Friday, February 19, 2010

Mac Bubblegum Lipstick

So from my previous post on the Mac Spring Forecast Collection, i have introduced to you the lovely Mac Bubblegum lipstick. I have been using it for the past few days, and it's like i have fallen in love all over again :D

I'm about to go out, so i thought i use this opportunity to do a FOTD with the lipstick on, so you guys can see! Swatches on the hand and on the lips can look entirely different, if you haven't already known, and i believe this is because of the pigmentation on our lips that alters the lipstick colour :)

OVERALL. Here is this baby....i'm really considering if i should get a back up :/

Here is the lippies i used..Once again

Bubblegum lipstick (glaze)
Electric Fuchsia lipglass


WOAHHHHHHHHHH. isn't it gorgeous???

I don't usually wear such bright colours, but this is really love. It's even brighter in me :D

BTW..did you notice my bows?? I got them the other day when i went to toronto. I thought they were super cute, and they were only 2 bucks tax in :D. I purposely took the picture so you guys can see my BOW :) hhehe

And that is all for my little short postt! I hope you have a wonderful NIGHT ~


Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

so pretty! the bubblegum lippie looks great on you :D

thanks for your comment btw :) i really like pastel shades too. everytime i wear the mint green polish, i like it more and more haha :D xx

vanillabeanlatte said...

wow that bubblegum lipstick looks gorgeous on you! :D where did you find the cheap bows?? :)

P.S - thanks for being a follower of my blog ;)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Those really are cute colors. And I love the bows. Forever 21 has the cutest stuff for such great prices ^__^

Anonymous said...

OH hello that lipstick looks yummy! The colour looks great on you woman! xx

Cyd said...

Hi love,

thank you so much for your sweet comment.

omg, i've beeen DYING for to get the bubblegum lipstick. in your picture did you wear the lipstick and lipgloss together or if its just the lipstick? it looks soooo pretty...i love pink lipsticks hehehehee

anyays, hope you'll have a beautiful sunday. stay gorgeous! take care

Love, Cydia

coffretgorge said...

oh my goodness how pretty! your lips look gorgeous b! :D im seriously wanting MAC's bubblegum lippie now. i love how pink it is. :)

Gaby said...

Hi Anh! (Where's "B" from? Curious xD)

Thanks for your comment! Guess I will have to clip them then! None all of my face creams sink right in -_-

I haven't tried the TRESemmé dry shampoo yet but if you are curious, you can always read my review of another dry shampoo I've made here:


DiWiMakeup said...

It looks really good on you! I'm always afraid to try out really bright colors >_<

xoxo, Diana

Jessica Mai : said...

thats a beautiful combination on you.
The colours look a little too scary in the bottle, but it looks great on the lips.

I really need to adventure into brighter colours.. Thx for the inspiration!

Jess Mai

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