they blend really nicely. I wish I could do makeup like you, your really talented =)

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