Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentines Day NOTD


i know i have been abandoning my blogspot for a while. It's because this is the last week of class for me until m spring/reading week. So i had midterms, and projects due. The good news is, I am now offically FREE :D

When i got home today, i had the nicest, sweetest nap, since forever. I haven't had one of those naps in a LONG LONG time. My days usually consist of waking up at 7.30-8.30. and coming home from school around 6. Can you believe it. that's almost 12 hours.

My bf's sister wonder how i'm still sane.............i say...there's a light at the end of the tunnel, bcos summer vacation is just around the corner !

but anyways, when i got up from my nap, i finished doing my nails. I finished the left hand, before i fell asleep, and then finished the right hand afterwards

This is the finally result! it took my probably 5 tries to get these. It was really hard. I had problems figuring out the colours, and design. But i do like the ending result, and i hope you do as well: ENJOY!

P.S the hearts were so hard to draw.If you have nail stickers, or nail jewels in shapes on heart, definitely try replacing my fugly hearts with them!

Step 1: Gradient with the first three colours
Step 2: Drawing heart, and design with the next three colours

Avon- Cotton Candy ( don't rec this one, i only used this for the colour- wayyy too watery )
Salley Hansen - # 28
Revlon - Berry Rhumba - Limited Edition
Essi - Blanc
Essi - Exposure
Art Deco - (no name, just look for the white one, this is FINE TIP, good for strokes..etc)

and that is it, i hope you enjoyed! Now go make your nails pretty for valentines days. HAPPY VALENTINES everyone....<3


Life of Temptation said...


I want to re-do my nails noww:D I lovee it!!!


PixyEla said...

LOVE the nails hun!! Your hearts look pretty!!!! Thanks for sharing, I'm gonna be doing V-day nails too hehe. Take care xoxo

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