Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Pink Earring...rack??!

Yesterday, i was at winners, and i found the cutest thing. It's these earring racks? i'm not sure exactly what they are called, but you use it to hang and organize your jewelry.

First off. i had an earring phase. I always had to get earrings when i was in china town, because i thought they were so cute and pretty. I love Dangling EARRINGS AS WELL!
Which will explain what you will see in a few seconds.

I had a little too much that i shove them all in this little draw i had. It was a pain to go thru it to look for my earrings, so when i saw this, i thought it'd be so perfect! What a better way? admire your earrings, and have them organized!

I forgot to take a picture before, so now i will just have to show u the finished product. probably would've looked better if i didn't have such long earrings :/

These are my favourite pair, because boyfriend got me 'em. :D :D Hence why it's at the top center :D

This came in 3 colours. Black/Pink and Pearl. I liked the pearl one, but i figure i'm gonna invest in a dark vanity, so i wanted this to pop. So bf suggested to get pink :)

i do love it :) i keep looking at it. ahaha

Now i'm thinking of getting ones for my necklaces and braclets! haha. Here are some other ones i found on the net that were pretty cute. Too bad i can't seem to find them around here.

Where else would they sell these? Anyone know?

i googled this, and i Am IN LOVEEE!! i'm not too sure wherei can find it tho :/

a rotatable one

How clever!

These are what i commonly see..:/, but i believe these are for necklaces

These would look nice for braclets!

OKAY! so i found a website, that sells these racks, and they look real nice! Take a look if you like:

i haven't ordered from them before. I just happen to really like the first one that i googled for a seller. It seems a bit pricey, but order at your own risk!

anywas, i know i'm late, but i hope everyone had a happy chinese new year, and a romantic valentineess!



e.motion in motion said...

OMG That is the cutest thing!! I want one lol! I use to be a compulsive earring collector too XD Aww those flowers are so nice too! The blue one is cool hehe.

Blair said...

Ahhh, a princess-y pink earring stand! I have never seen one in pink, black ones are more common over here :)

I love your flowers, they are so pretty! :)

xSplendidStar said...

So pretty! I always wanted one of them >_< But all I see are the one that you see often too. I just went on the website you told us about but the price is quite high >_< just for a jewellery rack. I should do some searching around my area to see if they sell these ^.^


amynaree said...

I'm loving the pink earring rack! I need one as well to organize my jewelry because right now they are all just bunched up in my drawer!

Jessica Mai : said...

ooo I love this & NEED this.

my jewellery box is a big fat mess.
It honestly takes me hours to untangle all my jewellery, in order to wear something...

-Jess Mai

PixyEla said...

I love your pink earring rack!!!!!! Ahhhhh I want one nowww haha. XD Mine are all squished into mini ziplock baggy things and stuffed into a box lol. Your earrings are so pretty too. & those flowers are just LOVE!!

Life of Temptation said...

Onnnggg for the rotating one.. Go PMALL they have a bunch LOL ;) That's really cute :D I remmeber when you put allyour earingggs in that drawer thing LOL ;) Did you get my TXT msg?

Anonymous said...

The heck? Why is your Winners so much better than all the ones I've been to? How much was the rack? I was thinking of getting one but each time I cheaped out and spent the money on more earrings. lol

I was gonna use this layout too when I saw it lol

Klaudea said...

Cute earring rack, I love dangly earrings too!

a long time ago I bought an earring rack from Claire's it was a big flower with the wire mesh in the middle for all your earrings. I didn't like it after awhile though, because I didn't want my earrings exposed to dust and stuff like that (its mostly a problem for studs). So i switched back to a jewelery box. I find to prevent your earrings from tangling you can place them in mini ziploc bags. It's also good for earrings made of metals like gold, silver etc it slows down the tarnishing if they're locked in a ziploc bag.

The bracelet rack looks like the one we used to have at work (i used to work at a jewelery store). They look nice, but if you're bracelets are made of metal they can slide off and get really annoying. Plus if the stand itself is made of metal (which I see it is) it can possibly scratch your bracelets (especially if they're made of soft metals like gold). I would try to find a wooden bracelet/necklace holder if you could. That way it won't ruin your jewelery!

Anyways cute blog!
Love the stuff you got from the Mac collection btw ;)

Take Care <3

audrey said...

wow you have an amazing collection of beautiful earrings :)
by the way after reading that i invit you to join Noriki and me dangly earrings giveaway, i think that it can interest you :) =>

have a great day :)

vanillabeanlatte said...

love winners! in fact i just made a post on my mini haul at winners :) i saw an earring rack at claire's one time of the eiffel tower and i regret not buying it now :(

audrey said...

yes it's a pity... anyway thank you very much for your compliment :) i'm really glad to read that :)
have a nice sunday :)

Jessy said...

lol i alwasy go to winners to get new fashion finds and wt not, but ive nvr seen a pink earring stand/ but its sooooo pretty

jalyssacakex said...

Omggggg that pink rack is adorable! Where did you get it? what a great post !

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