Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nerding it

Hi gUYS!

it's 9.30 AM and im in the library, i dont have class until another hour. I got fustrated and annoyed my business hmwk, so i decided to take a breakk

and having bf's laptop with me isn't a good thing either....


instead of reading and doing my work for the next class, i decided to ...ahem


YES i do wear glasses...just not very often. Atleast only when i need to take notes and what not in class...Is anyone there like me? :/ I will never get use to the nose piece. Its not comfortable at all..

WOAHH, did you notice the colour change? i realized how to adjust the setting of the camera ..hehe

it took a lot of courage to take this picture, with everyone possible staring at you. I keep peaking up to see if people were staring, or reALLY doing their work. LOL they were probably wondering: " What's wrong with that girl?"

I've been stuck on one thing for the last half an hour...ARGG. What ive learned is, if you do not have patients, dont go into accounting, because...these things will drive you insane.

NOw i must go back to studying :)..........with the guilt of wasting half an hour. haha

hehehe. Thanks for droppping by


amynaree said...

hehe your glasses are cute, i wear glasses too when i'm lazy to put on my contacts

Life of Temptation said...

ONGSTERRRR YOU KIND of mm remind me of a sexy librarriann LMAO.. hahaha ;) rawr!

Jess said...

You have very elegant glasses! I used to have a similar one, but I'm wearing a bold plastic frame most of the time for about one year now.

I like your nerdy look here!

PixyEla said...

Aww you look cute!! ^^ & hehe something random, I have a beauty mark on the same spot as you too but on the other side LOL.

e.motion in motion said...

I think you look hot with glasses :D I looove my glasses lol. I'd much rather wear glasses than contacts, but that is mostly because I am lazy haha XP

Musicalhouses said...

I actually like your glasses, I think they suit your face shape really well :) I wear glasses too, and I'm a bigger nerd than you are, because everyone keeps telling me to get contacts, but I'm happy with my glasses. LOL. I'm a dork. But you look great both with and without glasses!

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